What is the Operating Room Services Department?

Operating Room Services is an associate degree department. University-level training is given to the personnel working as an assistant in the operating room in the field of health. The purpose of the program; trains knowledgeable, experienced and experienced operating room personnel. It aims to train individuals who know all the equipment used in the operating room, ensure sterilization in accordance with the surgery, and are equipped to meet the need for auxiliary staff in the surgical team. Persons who are considering choosing the Operating Room Services Department should be responsible, planned, organized and compatible with teamwork. iOS vs Android: Which System Is More Secure?

How Many Years is the Operating Room Services Training Period?

The Department of Surgery Services is an associate degree department with a 2-year education period. After being successful in the 4 semesters of the education process, the right to graduate is obtained by fulfilling the necessary conditions. The department accepts students depending on the success order calculated according to the related score type in the TYT (Basic Proficiency Test) in the university exam. Operating room service base points vary from year to year, different for each university.

The order of operating room services is determined according to the order of the students who preferred the department that year. Operating room service point levels vary by university. The language of the program is generally Turkish at universities, but there are also institutions that provide education in English. In some universities, in addition to formal education, education is also provided in the form of secondary education for students who want to take evening classes. One of the most important issues to be considered when choosing a university for students who will choose the Operating Room Services Department is that they have all the requirements for the field.

In addition, universities offer their successful students the opportunity to do a minor. Operating room services for 4 yearsThe departments can be completed with the DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam). There are departments such as Nursing, Social Services and Health Management among the 4-year programs that can be transferred. Anesthesia Technician: What Is It? and How to Become One?

What is the Operating Room Services Department Courses?

In the 2-year Department of Operating Room Services, students are responsible for many theoretical and applied courses in 4 semesters. Operating room services courses can be listed as follows:

  • Basic Anatomy Physiology Introduction
  • Sterilization Principles and Methods
  • Introduction to Anesthesia
  • Operating Room Technology
  • Basic Microbiology
  • Operating Room Applications
  • Professional Ethics
  • Medical Terminology
  • Health Services Management
  • Patient Safety
  • Basic First Aid
  • Introduction to Biomedical Technology
  • Quality Assurance and Standards
  • Exercise and Bodybuilding

Students of the department who complete 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) by taking compulsory courses and non-field compulsory courses, especially Deontology and Ethics in Health Sciences, and fulfil the responsibilities determined by the university they are affiliated with, are entitled to receive an associate degree diploma. The common purpose of these compulsory courses is for the student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfil his duties and responsibilities in the operating room. Ensuring disinfection and sterilization of surgical equipment, assisting surgical doctors by knowing the names and functions of the instruments, and training qualified individuals who continue their work in accordance with the job description. Departmental courses taken outside the field are elective courses such as Turkish Language, Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolution and English. Graduates of the Operating Room Services Department are entitled to receive the title of operating room technician. How to Start a Profitable Software Company & Make Money Step by Step

What Do the Graduates of the Operating Room Services Department Do?

Operating room technicians reach professional competence with the training they receive. It is among the duties of making all the equipment used in the operating room ready for use before the operation, and prepare the operating table and instruments before the operation. Depending on the type of surgery, the surgery is responsible for the supply, maintenance, cleaning and protection of all necessary materials. It is among the duties of ensuring the sterilization of all tools, clothing and devices and keeping them ready for regular use. It is among the duties of providing sterilization before the surgical process begins by guiding the patient.

It is the responsibility of assisting the doctors and nurses as part of the surgical team and re-disinfection of all used and unused instruments after the surgery. In addition, it is among the duties of maintaining all the equipment used in the operating room, ensuring its preservation and keeping it ready for use at any time. Operating room technicians are people who have many different responsibilities during the preparation for the operation, during the operation and in the postoperative period. These people must complete their duties and responsibilities in order to complete the surgery successfully and to avoid any problems afterwards. Control Room Operator: What Is It? and How to Become One?

What are the Job Opportunities for the Graduates of the Operating Room Services Department?

Operating room technicians can work in all health institutions and organizations that have operating rooms. Operating room technicians do not have an individual working area. They can work in public hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, private surgical outpatient clinics, maternity homes, medical centres or training and research hospitals. KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Examination) is required to work in public hospitals. Although the salary opportunities for operating room services differ from institution to institution, they vary due to situations such as the experience and self-development of the person. People who want to work as operating room personnel can take a look at the postings on the Job Portal. Operating room personnel can apply for the jobs that are suitable for them among the job postings.

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