Learn what the 7 main chakras are and how they influence our lives

Every being is made of energy and the human being is made up of several energy points that, when they are not in harmony, generate imbalance. Altogether there are 7 chakras of circular energy that promote balance or imbalance in our body and mind.

“Chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “circle”. Each chakra has a function, color, and location in the human body. The 7 chakras comprise our entire backbone. Understanding the location of the 7 chakras and the function of each one certainly helps to understand which points in our life need to be improved to restore inner harmony. Pyrite (Iron Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Undoubtedly our acts, thoughts, addictions, desires, achievements, relationships, vision, and contributions to the world influence the balance of each energy point.

The main factors of imbalance of the 7 chakras are the excesses, mainly. Excess is related not only to disproportionate, exaggerated attitudes but also to lack of action, and apathy. A reference to Taoist culture, Ying and Yang, is used to name these extremes. It is called “Yin energy” the case of excessive rest, non-action, and everything that is excessive in terms of action is called “Yang energy”.

Next, we will list which are the 7 chakras, where they are located, in which areas they influence our lives, and what action each energy point requires to have harmony restored. What is Sleep Deprivation, which keeps you tired, restless, and sleepy throughout the day?

Learn more about your body’s 7 chakras below.

7 chakras: the base chakra

The first chakra in our body is called the base or root chakra. This energy point is located at the base of the spine. For this reason, it is responsible for transferring energy to the body as a whole.

This chakra is the energy point that connects us to the earth, therefore, it is the one that is most connected to survival, to everyday life. It controls external impulses like hunger and addictions and even general health conditions. Youtube Guide for E-Commerce Companies

Therefore, when you experience problems in some of these areas, it will be a clear sign that the problem will be in the harmony of these chakras.

What actions should be taken to rebalance the root chakra?

Simple measures guided by moderation are necessary to regain balance. Recommended actions are going to bed or waking up earlier, drinking more water, and chewing food more often. 9 Best Crystals For Crown Chakra

7 chakras: Spleen chakra

As the name makes clear, this energy point is in the spleen region and is related to sexual energy. It is also related to the field of desires and addictions.

Lack of harmony in the spleen chakra is identified when there are disorders of sexuality and exacerbated sexuality.

In the case of the first, it means that this energy point is very weakened. The opposite in relation to exacerbated sexuality, as it can also indicate excess hormones.

Harmony can be achieved through moderate attitudes. For example: cutting back on an addiction, such as cigarettes, drinking, or gaming. Insomnia and Its negative health consequences

Having a regular diet will definitely help to restore harmony.

7 chakras: Solar plexus chakra

Continuing with the exposure of the 7 chakras, the third is located at the navel. This chakra is strongly related to emotions, second only to the fourth chakra (more details below). When the solar plexus chakra is very energized, it is a sign that the person is very focused on immediate pleasures.

Low energy reveals a lack, of low energy magnetism, and even allows the development of chronic diseases.

The third chakra is also related to practical, everyday activities, whether social or professional.

It is believed to be the energy point at which divine energy circulates in and out of the body.

Too many or too few activities can put this energy point out of balance. Naturally, therefore, balance is found when organizing the time to perform activities without harming rest, in addition, it generates activities that are more related to what you really like to do. What is Natural Stone? How Are Natural Stones Formed?

The heart chakra

Fourth on the list of 7 chakras is the heart chakra. Because it is positioned right in the center of the chest, it is strongly linked to emotions. Corresponds to devotion and love. When the energy of this chakra is weakened, there is room for selfishness and the development of heart disease.

The imbalance of this chakra manifests itself when we cultivate personal conflicts, whether external or internal. The result is a heart filled with hatred, pride, and envy.

Restoring harmony in this case certainly involves exercising the habit of sincere praise, doing activities together with other people, and showing more affection.

Throat chakra

The fifth of the 7 chakras that make up the being is located in the throat and that’s why it receives that name. Corresponds to the ability of perception and communication. It is also associated with mental capacity.

Weakness in the energy of this chakra can result in disorders of a psychic nature.

Disharmony occurs when you constantly tell lies. Lies not only to others but to yourself.

Balance comes from cutting out those lies or words that cause harm to other people. For example gossip and negative words like swearing.

Third Eye

The sixth of the 7 chakras is the “seventh eye” chakra, located on the forehead of individuals. It is associated with intuitiveness, capacity for perception, and understanding.

Being well energized causes a high degree of sensitivity. Being low in energy provides primitivism of thought. As for the physical, it can lead to a cranial tumor.

The constant nonconformity with what happens around us causes imbalance and disorders such as schizophrenia and other psychic abnormalities.

Balance occurs with changes from negative to positive thoughts and strengthening the spiritual side.

Crown chakra

The last of the 7 chakras is called the crown chakra. It receives this name because it is positioned on top of the head. This energy point would be responsible for the connection with the divine force. The disconnection with this force generates disharmony and, mainly, a lack of meaning in life.

Certainly, rebalancing occurs through prayer or meditation and charitable actions.

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