Third-Eye (Ajna) Chakra: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Third-Eye (Ajna) Chakra: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits. The third-eye chakra represents the concept of “seeing,”, particularly in the spiritual or psychic realm. Keep on reading to learn more about this chakra. Best Crystals For Third-Eye Chakra

Third-Eye Chakra Meaning

This powerful chakra can help you use your enhanced inner guidance, which comes from potent, intuitive abilities. The third-eye chakra also means high spiritual growth, a more generous and humanitarian attitude, and a positive outlook toward life.

This chakra was believed to be where “The Sight” could be found in ancient times. On the other hand, the third-eye chakra rules the gift of clairaudience and psychic hearing since this area resonates with your sense of hearing.

It focuses on developing intuition while strengthening your psychic knowledge and engaging clairvoyance.

Third-Eye Chakra Color

The color for the third-eye chakra is indigo or royal blue, symbolizing deep wisdom and inner knowledge.

The indigo color unlocks the door to the Divine realm and can be connected to the soothing shade of the night. During the night and dark, our sense becomes more refined and enhanced, and a part of ourselves is awakened.

The color indigo provides clarity to your sense, including seeing, hearing, and feeling, which is also why it is called the sixth sense.

Acting as a bridge between earth and heaven, death and life, and between the right and left hemispheres, the color indigo supports transitions in this life. It is also the color of significant change, allowing you to transform your lower chakra energies into one of higher vibrational spiritual energies.

The indigo color is associated with the forehead, brain, eye, brow, pineal gland, nose, carotid nerve plexus, and pituitary gland. People with powerful indigo chakra energy have this bright spark in their eyes where you can sense profound wisdom.

Indigo is also a calming color that allows change and transformation. You will experience strong metabolism, better vision, maximizing the strength of your upper body and even your oral health. Also, the neck becomes flexible, and your thyroid gland functions properly.

Mentally speaking, the color indigo carries symbolic thinking energy. It connects the symbolism of materials. It offers the path for effortless action, allowing you to act without getting your ego in the situation. Activity will slow through you, and you achieve things quite quickly. You will become an imaginative ad and can visualize what it is you want. Third Eye Chakra Stones: 10 Best Crystals For Third-Eye Chakra

Strong Indigo Chakra

Besides that, a strong indigo chakra gives you a good memory. You also become imaginative and have excellent mental strength.

Emotionally speaking, the indigo color is responsible for your emotions. It lets you be at peace with others and yourself and helps you see your clarity better. It brings tranquility and stability to your body’s third-eye chakra and other chakras.

Spiritually speaking, the indigo color allows you to perceive the Divine works and be one with the Divine realm. You will obtain deep wisdom and sight, enabling you to understand and appreciate mystical happenings.

You will also enhance your clairvoyance, inner vision, and spiritual will. The indigo color also helps you transcend polarity and even unite your state of consciousness.

Third-Eye Chakra Symbol

This chakra symbolizes the Om, which is placed over an upside-down triangle. This triangle is seated inside a circle between 2 lotus petals. When perceived as one, the meaning of such elements represents wisdom.

The third-eye chakra is also associated with the Akasha element and is mainly dominated by the Om symbol. It is typically included in meditation, prayer, and yoga practice. It is a mantra of grounding, focus, and recognition of the Divine.

The symbol for the third-eye chakra also has two elements typically linked to wisdom— the inverted triangle and the lotus flower. The triangle represents the channeling of wisdom and knowledge to the seed. Looking at the triangle from the opposite direction, the broadsides represent the growth of such knowledge and understanding, which can result in enlightenment and illumination.

Meanwhile, the lotus flower is the universal symbol and representation of knowledge. It also symbolizes fertility, eternity, prosperity, beauty, faith, mystery, and loyalty. Crown Chakra (Samsara or Sahasrara): Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

Third-Eye Chakra Location

Contrary to popular belief, this chakra is not located in the middle of the forehead. It sits right between the brows and a little above the nose bridge.

The 6th chakra resonates with the pineal gland and is in charge of controlling the biorhythms, including sleep and wake time. It is also centered on attention and connection with the mystical states of consciousness.

The third-eye chakra is also located close to the optic nerves making it highly sensitive to changes in visual and lighting stimulations. How to know if a blocked number has called you on iPhone & Android

Third-Eye Chakra Imbalances

The third-eye chakra can become unbalanced or blocked because of several factors. It can be disrupted when you become deeply upset or experience an emotional disturbance.

Anxiety, stress, and fear are some of the most common causes of a third-eye chakra imbalance. When such feelings build up, it can result in the disruption of energy flow.

Overactive Third-Eye Chakra

An intense third-eye chakra can be disorienting, causing psychological and psychic stress. When the third-eye chakra is overactive, you’ll feel like you’re getting lost in an endless stream of nonsensical visions and information.

