What is the Department of Shoe Design and Production?

Shoe Design and Production is one of the departments based on craft learning. This section; provides training to meet the needs of knowledgeable and qualified personnel who will work in the production and design of shoes. This department provides education in vocational schools. It is a training program in which some knowledge such as shoe production, design, foot structure and anatomy, and biomechanics are acquired. Shoe Design and Production base points vary every year. 9 steps to make and design your own personalized jewellery

How many years is the Shoe Design and Production Training Period?

The shoe Design and Production Department is a two-year department that provides education within vocational schools. Students take various courses in order to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in a total of four semesters. There are many different courses available, especially on anatomical and technical topics. Walking mechanics has a comprehensive curriculum, as do the needs of different sports branches. At the same time, information is obtained about the material and necessary materials as well as the production of shoes. In short, this department provides training for personnel who will work in a disciplined manner in shoe fashion and production. Shoe Design and Production base points (2 years) and rankings change every year.

What are the Courses of the Shoe Design and Production Department?

Shoe Design and Production Department courses provide students with knowledge of both designs and technical and theoretical issues. The courses available for the students of the Shoe Design and Production Department are generally as follows;

  • Mould and Model Information
  • Basic Art Education
  • Professional Mathematics
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Leather Technology
  • Upper Cut and Sewing
  • Shoe Materials
  • Professional Ethics
  • Model ve Print
  • Sub-Industry Product Design
  • Upper Cut and Sewing Technique
  • Contemporary Education in Jewelry
  • Professional Technical Drawing
  • Image Management
  • Fabric Information
  • Shoe History
  • Worker’s health and work safety
  • Shoe Defects and Quality Control
  • Assembly and Finishing
  • Cost Calculation
  • Production and Management
  • Handmade Shoes

In addition to these courses, there are also compulsory courses such as Turkish, Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions. It is possible to transfer to the 4-year undergraduate programs of the Shoe Design and Production Department with the Vertical Transfer Exam. The sections that those who read this section can switch to with DGS are as follows:

  • Leather Engineering
  • Fashion design
  • Fashion and Textile Design

What Do Shoe Design and Production Graduates Do?

Shoe design and production have various opportunities in terms of business opportunities. The graduates of this department, which trains personnel, especially in shoe production, are responsible for the following duties in the institutions they work:

  • Developing products in accordance with basic anatomical and ergonomic rules,
  • Working in line with the needs of the design industry and customer expectations,
  • Developing models suitable for different seasons,
  • Developing prototype products,
  • To realize the production planning and quality control process,
  • Developing marketing strategies,
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction,
  • To follow the current developments in the fashion industry.

What are the Job Opportunities for a Shoe Design and Production Graduate?

Shoe Design and Production Department graduates have the opportunity to work in workshops and factories that produce, design and market shoes. In addition, graduates can establish their own businesses and provide consultancy services to various brands in the field of shoe design. Shoe design and production salary vary according to the company and the competencies of the person. People who want to advance their careers in this field can review shoe designer job postings on the Job Portal. What is a Content Marketing Agency?

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