What is the Department of Packaging Design?

Packaging Design Department is an associate degree program. Packaging design is considered an area of ​​expertise within the field of graphic design. Section; It aims to provide students with the necessary information about materials and design and printing techniques and to ensure that students are employed in this field. In addition, various studies are carried out to protect, preserve and prevent the products from being damaged, so that students have detailed knowledge in this field.

Meeting the needs of employees in the packaging industry is among the main objectives of the department. Designing the packaging products that will ensure the protection and storage of the products in line with the wishes and needs of the companies in the sector, ensuring that the people who can make this design go through certain training. It is the most basic answer to the question of what is the Packaging Design Department. 6 tips for your product packaging to sell

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Packaging Design Department?

The education period of this department is 4-course periods, ie 2 years. The base scores of the Packaging Design Department vary according to the year in which the university exam is taken. Students must successfully complete 120 ECTS and meet the graduation requirements specified by the university in order to graduate during the 2-year education period after their placement in the department. Students who successfully complete their 2-year education can complete their education in 4 years by passing to the appropriate departments after getting sufficient points from the Vertical Transfer Exam. 10 types of craft products worth selling online

What are the Department of Packaging Design Courses?

Students studying in the Department of Packaging Design take theoretical and applied for courses during their 2-year associate degree education. Packaging Design Department courses can be listed as follows:

  • Computer and Computer Aided Design Programs
  • Technical Drawing
  • Packaging Design History
  • Lettering and Typography
  • history of art
  • Production Technologies in Packaging
  • Printing Techniques
  • Packaging Design Principles
  • Institution and Brand Identity in Packaging
  • Recycling and Ecology in Packaging
  • Packaging Graphic Design
  • Materials and Production Technologies

What Does a Packaging Design Graduate Do?

Students who graduate from this department can work in government and private institutions in the packaging industry. In line with the needs of the institutions in the sector, the Packaging Design Department does its job to determine the materials of the package to be designed for the institution, to design the package and to present it to the company.is the answer to the question. Graduates of this department do concept design and graphic design for packaging in companies operating in the packaging industry. What is Alternative Energy Sources Technology?

They are responsible for the execution and control of all graphic design works in packaging design and all design processes such as logo, layout, illustration and typography. In addition, packaging designers make the branding and template design in accordance with the company’s vision and present it to the company. After the necessary design for the packaging is made, they are presented to the company and they start the process printing of the design.

What are the Job Opportunities for a Packaging Design Graduate?

Students who graduate from this department have the opportunity to find employment in various fields. Students who graduate from this department have job opportunities in various institutions such as advertising agencies, promotional workshops, industrial organizations, and trade and government organizations. Those who graduate from the department and want to work as a packaging designers can work on design in many different fields. 30+ Best Russian Cosmetics & Skin Care Brands

Packaging Design Department salaries vary according to the company and the competencies of the person. Graduates of the department can work in various institutions as design elements as well as packaging designers. Those who want to work in this field can access the relevant job postings on the Job Portal.

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