Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline or Indicolite is a lovely blue crystal that is highly in demand. Its energy helps to accelerate the development of psychic mediumship and channeling. This can be helpful to assist you to connect with loved ones who have passed over. Blue Tourmaline is a powerful third eye chakra crystal, as well as a potent throat chakra stone. Its vibration stimulates improved communication abilities, and these abilities will aid you to speak with those in spirit.

Often when you have lost someone whom you have deeply loved, you need the assurance of those who are able to communicate with those on the other side that all is well with them. Promoting mediumship or communication through the veil that divides us from those who have passed over, eases the fear of death for many people. Blue Tourmalines are excellent healing crystals for you to use to aid you in clearly communicating what you heard on the other side, to the loved ones of the departed.

Blue Tourmaline is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kenya, and the United States. This variety of Tourmaline is also known as Indicolite and comes in various shades, including a clear blue color. Compared to the other varieties of Tourmaline, the bluestone is quite rare.

Green Tourmaline jewelry is often sold with the green and blue stones combined, as this mixture is very popular. There are quite a few blue stones that may be almost green, and many Greenish Blue Tourmaline stones are quite attractive and are sold in jewelry.

You can also obtain this mineral as included in clear quartz, which is known as Indicolite quartz.  The color of these stones may vary, depending on how much of the mineral they contain. Indicolite Quartz crystals have the metaphysical qualities of both this stone and clear quartz mixed together. The meaning of the name Indicolite is a variation of the old name Indigolite, to its deep indigo color.

Some Indicolite stone is slightly darker, and when used for making jewelry, it is very beautiful. It is a bit darker shade of blue and may have a pronounced indigo color. Another very rare and valuable variety of this stone is Paraiba Tourmaline, an intense blue to Blue Green stone which is a Brazilian Tourmaline.

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