What is the importance of technology in education?

We are all in education and training life. In this process, the world continues to change very rapidly. Technological developments are the most important factor that triggers this change.

I can’t tell you anything about the development of technology from the past to the present. But even if we look at the beginning of the 90s, we can see how much effort people had to make to reach education in those days. Education was not for you, you were going to education, am I wrong? I can hear you saying “no”. Many of us remember the times when the Internet was not dominant in every home. How to create an effective strategy for the education and development of your employees in 2022

Importance of technology in education

When I think about it now, it may seem far away, but we used to go to public libraries to get even the slightest information. I wonder if those public libraries are still in use. Think about it, you want to get information about anything or you are going to do research, but your only source is the library and the limited number of books there. No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t disparage libraries, of course, our greatest legacies are there. However, we may not always have enough time to reach the information. Now, we have already learned in 2-3 minutes information that we could barely reach after hours of research. 3 Benefits of Online Education You Didn’t Know

Technology in the Education System

Nowadays, we are not chasing education, we are chasing technology, we are trying to keep up with it. There are many questions in mind, are today’s children luckier than us, how right is it to leave children alone with educational computers?

In the past, tons of money was poured into classrooms to get a good education, and children tried to take one-on-one lessons with teachers. Is something like this needed now? I don’t think so, of course, the biggest reason for this situation is the rapid developments in technology. Now, thanks to the online training you enter over the Internet, thousands of people can listen to the same teacher with you in one lesson.

During the lesson, no one interrupts or hinders anyone, and those who do not understand stop and listen to it again. In fact, if it is insufficient, he can go to another site and listen to it again from a different teacher and reinforce the subject. 3 Types of Continuous Learning You Can Implement Today

Ease of Finding a Job with Certificates

Thanks to these conveniences provided by technological opportunities, people are no longer content with just university graduation. They get various certificates related to different areas of interest, and they try to stay ahead of their competitors, especially in job applications, with personal development training or business life training. This is one of the factors that increase the competitive environment in today’s business world. Moreover, in an environment where it is so easy to learn new skills, companies do not give priority to candidates who do not receive these certificates.

Turning Back to Technology

Have you heard that Silicon Valley executives send their children to a school where technology has never been? Why do tech giants like eBay, Google, Apple, Yahoo, and Hewlett-Packard choose to send their children to such a school? This school is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula. There is no technology in this school, and everything works the old-fashioned way at this school. Yes, there are even chalks. Without further ado, let me tell you. Thanks to this school, they were purifying their children from technology. Maybe they’re right.

Developing technology always pushes us to the easy one. We may have reasons of our own, and the lack of time is another matter, but could these conveniences offered by technology dull our intelligence or monotonous us? Aside from everything, while technology continues to develop, how right it is to make such a move should still be questioned. With rumors circulating that artificial intelligence will take us captive, should we get rid of technology or face technology and learn all its intricacies? The answer to this question is actually an answer that everyone has to give to himself. In my opinion, technology is one of the useful possibilities that make our lives easier as long as we use it in moderation. Advantages and Benefits of Online Education Essay

What Is Changing?

Let’s think about it like this; What technological changes have we experienced in the last 10-15 years?

The first things that come to mind are; tablets and smartphones/home/clock, cars and furniture, sunroofs, virtual reality glasses, humanoid robots, advances in gene editing, hoverboard, unmanned aerial vehicles, drone, and 3D printers.

We still continue our lives by improving ourselves with the expectation that autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence will be used actively.

As we know, the two most important phenomena in the century we live in are people and knowledge. Countries need to create qualified manpower in order to be one of the leading actors in the world in the coming years.

Education Planning Required

The main thing is that the qualified manpower they will have becomes sustainable. Of course, in order to ensure this situation, a flexible and effective education planning infrastructure should be established.

Strategies to be created in parallel with the planning will also determine the fate of future generations in the country. Since the 1980s, the interaction of education and technology began intensively.

The rapid change and transformation process in this area plays an effective role in solving many existing problems. In the education process, the potential and speed of adaptation of managers, trainers, and students to change will be the criterion that makes the difference.

In the last 20 years, almost all of the materials used have changed with technological innovations.

It is no longer possible to think of technology and education processes independently of each other. Just as education affects the development of technology, technology both improves and accelerates the development of education and contributes to equal opportunities in education. Thanks to technology, learning environments have changed and have been isolated from a certain time and place. Thus, people have gained freedom in terms of time, space, and costs in accessing education. Learning and teaching have become interactive. Education and technology interaction is also seen more in corporate education environments. What is an Internet of Things (IoT)? How does it work?

Education and Technology Friendship

Technology and education go hand in hand. Every technological change experienced has greatly increased the speed and scope of education. All these developments have created positive and exciting practices for schools and students.

