Why should every engineer learn the Python programming language?

For experienced programmers or any programmer looking to improve, learning Python means having a new and powerful tool on hand.

The Python programming language is simple, easy to learn, and powerful enough to build web applications. This feature is very important for novice programmers.

For professional and seasoned programmers looking to get into the field of data science and machine learning, learning Python makes sense.

Because it has become the most widely used programming language in this field and includes powerful programming interfaces and libraries in the areas of artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. How to create an effective strategy for the education and development of your employees

In this article, we will highlight ten reasons why engineers will learn Python

1: Data science

The reason why Python is the preferred language for data science and machine learning rather than the R language which was considered the best not so long ago is because of the libraries it contains

Such as Pandas, PyBrain, NumPy, PyMySQL, AI, DataScience, and Machine Learning.

Another reason is versatility, as Python allows you to do a lot more than R can.

Programmers can also create scripts to automate things and move into web development.

2: Machine learning

Machine learning in the past couple of years has seen huge development and is rapidly changing everything around us.

Algorithms are getting better day by day, and the best example of this is Google’s search algorithms, which can now answer everything.

If you are interested in machine learning, Python is the only major programming language that makes machine learning easy. 12 Ways to Automate Your Business and Increase Efficiency

3: web development

Python provides many good libraries and frameworks, such as Django and Flask, which make web application development easy.

A task that takes hours in PHP can be completed in minutes with Python.

An example of a website created with Python is Reddit.

4: simplicity

The tempting reason for beginners to learn Python is that it is a simple language, it is easily readable, and it is easy to set up and install.

5: Large community

In order for the programmer to continue his learning in an easy way, he will need a society that facilitates learning new technologies.

Thanks to Google, you can find a solution to any Python related issue in minutes.

Communities like StackOverflow bring many Python experts together to help new learners.

6: Libraries and frameworks

One of the similarities between Python and Java is the vast number of open source libraries, frameworks, and modules available that make application development easy.

Python has many libraries for different needs such as Django and Flask which are two of the most popular areas for web development

And NumPy and SciPy are for data science.

Python has the best combinations of machine learning and data science libraries such as TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Pandas, and many more. What are the Leading digital professions?

7: multi-purpose

Learning Python means that a programmer can do many things, including building web applications using Django and Flask.

It can perform data analysis using NumPy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, and NLTK.

And you can use Python to write scripts to automate many of your daily tasks.

8: Jobs and Growth

Python is growing very fast, and it makes sense that learning a growing programming language will help you land a job quickly.

9: Automation

One of the most important and powerful reasons to learn Python is the speed with which you save time in terms of writing scripts, tools, and automated things.

10: salaries

Python developers are among the highest paid developers especially in data science, machine learning, and web development.

Their salaries range from $70,000 to $150,000 annually, depending on experience, job location, and country.


There are many global platforms that enable engineers to learn Python professionally.

One of the most important programs directed to the Arab engineer to learn the Python language is the professional Python engineer course presented on our platform.

Some of the global platforms are:

  • The Complete Python Masterclass
  • The Python Bible — Everything You Need to Program in Python
  • Python Fundamentals by Pluralsight
  • 5 Courses to Learn Data Science and Machine learning
  • 10 Free Python Programming EBooks and PDF
  • Top 5 Courses to Learn Python in 2020
  • How to Become a Python Developer in 30 days
  • Top 5 Books to Learn Python
  • 8 Projects You can do to become a Python Master r

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