Insurance is a contract made between a person or company and an insurances company. This contract establishes that a person, material asset, property, or other objects – called an insured person – has coverage against certain risks. It’s simple – allowance is like protection against some risks that something or someone takes.

Insurance can be contracted by both individuals and legal entities – companies, in other words. There are types of insurance that are common to both, and others that can be contracted only by individuals or only by companies.

For individuals, the most common and known are:

Life Insurances: it protects the insured and his beneficiaries against death or disability; it is possible to include other additional coverage in the life insurance contract that extends protection to the family;

Auto insurances: it guarantees coverage for the vehicle in question in various situations – theft, robbery, material damage, accidents, among other situations;

Personal property insurances: smartphones, purses, jewelry, and other personal belongings can also be protected by insurance in cases of loss, theft, and theft, for example;

Travel insurances: guarantees that the insured, in other countries, will have health assistance, reimbursement for flight cancellations, lost luggage, theft, and other specific coverage;

Health insurances: this insurance guarantees that the insured will have health care if they need it; Private health plans are, in a way, health allowance.

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