It necessitates the restructuring process in parallel with the future goals of schools and other educational institutions. Within the scope of this restructuring, it is a must to introduce software programs that can be used easily and effectively in the education system.

Being aware of this situation, we must raise our future generations strategically and multi-dimensionally. Well, do we need to interpret the technological development process that we have experienced so far and its reflection on our lives as completely positive?

Are There Opportunities and Threats?

In the current period, we are trying to catch up with the rapidly renewed and changing information with the effect of technology. Is it necessary to be with technological materials at every stage of the digitalization and education system process?

Is technology really useful in education? It is necessary to evaluate the positive results & opportunities brought by technological development together.

It is a fact that these developments increase our children’s productivity, cause-effect relationship development, rapid decision-making, research skills, and strategy development.

At the same time, thanks to technological development, the learning network is expanded by reaching every part of the world instantly and information is reached quickly. In addition, educational tools are enriched.

Knowledge and skills are enriched thanks to online training that includes learning both by hearing and by seeing.

What are the Conveniences Provided by Technology to Students?

For students, the place of technology in education is very important. Because children, who are introduced to mobile phones, tablets, and computers from an early age, can do their homework without difficulty by taking advantage of the convenience of technology throughout their school life. Thanks to technology-supported education methods, great convenience is provided in accessing information. In addition, video lectures, audio, and video applications are made in schools with the aim of making children more permanent visually. Smart boards are one of the first examples of technology use in education. The purpose of the application; is to access educational opportunities outside of the classroom. Today, the ease of instant access to the information we want within seconds provides great convenience in the field of education as well as in every field.

According to the surveys;

It shows that the students better understand the lessons taught with the smart board, and also increases the permanence of the information by stimulating the brain with the images and sounds. It was also more efficient in terms of understanding and not forgetting what he understood. With the penetration of technology into every aspect of our lives, students no longer welcome long, boring, and one-sided information transfers. More like; Educational methods that support teacher and student participation gain importance.

What is the Benefit of Technology for Students?

Children who have been introduced to mobile phones and computers from an early age, thanks to technology, are very happy to use these technological devices in their school life. The fact that students can access information without wasting time contributes to their more successful and self-confident growth. Thanks to the smart boards and tablets used in the classrooms, children who are freed from carrying heavy bags can go to school more comfortably. Thanks to the visual explanations in the lessons, they understand the lessons better and their creative aspects are also developed. In addition, they can follow the lessons better with the voice recorder they use in the lessons.

What are the Conveniences Provided by Technology to Teachers?

Teachers also experience great convenience with the introduction of technology into our educational lives. For example; They got rid of writing long articles, and thanks to smart boards, everything they write will be reflected on the board, so they can only focus on lecturing. Thanks to this method, teachers have started to experience great comfort and convenience. They will be able to use the time they would lose with writing in a more useful way, such as communicating in the classroom & dealing with students more.

Creative Learning Processes

Methods such as robot construction, coding, and basic tool design greatly support the creative processes of students. Coding activities in lessons; While helping the development of the student’s analytical intelligence, it advances the student’s visual intelligence in design activities.

At the same time; We can show you the maker philosophy, which has increased rapidly in the last 4-5 years in our country in order to benefit from technology in the best way in the field of education. With its inclusion in school activities, even in the curriculum, it creates learning processes that make students active from a passive state.

How Have the Blessings of Technology Affected Teachers?

With the development of technology, teachers got rid of writing on the board in the classroom thanks to smart boards. They spend this time explaining the subject better. Therefore, they can find most of their time in the classroom communicating and informing students. This enables students to learn the lesson better in the lesson. This increases the success of teachers. For teachers, the use of technology means reaching an unlimited library in education. In this way, they have the opportunity to enrich their own knowledge.

Is Technology Threatening Us?

Even though children seem to be social in the virtual environment, they start to become lonely when we consider it as a physical environment. They move less. It appears as a strong competitor of all sports and art activities that can be effective in the child’s perception of the world.

It may have health hazards. It takes away from reading. In short, it can become addictive. Yes, it is important to establish the educational infrastructure, manage the process in accordance with the objectives and use effective materials.

But on the other hand, it is necessary to create education programs without leaving the natural environment. This makes the process of rediscovering and living natural life enjoyable.

As Azra Kohen said, “ Now humanity was advancing, not technology, but the technology was developing, not civilization. We should reinterpret the negative definition in the phrase ”.

When the day comes, we should always be the ones who manage technology with our awareness and right strategies, not by technology.

Does Technology Harm Education?

It is a fact that while technology contributes to education, it also has disadvantages. When students use technology for other than their purposes, that is, when they want to use it for fun instead of studying, it will disrupt their lessons, daily lives, and work and cause them to fall behind in most things.

