What is the Department of Information Management?

The question of what knowledge management is can be answered in different ways according to the desired goal and perspective. The common feature of all definitions is that information management is a process. There are stages of the knowledge management process. These phases are; is the collection, arrangement, recording, and conversion of personal information and experience-based corporate data into useful information in accordance with the law.The most important reason why Information Management programs have made great progress in recent years is; is the department’s link between disciplines such as instructional design, development, learning, and computer science. The Knowledge Management department trains knowledgeable and talented people for the sector. This department, it is aimed to train people who understand computer science and who will create systems that transmit information quickly and accurately with the theoretical and practical training provided. Example of female entrepreneurship with handicraft business ideas

How long is the education period of the Department of Information Management?

The aim of this program is; to train qualified individuals who will make the best use of the existing software and make improvements to it. However, information management models are divided into five stages. These; are creation, acquisition, organization, access, and use of knowledge. This department is an associate degree department in universities. The question of what information management does for 2 years can be answered as follows; they work in the information, document, and transaction departments of companies operating in various sectors. In addition, if graduates are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam, they can have the chance to study in departments that provide education at the undergraduate level. Example of female entrepreneurship with handicraft business ideas

What are the Courses of the Department of Information Management?

Duties of knowledge workers; to perform basic operations such as information creation, access to information, the transformation of information by performing related operations, information transmission, and information storage. In addition, candidates who have successfully completed their associate degree education can study in an undergraduate program if they receive a valid grade from the Vertical Transfer Exam. Information and Document Management, Computer and Educational Technologies, Business Administration, and Logistics Management. The main courses taught in this department are;

  • General Accounting
  • Introduction to Behavioral Sciences
  • Computer Knowledge and Applications
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Business and Microeconomics
  • Labor Law
  • Research Methods
  • Financial Management
  • Management and Organization
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management and Organization
  • Marketing Management
  • Internet Technologies
  • Corporate Information
  • Planning and Supervision Tools
  • Database Management Systems
  • Quality Assurance and Standards

What Does a Graduate of the Department of Information Management Do?

The person who wants to work in this field should know the duties and responsibilities of those who work in this field for the answer to the question of what information management does. The aim of the program is; To enable students to use up-to-date software effectively and efficiently, to learn information management concepts, to communicate about business on the internet, and to gain experience in entrepreneurship and management in the internet environment. In addition, graduates of this sector can work in private institutions or public institutions.

They may also benefit from academic career opportunities. In order to work as a civil servant, you must enter the KPSS and get the necessary score. They can continue to work in managerial and general manager positions in related companies. In addition, the amount of information management salary varies according to the sector worked and the wage policy of the institution. Graduates of the relevant department produce computerized technology solutions. They can also work in document tracking for trade and industrial organizations and in document and information centres of research centres. How to use Google My Business to promote your business: 6 important questions answered

What are the Job Opportunities for Information Management Graduates?

Career opportunities for knowledge management graduates are widely spread. Within the scope of information management job opportunities, graduates of this department can find jobs in many companies operating in the private sector. Graduates of this department are graduates of companies. They can work as information management consultants in the information processing and telecommunications departments. They can perform systematic entry and placement of data generated by the company. However, in this profession, it is important to be practical in data entry and editing, focus on problem-solving & communicate strongly. Graduates can review the most up-to-date information management consultant job postings published on the job portal and apply for the appropriate postings. What is Computer Technology and Programming Department?

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