Sacral Chakra Stones: The 9 Best Crystals For Sacral Chakra

Have you ever heard about crystals for sacral chakra before? If this is your first time, this article is for you.

The sacral chakra, also called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is the center for emotional balance and creative energies. Located just below your navel and having a bright orange color, the sacral chakra allows a healthy flow of energy throughout your body.

Pleasure, passions, playfulness, and sexuality are part of the second chakra’s purpose and sweetness. It is deeply connected to the water, moon, and adrenal glands and has feminine qualities.

An imbalance of the sacral chakra blockage can make you over or unemotional. You will struggle with the changes in your life. At the same time, a lack of confidence or sadness can interfere with your creativity and passion. Your relationships will also become unhealthy and toxic.

Healing crystals are some of the best tools you can use to unblock or balance your sacral chakra. With their unique vibration, you can transform, shift and amplify your energies and remove the feelings of lethargy, overdependence on others, and lack of passion.

9 Crystals For Healing The Sacral Chakra

1. Carnelian

With its bright red or orange color, Carnelian is one of the favorite healing crystals for the sacral chakra. The Carnelian’s sunset colors help open and soothe your second chakra. It will also balance the flowing energy while encouraging confidence.

Carnelian was long revered in ancient times as an excellent stone for fertility. Also, it has a deep connection with Aphrodite, the fertility goddess. Also called the Stone of Motivation, Creativity, Leadership, Endurance, and Courage, carnelian crystal sure has the power to push you forward against all odds.

What’s more is that this powerful stone can also boost your intuition, passion, self-belief, and self-confidence. Its warm, joyful energy will help balance and revitalize your sacral and root chakra. This will allow you to move forward with renewed courage and confidence.

2. Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye harnesses the sun’s and earth’s energy, an all-powerful grounding and stabilizing healing crystal, making it an excellent stone for sacral chakra healing. The second chakra is the gateway from which your chi flows, which is crucial for your overall well-being and health.

And the tiger’s eye, with its red, yellow, or brown color, grounds and balances this energy center, allowing movement, change, and creativity to grow. With that said, the tiger’s eye has several other attributes.

The polarizing ability of the tiger’s eye can help balance the emotional body and yin-yang, making it an excellent tool to release fears and stabilize mood swings. As its name implies, this stone also brings forth the tiger’s courage, allowing you to become highly confident and booming. Not only that, but it also encourages you to take risks and explore your passion and hidden creative talents.

Intuition, integrity, and gut feelings also improve with the tiger’s eye. It even helps relieve your food cravings while sharpening your senses and boosting willpower. The tiger’s eye is also an excellent stone to stimulate your kundalini energy.

3. Orange Calcite

Another excellent crystal for balancing and opening the second chakra, orange calcite, with its nurturing and warm qualities, inspires creativity, ushering you towards your goals and reaching your full potential.

Also called the Stone for Creativity, the orange calcite is an excellent stone to keep you motivated. If you feel negatively influenced by people around you or lack willpower and have feelings of sadness, lack of self-worth, fear, apathy, and lethargy, the orange calcite can help.

With its bright yellow to deep orange color, orange calcite allows you to see the truth in things. It will encourage you emotionally and supports you y charging and energizing your sacral chakra. Not only that, but it will also get your positive energy moving, removing your bad habits and allowing you to have a true insight to follow.

4. Orange Moonstone

An excellent crystal with the innate power to relieve stress and anxiety, the orange moonstone can help in finding your balance. The orange moonstone is a favorite stone for women, thanks to its powerful connection with feminity and the lunar cycle.

All variations of moonstone are called the Stone of New Beginnings and are creatively used to inspire and bring forth freedom of expression. It is also a fertility talisman that brings gentleness and stability to your emotions.

Combine that moonstone attributes with the orange color, intensifying its association with the sacral chakra, enhancing intuition, love in relationships, and creativity. It encourages self-love, mainly if harsh thoughts stem from weight issues and eating disorders due to a closed and unbalanced sacral chakra.

Orange moonstones can help separate the need for food from the emotional condition of eating and give you a better sense of self-worth.

5. Goldstone

The Goldstone is rich in mystery and legends, called the Stone of Ambition. It is deeply connected to the sacral chakra making it the perfect stone for achieving life purpose and personal development while stabilizing and calming emotions.

Goldstone is also an excellent crystal for grounding. Whenever you feel lazy or restless, the copper content of the goldstone is a conductor of powerful spiritual healing energy.