People who stand at the computer for a long time will experience visual disturbances in their eyes in the future, and they may encounter problems such as neck and low back pain at a young age. Children who spend a long time with the computer live in a different fantasy world, lose communication with their environment, and tend to act less.

Children, who used to spend more time outside with their friends, now spend time at home without moving and interacting with people. This will lead to the formation of generations that live individually and are not open to sharing. Of course, there is also the possibility of being affected by the radiation emitted by some technological tools. I can’t help but mention Albert Einstein’s comment and foresight on this subject.

“I’m afraid that one-day technology will get in the way of human communication and convergence and a stupid generation will emerge.”

For these reasons, it should be the duty of every family and teacher to use and make use of technology in education consciously. Although technology is a must in education in order to raise better and more successful generations, it is also the most important task to adjust the dose.  Let’s be enlightened with the blessings of technology, but never be a slave to technology.

Owners of Technology

The conditions of dominating the world have changed over time, and physical wars have been replaced by struggles for technological superiority, knowledge, and producing new and unique ideas.

In which countries is the technology more effective?

New and unique ideas have been realized by technology producing countries such as the United States, Japan, India, Israel, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Canada, South Korea, Germany, and Russia.

If we want to be successful, we need to produce

Is technology really useful in education? If we think about it, when we look at the research in the world, the countries that make a name for themselves both in education and technology are in the position of producing, not consuming. This shows that those who want to be successful must move from the consuming state to the producing state. This is possible thanks to the combination of education and technology. In short, education should act with technology and continue their development together.

Are We Using Technology in Education as a Country?

Although we have recently included technological devices in the education system, unfortunately, we cannot say that this increases the quality of education. Although technology plays an important role in increasing the quality of learning, in order to use this benefit in the Turkish education system, we need to go from consuming technology to producing and developing technology. Otherwise, it is seen that the introduction of technological devices into the learning environment will not raise our education level at once.

Online Training and Live Lessons

Although virtual education environments, with their increasing diversity day by day, provide great convenience and equality of opportunity for individuals outside of formal education, the contribution of students in primary and secondary education to the quality of education is not at the same level. In countries that have made a name for themselves with their success in education, it is thought that the first condition of increasing the quality of education is to increase the quality of teachers.

For this reason, developed countries allocate priority investment to teacher training and support this with technology. Today, thanks to living lessons and online training, individuals can attend different pieces of training, including personal development training, and receive free certificates.

Where can we access online training?

Free online training provided by Istanbul Business Institute is one of the most beneficial examples of using education and technology together. Thanks to this training, interaction can be provided not only unilaterally but also mutually.

How Should We Include Technology in Education?

If we want to be among the countries that talk about the future of the world, we should focus on issues such as energy, artificial intelligence, and a livable environment and include them in our education system and deal with education issues as a whole.

Involving the Student in Education with Technology

If we want to attract the attention of students who spend most of the learning process bored, instead of equipping the learning environment with state-of-the-art tools, we should ensure that students use technology in a way that will increase their curiosity, develop their imagination, and bring their ideas to life. A system that can better follow the learning process of educators and help students more will again be thanks to the planned use of technology in education.

Are We Powerful in Control Technology?

The answer is “Yes!” which means we produce and use knowledge. Otherwise, the power of technology weakens us and makes us dependent on it. Today, thanks to the fact that it is very easy and diverse to access information, individuals have the opportunity to develop themselves. Individuals who want to acquire new hobbies and specialize in various fields have started to do this online.

The question that arises right here is, do we create negative effects on our precious time and social life while doing this? Because when the technology that we quickly include in our lives is not used consciously, it appears as wasted time. The time Turkey spends on the internet, social media, and television is the most obvious indicator of this.

Can We Understand Technology Without Education?

Education and technology are indispensable in our age. Therefore, the fact that we live without knowing the definition of two important elements in our lives is an indication that we are in our place. It is not possible for technology and human beings to progress without the development of learning, curiosity, and research elements in humans.

When we say education, we think of helping new generations acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and understandings to take their place in social life, to help them develop their personalities, or to gain knowledge and skills in a certain field, in a certain field, and to train and develop them.

The definition of science, on the other hand, is the way of knowledge, regular and consistent information, which deals with a part of the universe, the phenomena and events in the universe, using some methods and experimental ways, and reaching some laws based on reality and reality.

Have you ever thought? Every part of the above sentences are elements that cannot be developed without self-education and research. Education and Technology are indispensable parts of our lives, and anyone who doubts this is those who do not see and do not consider the water they drink, the food they eat, and the television they watch as a part of technology. Without education, we cannot think of understanding technology and logically approaching what it brings. Although technology allows us to access information easily, it contains negativity, and without education, it will not be possible to develop and use it correctly. Instead of consuming what technology brings us, we should be on the side of developing it. Where are you in technology? Online games or education. From which point of view do you deal with more? Do you get thrown into the vortex of technology and give up your education, reading, and questioning? Or are you using technology for development and learning by understanding it and following its innovations?

