What is the Press and Publication Department?

The Department of Press and Broadcasting is an academic discipline that aims to train competent personnel who will take responsibility for all processes, starting with the confirmation of the sources of the news, preparing it according to the determined rules, and delivering the content to the readers. In the press and broadcasting sector, the order is very important, as the written press is concerned. The marketing processes of the magazine, newspaper or book in which the aforementioned publication will also vary according to the product. For this reason, training is provided for each process in the press and broadcasting department. How To Broadcast On Vkontakte And Telegram In 2022?

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Press and Broadcasting Department?

The Press and Broadcasting department is a 4-year undergraduate department that is taught within the Faculty of Communication at the university. As of 2022, education is given at only one university.

What are the Department of Press and Broadcasting Courses? Prospective students who aim to prefer the press and broadcasting department;

  • Basic Information Technologies,
  • Basic Journalism,
  • Photoshop Applications,
  • World Media History,
  • Page design,
  • News Types,
  • TV Journalism,
  • Speaking and Interview Techniques in Radio and Television Journalism,
  • Internet Journalism,
  • Turkish Press History,
  • Children’s Rights in the Media,
  • Investigative Journalism,
  • Public Opinion and Propaganda,
  • Magazine Journalism,
  • Critical Media Literacy,
  • Sports Journalism,

If they successfully complete many courses such as 8 semesters of education, they are rewarded with a “Press and Broadcasting Graduation Diploma”.

What Do Press and Broadcasting Graduates Do?

Graduates of this department can work on any subject related to the components of print media.

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Press and Broadcasting Department?

Students graduating from this department;

  • Correspondence,
  • Photojournalism,
  • Intelligence Chief,
  • Editorship,
  • News Department,
  • Editorial Office,
  • Page Designers,
  • Visual directors,
  • Web Designers,
  • Web Publishers,
  • Blog Publishers,
  • Social Media Managers,
  • News Cameramen and Editors,
  • News Announcers,
  • Radio and Television News Programmers,
  • Documentary Directors and Producers,
  • Magazine, Sports, War etc. correspondent

They can work in these sectors by obtaining titles in the form of Apart from all these, freelance work on content production in social media where visual broadcasts are on the rise in recent years has also become one of the career options. 10 Best News Websites + Trustworthy Business Ideas

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