Although the goldstone is not an accurate crystal and is a manufactured stone using glass and copper, it does not take away its healing powers. You can combine it with other crystals to boost this stone’s creative talents and hidden attributes.

6. Amber

Strictly speaking, amber is not a crystal; but a fossilized tree resin. Still, it is a favorite stone for clearing emotional blockages and is an excellent stone for the sacral and solar plexus chakra.

Because of its origin, amber features fauna, flora, and other minerals. It stores energies from the sun and Earth, making it an excellent choice for clearing and supporting the sacral chakra.

This tone profoundly resonates with the second chakra with its sunny and warm energy. It has boundless energies in encouraging decision-making and inspiring creativity. In addition, amber makes a beautiful stone if you are looking for spontaneity in lovemaking.

Not only that, but it is also highly protective. However, it can absorb negative energies. Thus, you will need to clean it regularly in order not to release negative moods in the process.

7. Sunstone

When you want to activate or balance your second chakra leadership qualities, improved confidence and enthusiasm are also enhanced. To do so, the sunstone’s energetic attributes can perfectly align with such traits.

Sunstone, with its red-brown, orange or yellow color, offers joyful and light energy that explodes with happiness and radiance. It restores the joy in your life, allowing you to balance your power, improved intuition, and kindness.

Sunstone also helps boost your self-confidence and maintain your true personality around other people and in different situations.

8. Tangerine Quartz

The tangerine quartz offers unique metaphysical properties that will benefit your sacral chakra. Some people even describe it as inspirational and life-changing. With its orange or red color, Tangerine Quartz helps enhance self-worth and self-understanding and boosts creativity.

It is an excellent stone to remove self-limiting beliefs and provide the courage to move forward and activate your fiery passion. Not only that, but it also has a lovely angelic quality that helps encourage a playful approach to life and deepens curiosity.

The stone also helps balance the polarity between receiving and giving, a crucial element for long-lasting relationships. It also offers you a real zest in life, activating your sexuality, balancing your emotion, and encouraging your passion.

Also called the tone of Perseverance and Strength, the tangerine quartz offers you the courage to move forward and the stamina to endure challenges and obstacles in life.

9. Aragonite Star Clusters

An excellent crystal for stabilizing your emotions and helping explore your existence, the aragonite star clusters are called the Conservationist’s Stone for a good reason. Healing the Earth offers a sense of passion and care for the planet and everything on it, showing you self-care and the importance of good balance.

Initially connected to the Root chakra, the peach hue of this crystal also resonates with the energies of creativity and self-reliance, making it a perfect stone for the sacral chakra.

Its grounding energies allow you to be centered and reduce the frustration and stress caused by overworking and life challenges and difficulties. It also radiates positive energy, making it practical for releasing anger and other negative emotions.

Crystal Healing Tips For Sacral Chakra

All the above crystals are excellent for balancing, opening, and energizing your second chakra. To use and gain the most benefits from these stones, consider the following tips:


Daily meditation is a great way to connect with the unique vibrations and energies of the crystals for the sacral chakra. You can hold them in your hands while meditating or place them on your sacral chakra. Also, you can try surrounding yourself with a sacral chakra crystal grid before starting your daily meditation.


This is another way to keep the crystal’s energies in your auric field for an extended period. It also keeps the crystal in contact with your skin to feel its healing vibrations. Most of the crystals mentioned above are available in pieces of jewelry. It allows you to keep your emotions stabilized throughout the day.

Crystal Elixirs

This is a convenient way to absorb and ingest the healing properties of a particular stone for the sacral chakra. You can submerge a water-safe crystal in a bottle of water for a few minutes or surround the bottle with crystals to absorb its vibrational energies. You can then drink the water to energize your sacral chakra.

Sleep With Crystals

Another way to benefit from crystals for the sacral chakra is to place them under your pillow or near your bed when sleeping. This allows you to receive their healing energies as you sleep.

Carry Them With You

Nearly all the crystals mentioned above can adapt to being put in your purse or pocket. This allows you to keep the crystal closer to your sacral chakra and be easily accessible whenever you need to have direct contact.

Crystal Point

You can also use a crystal point to direct the energy into your sacral chakra—point it downwards to have a slightly more grounding effect ad leave it there for 20 minutes.


An unbalanced or blocked sacral chakra can cause many problems, including lethargy and a lack of confidence, focus, passion, and creativity. You must use the above crystals to heal, soothe, and align your sacral chakra.

They can help enhance your passion, creativity, playfulness, self-confidence, and the courage to make your path towards success.

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