There are so many questions we need to ask ourselves that sometimes we don’t know where to start. But if there is one thing we need to know, we will not be able to comprehend technology without researching and understanding. Have you seen the latest developed robots, have you ever read the news about them? “The first robot brothel opened”, and “first marriage”  will be soon. Thanks to the latest innovation developed by China, Doctor robots are artificial intelligence that is smart enough to diagnose diseases and write prescriptions. If human beings did not put all the knowledge and research they know into the computer environment, that artificial intelligence. He could not understand us today. I don’t know how much we research these innovations, and how much we learn, but if we do not differentiate ourselves, technology will start to exploit us and make our lives more difficult. As human beings, we need to do things differently than robots. Not to lose our feelings, not to hurt love, to raise awareness from time to time, and to take part in social responsibility projects. Otherwise, we will be in places where we cannot even understand ourselves as individuals who have become artificial in artificial intelligence.

How can we understand technology?

Think, understand, question. Be one of those who realize that there are things beyond “shopping opportunities”, “online games” and game shows in technology. Put your television, smartphone, and fast food aside and try to go out into nature with your book in your hand. Do not forget that even the book you are reading comes out of the human pen and reaches you so quickly thanks to the wind of technology.

When was the last time you were alone with yourself? A quiet room, an environment without light, only with your inner voice. The technology is here. They offered us these conveniences in an environment where there were no productive people.

The telephone was invented in 876 by Alexander Graham Bell.

The invention of electricity, 1800. Italian scientist Alessandro Volta.

Try searching for the first inventions, reading their stories, Going to the beginning, understanding the universe, and feeling the land. Because this is our starting point. Try researching your own curiosity and sometimes get lost in encyclopedia pages instead of Google. Ask your brain small questions, information about your needs, and push it to question so that we all understand ourselves and our expectations better.

We will prefer to be productive like the owners of the first inventions. We consume, we are more interested in our phone model, computer brand, or car brand rather than thinking about the road we travel, the air we breathe, and the world.

We need to go inside and look at the definitions again, renew our life order, be a researcher and be aware of the developments that will come our way in the future.

What did you do for yourself today, what did you research, instead of getting lost in the social media brought to us by technology, which of us did what we did to spend half an hour to learn something new and to be informed. If human beings do not choose to use technology wisely, artificial intelligence will teach us to be artificial humans.

Don’t be artificial, choose what you need instead of what technology has to offer. Do not put something that humanity has developed above humanity. Because the world deserves better than that. It will be a human, technology, and a tool that will do this. With that tool, reach your goal, and open the door to innovation. But please do not forget the people, the land while doing this. Listen to your inner voice once in a while. You can spend the day without social media. Let there be days when you don’t take photos, and give up game sites once in a while. Do not leave yourself in the safe hands of technology without thinking and researching, because while we cannot trust even a person we do not know, it is impossible for us to know how good a person we do not know is produced for us.

When you give your money or something valuable to you, you think about it, right? Please blend and choose the technology channels that you entrust your brain with for the right education, if it does not work for you, pass.

What Has Changed in Technology?

The first things that come to mind are; tablets and smartphones/home/clock, cars and furniture, sunroofs, virtual reality glasses, humanoid robots, advances in gene editing, hoverboard, unmanned aerial vehicles, drone, and 3D printers.

What is Education and Technology Friendship?

Technology and education go hand in hand. Every technological change experienced has greatly increased the speed and scope of education. All these developments have created positive and exciting practices for schools and students.

Is Technology Really Useful in Education?

It is necessary to evaluate the positive results and opportunities brought by technological development together. It is a fact that these developments increase our children’s productivity, cause-effect relationship development, rapid decision-making, research skills, and strategy development.

What are the Conveniences Provided by Technology to Students?

Thanks to technology-supported education methods, great convenience is provided in accessing information. In addition, video lectures, audio, and video applications are made in schools with the aim of making children more permanent visually.

What are the Conveniences Provided by Technology to Teachers?

They are freed from writing long articles and will be able to focus only on lecturing, as everything they write will be reflected on the board thanks to smart boards.

In Which Countries Are Technology More Effective?

New and unique ideas have been realized by technology producing countries such as the United States, Japan, India, Israel, China, Singapore, Canada, South Korea, Germany, and Russia.

Where Can We Access Online Training?

Udemy online training is one of the most beneficial examples of using education and technology together. Thanks to this training, interaction can be provided not only unilaterally but also mutually.

How Should We Include Technology in Education?

If we want to be among the countries that talk about the future of the world, we should focus on issues such as energy, artificial intelligence, and a livable environment and include them in our education system and deal with education issues as a whole.

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