Also, an overactive 6th chakra can incredibly sweep you off your feet if you’re not grounded well enough. You will indulge in too much fantasy and lose touch with what is real. You will become overly worried or fearful of visions that appear before your mind’s eye.

An overcharged third-eye chakra also causes a continuous flow of thoughts that can be mentally draining for you. You’ll also feel intimidated by the need to make rash decisions that would generally be easy for you.

You will also become indecisive. This is influenced by your lack of focus, inability to determine reality, and clouded judgment. You will also become judgmental and suffer from mental fog.

Symptoms of a Blocked or Overactive Third-Eye Chakra

When the third-eye chakra is unbalanced or overactive, it can manifest as a feeling of being stuck without being able to look beyond problematic situations.

You will not be able to receive support from other chakras, and may manifest as fantasies. You will not be able to create a vision for yourself or even realize your dream. It can also manifest as a rejection of everything spiritual.

A blocked third-eye chakra also means you lack clarity and don’t see the bigger picture. Physically, the manifestations of a blocked third-eye chakra include nausea, insomnia, seizures, headaches, sinus issues, and vision problems.

You might also experience anxiety, hallucinations, delusions, feelings of being overwhelmed, and paranoia. Crystals for Protection: The 11 Best and Most Powerful Stones for Protection

Healing The Third-Eye Chakra

Here are some ways how you can heal your unbalanced or blocked third-eye chakra.

1. Use Other Chakras

To heal your third-eye chakra, you can use other chakras and their attributes. For instance, the sacral chakra can help filter your intuitive hits, grounding them in your emotional and physical field.

Meanwhile, the heart chakra can help make you more balanced and compassionate when navigating situations that might be threatening or stressful.

2. Energy Healing Activities

Certain practices allow you to balance and stimulate your third-eye chakra. This includes sound therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, and acupressure, which help bring back the balance to your third-eye chakra.

When doing such practices, make sure that you focus your intention on soothing or balancing the third-eye chakra.

3. Yoga

Yoga is one of the calming ways to heal your third-eye chakra as well as other chakras. If you want to recover your third-eye chakra with yoga, specific asanas can help it balance and heal.

This includes the shoulder stands, forward bends, and the child’s pose.

4. Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is another way that you can use to heal your overactive or blocked third-eye chakra. You can use essential oils that are deeply connected to the third-eye chakra. Then leave it during the night as you sleep so you can benefit from their healing properties.

Some of the best essential oils for your third-eye chakra include clary sage, sandalwood, juniper, rosemary, marjoram, and frankincense.

5. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet benefits your overall body and helps in soothing and healing your unbalanced third-eye chakra. It plays a massive role in your chakra health, and if you want to maintain an active and healthy third-eye chakra, you need to add indigo-colored foods to your diet.

Some foods include plums, purple peppers, eggplants, cabbage, kale, grapes, and grape juice.

6. Utilize Healing Stones

You can also wear healing stones with the same vibrational energies or chakra color as your third-eye chakra to bring back proper energy flow and remove all negativities.

Amethyst, with its shades of indigo, helps activate your third-eye chakra, stimulating and balancing it while offering intuition and wisdom. Purple fluorite, on the other hand, helps dispel negativity and promotes mental clarity, focus, and psychic abilities.

Meanwhile, moldavite should help in clearing negativities while restoring balance to the third-eye chakra and the entire chakra system. Not only that, but it also promotes new ideas and enhances your imagination and dreams.

Although not indigo, black obsidian is another excellent stone for third-eye chakra since it is known to protect you from negativities while clearing chakra blockages and enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.

Other powerful stones for this chakra healing include moonstone, quartz, and Lapis Lazuli, which help bring back balance in your third eye chakra and help you stay intuitive, and protect you against psychic disturbances.

7. Remove The Competition

Your mind should never be competitive. People who have powerful intuition should never thrive in a highly competitive environment.

You need to take a few moments to review your situation and check if there’s any competitive aura in your relationship, at work, with your friends, family, or in any activities.

Competitive energy does not support your inner well-being, especially your third-eye chakra. So, let it go before it drains and exhausts you mentally and spiritually.


Governing your intellectual and intuitive abilities, the third-eye chakra can help you think clearly and have a vision. It will also develop your imagination and increase your potential for spiritual awareness.

It allows you to see the bigger picture, expanding your consciousness and influencing other chakras. The third-eye chakra also enables you to prepare for the next level of your spiritual evolution so you can benefit from intuitive knowledge and empathic connections.

You will also have a strong memory and the ability to find beautiful and positive meanings in even the most distressing situations in your life. You become imaginative, wise, and open-minded and dream potent dreams.

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