Tsavorite Garnet is a quite beautiful stone, both in how it looks and its lovely heart-based vibration. This is a rare stone like many of the other green garnets but has a powerful energy to assist emotional healing. Tsavorite vibration also helps both physical healing and spiritual healing. Its other well-known attribute is its action as an abundance stone, that assists you to manifest what you desire.

Tsavorites are wonderful healing crystals for you to use in meditation and they are well known for their action to strengthen your connection to Spirit. They are known to enhance your connection to beings in the higher realms and are excellent stones to boost the growth of psychic powers. Tsavorite Use meditation to enhance psychic communication and aid the growth of psychic visions, channeling, telepathy and intuition.

If placed on the body while meditating they also aid the healing of health issues. See more about the healing properties of Tsavorite below. The meaning of the name Tsavorite has a bit of history.  The initial deposits of this beautiful deep green stone were first discovered in 1967 by the British explorer Campbell R Bridges, so it was only found fairly recently.

He found the first deposits in a place called Lemshuko in the mountains of Tanzania but was not allowed to prospect further, due to Tanzanian law. Tsavorite mineral interested him so much that he continued exploring looking for other places where it might be found, including in Kenya. As he felt the Kenyan geological structure was similar to the Tanzanian area, he got permission to prospect in Kenya.

Campbell Bridges found deposits of this Tsavorite Green Garnet in Kenya in 1971, and he opened mines and continued to supply this stone to the jewelry trade. At this time it hadn’t been named Tsavorite. He was living in the Tsavro East National Park in 2009 when he was murdered over a dispute at one of his mines.

Tiffany and Co had been selling the stone and named it at that time in honor of Tsavro East National Park, which is a wildlife preserve.  Note: this is simply a trading name for this variety of Tsavorite garnet, which helps to differentiate it from other types of grossular garnet. It is also spelled Tsavorite. Very small deposits of Tsavorite beautiful green garnet have also now been found in Madagascar, Pakistan, and Antarctica, and it also comes from Tanzania.

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