What is the Department of German Language and Literature?

German studies are the field of humanities that researches, documents and disseminates German language and literature both historically and today. Academic departments of German studies usually include courses in German culture, German history and German politics, in addition to the language and literature component.

German Language and Literature consist of three fields of study: modern German literature, early German literature and language, and linguistics (general linguistics and German linguistics). These fields can be combined in various ways in different degree programs. What is the Department of American Culture and Literature?

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of German Language and Literature?

German Language and Literature is a 4-year undergraduate department that is taught at universities within the scope of the Faculty of Letters and only accepts students with a Language score type.

What are the German Language and Literature Department Courses?

Candidate students considering studying German Language and Literature;

  • Grammar,
  • Country Information,
  • Basic Concepts of Literary Science,
  • Dutch Language and Grammar,
  • Vocabulary Exercises,
  • Literary Texts,
  • German Art History,
  • Modern German Poetry,
  • German Philosophy,
  • Brecht Theatre,
  • German Cultural History,
  • Translation Techniques,
  • The New History of German Literature,
  • History of Contemporary German Literature

They will be responsible for many similar courses during their 8-semester education period. Students who successfully complete all these courses are entitled to obtain a “German Language and Literature Department Undergraduate Diploma”. What is Azerbaijan Turkish and Literature Department?

What does a German Language and Literature graduate do?

Having the German language and German culture, researching based on the necessary resources and presenting these research results to the next generations.

What are the Job Opportunities for German Language and Literature Graduates?

German Language and Literature graduates have a wide range of career options. Graduates can take a pedagogical formation and teach German in private or public educational institutions. Apart from these, they can act as tourist guides thanks to the cultural knowledge they have acquired. They can take part in the translation of content prepared in German. They can work in institutions broadcasting in German.

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