Numerology is a science that relies on the strength and energy of numbers to determine trends, indicates energies, and makes predictions. It is a constantly growing science, so it is not based solely on the numerology of proper names, as was done in the beginning. Today, numerology can be used to find energy from cars through their license plates, from houses through their address, and even from a flight or travel ticket.

However, despite so many applications, numerology is still more sought after to determine the personal energy of each one, whether through their date of birth or the name they carry, so much so that situations in which people include a letter in the name to arrive at the most favorable result.

Each of the numbers from 0 to 9 has a specific energy, which when added together can reach a result that is more or less suitable for each person, according to their area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife or goals. You can also choose the name for a new business or pet based on the energy you believe is most appropriate for the situation. It is the reverse path of numerology, first, you define the intended energy and then find a name that perfectly applies to it.

In this section of GemSleek, you can find articles that explain in detail the different intricacies of numerology and also some that help you find the constant energies in your life through the different numbers that are part of your identity. It is worth saying, for example, that each year that begins also has a specific energy that can be found and disseminated through numerology. It is an infinity of possibilities through the numbers that are always present in our life. Know and apply it in your daily life, we guarantee that the energies will flow more intensely and accurately!

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