What should you ask in the internship interview?

As in job interviews, you need to show the HR specialist that you are competent and willing for the position in internship interviews. At this point, in the interview, “Is there anything you want to ask?” The question is very critical. So, what should you ask in this situation?

For HR professionals, it is very important how willing the trainee candidates are, as well as their skills. One way to show in the interview that you are interested in the internship opportunity and that you want to gain this experience is to ask questions! If you have no idea how to ask questions, the following suggestions may be useful; Things to consider when applying for an internship

“Can you explain the company culture?”

By asking this question, where you can get general information about the institution, you can both find out how suitable the company is for your personality, and also express that you are curious and care about the company. You can find out whether there is a dress code in the institution, the company’s perspective on work-life balance, and similar situations by answering this question.

“How will my routine work day go?”

With this question that you can ask during the interview, you can both learn about the daily tasks expected from you and reflect your willingness to an HR specialist. You can also find details such as working hours and tempo in the answer to this question. 7 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

“How will you rate my performance?”

In order to be successful in the internship process, you should know the expectations from yourself and make the right effort to meet them. In this context, knowing how to evaluate your performance will make your job easier. Also, with this question, you can show the interviewer that you want to be successful in this position and will work for it. 3 types of job interviews and how to prepare for each one

“Is it possible to work full-time?”

Asking if there is an opportunity to work full-time at the end of the internship shows that you think long-term and are willing to work for the company and improve yourself. At the same time, you can learn what the institution plans for the future while hiring interns by answering this question.

“How will the process proceed?”

By asking this question before the interview ends, you can show that you want to follow the process and that you are willing to work. By answering this question, you can avoid the uncertainty that may arise at the end of the interview.

In addition to the sample questions above, you can ask a question about a topic that the HR specialist mentioned during the interview. In this way, you will underline that you are following the interview carefully. For example; If the HR specialist talks about the company’s future plans during the interview, you can ask what is currently being done in line with these plans. Top 10 Questions to Ask Candidates During a Job Interview

Rehearse the questions you prepared before the interview

You are likely to get excited during the internship interview. For this reason, it is useful to prepare in advance the questions you will ask the HR specialist. For this, you can try repeating the questions out loud to yourself. This increases your chances of conducting an effective and confident interview process. 5 effective ways to finish a job interview correctly

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