What is Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department?

Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department; It is defined as the department that trains engineers who design, plan and monitor the production process so that wood or wood-based materials can be produced at the desired quality, within the specified time and at the lowest possible cost. Woodworking Industrial Engineering (AEM); is an application department that trains engineers who evaluate wood-based materials, design and project wood-derived products, and carry out production planning and quality control. What Does a Woodworking Industrial Engineer Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department?

This department is department that trains engineers with high application skills who can play a direct role in the design, project design, production planning and management processes of products made from wood raw materials and wood-based composite semi-finished products. The woodworking industrial engineering scores required to study in this section and announced by the institutions change each year. Woodworking industrial engineering ranking scores are very important for student placement. However, those who want to practice this profession can find more information by reading the woodworking and industrial engineering comments section and evaluating the section.

What are the Courses of the Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department?

This department is an application section that trains engineers who are experts in the evaluation of wood-based materials, the design and projection of products obtained from wood, production planning and quality control. The Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department is a four-year faculty consisting of eight education periods. The courses offered in this section are listed below:

  • Physics
  • Maths
  • Chemical
  • Biology
  • Wood Engineering
  • Tree Physics
  • Wood Chemistry
  • Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing Engineering
  • Surface Treatment
  • Technical Statistics
  • Quality control
  • Interior Design – Decoration

What Job Does a Woodworking Industrial Engineering Graduate Do?

For people, who want to advance their careers in this field, what does woodworking industrial engineering do? should research the subject and determine the career goal accordingly. Woodworking industrial engineers; are people who can design and produce all wood-based products, coordinate the workstations in the field, and participate in the quality control stages of the products. Individuals with this title can analyze the costs incurred while producing wood products, work in raw material procurement processes and manage projects. What is a Woodworking Engineer – Technician? What Does It Do?

In addition, graduates of this department can work in the fields of wood, production, quality control and marketing. Within the framework of “Forestry Technology, Forestry Technology and Woodworking Technology Law No. 5531” published in the Official Gazette dated 8 July 2006, graduates of the Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department have design and signature authority in all areas of furniture and woodworking. And also woodworking industrial engineer salary amount varies according to the salary policy of the institution. What is a Network Systems Support Engineer?

What are the Job Opportunities for Woodworking Industrial Engineering Graduates?

Within the scope of woodworking industrial engineering job opportunities, the fields in which the graduates of this department find a job or can find a job are as follows:

  • In the private sector; They can work in furniture factory production, furniture design offices, decoration companies, architectural offices, panel industry processing industry, companies producing wooden fittings, wooden yacht and shipbuilding industry, standardization and quality control processes for wooden products, and consultancy departments.
  • In the public sector; the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Environment, State Welfare Office, National Productivity Center, Turkish Standardization Institute, National Planning Organization, Turkish Patent Institute, KOSGEB and universities as “engineer, researcher planning can work as an engineer.

In addition, another employment area for graduates of the department is teaching. Persons who receive education formation can work as technical teachers in industrial vocational high schools and vocational training centres affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. Graduates can view woodworking industrial engineer job postings on the Job Portal. The average salary for a Software Engineer

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