Third Eye Chakra Stones: 10 Best Crystals For Third-Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Stones: 10 Best Crystals For Third-Eye Chakra. Do you want to learn more about the crystals for the third-eye chakra? If yes, then read on!

Being the 6th chakra in the foundational chakra system, the third-eye chakra is frequently called the 6th sense. This chakra governs your intuition and is associated with the purple or indigo color. The third-eye chakra, also known as Ajna in Sanskrit, is where your psychic abilities lie, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and psychic knowing.

A blocked or an unbalanced 6th chakra can be pretty disorienting, causing you a lot of psychic and psychological stress. You will feel like you are getting lost and confused in an endless stream of information and nonsensical vision. Not only that, but you also start to indulge in too much fantasy and lose touch with what’s real.

You can use healing crystals to heal a blocked or overactive third-eye chakra. They help balance, soothe and develop your psychic abilities, so you can better use and align your third-eye chakra with your other chakras.

Here are some of the best crystals for the third-eye chakra.

10 Crystals For Healing The Third-Eye Chakra

1. Amethyst

Known as the Stone of Spirituality, this beautiful purple stone calms your mind while awakening your soul. This crystal reminds you that you are with the Divine realm and opening your psychic abilities, lifting you to the next level of your spiritual development.

The most common and popular crystal used for healing and soothing the third-eye chakra, amethyst is also suitable for healing your crown chakra, thanks to its powerful spiritual energies.

This excellent crystal can help bring harmony and balance to your overacting 6th sense, contributing to clarity of the mind and powerful psychic opening. Furthermore, you can also use this purple stone to heal addiction issues and balance out nerve and brain disorders.

Not only that, but amethyst can also relax your mind and calm your frustrations and stresses. It allows a more mindful meditation and can encourage astral travel, helping you remember your dreams. Speaking of goals, amethyst can help protect you from harmful plans, allowing you to understand your abilities with wisdom and patience.

2. Clear Quartz

Dubbed the Master Healer, clear quartz is an all-purpose stone that works to clear, enhance and awaken all your seven chakras. Its primary purpose is charging other crystals and doubling their powerful vibrational energies, working tirelessly to help your abilities awaken.

Using the clear quartz to enhance your third-eye chakra will improve your power of thoughts going out to the universe. It is like whispering, talking, and shouting as a result. The universe will hear you, and it will grant your intents.

Not only that, but the clear quartz also helps enhance your spiritual growth, acting as a guide and teacher for you on your path.

In terms of psychic protection, clear quartz is a powerful one. Wearing or carrying clear quartz with you can help protect you from absorbing negative energies from other people. Not only that, but it also reduces negative emotions that you might feel, including jealousy, envy, and ill will.

3. Labradorite

The Labradorite is a highly spiritual and protective stone that will awaken and enhance your psychic abilities while protecting your auric field and shielding you from any negative influences and energies. Most psychics are empaths, so they feel other people’s feelings and take them as their own. This is why Labradorite is a favorite stone for empaths and psychics.

In addition, the Labradorite is a highly supportive stone called the Stone of Transformation, working with the third-eye chakra to bring a better intuitive understanding of purposes to any challenges and struggles in your life.

During meditation, Labradorite proves to help bring back balance to your intellect and intuition. Not only that but working with the vibrational energies of Labradorite also helps improve your skill of discernment. You can also use it to relieve ailments of the eyes and brain as well as to regulate your metabolism.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, with its dark blue color, is long revered and famous since ancient times. It is the Stone of Enlightenment and Illumination, making it a perfect stone for your third-eye chakra.

Its dark blue color features specks of gold, reminding you that the night sky is where all is possible and infinite. Also called the Stone of Communication, Lapis Lazuli also resonates well with the Throat chakra.

For the third-eye chakra, lapis lazuli helps in your psychic journey. The blue color opens your mind and helps detach consciousness from this realm. Meanwhile, the vibrational energy of this crystal works as a courageous protector, connecting the mind to the soul star pathways. This offers mental transit lines along the way, biding us together.

Not only that, but lapis lazuli also helps in conditioning your energy to higher vibrations to improve your spiritual progress. It enhances your dream recalling abilities and enables you to connect with spirit guides.

5. Moldavite

Working with all your chakra systems, but more specifically with your third-eye chakra, the moldavite is very popular in enhancing your metaphysical abilities. With its appearance not from this earth, this beautiful crystal can open, transparent, and activate your 6th chakra, bringing you better connections to the higher realms.

Moldavite helps clear blockages from all chakra, aligning and activating them, but mainly connecting your heart chakra to the third-eye chakra. This excellent stone can ensure the proper functioning of the third-eye chakra, bringing more vivid dreams, increased synchronicities, spiritual awakening, and offering you deeper meaning in life.

Its enhanced effect also keeps your third-eye chakra open to new perceptions. Its strong connection to two of your chakras enhance energy flow to your body. It bridges the gap between your emotional and intellectual understanding, allowing you to live from the heart intuitively.

However, it would be best to be cautious when using this powerful tone. It can often work intensely and quickly.

6. Sodalite

Sodalite helps calm your mind, silencing negative and chaotic thoughts that circle and keep you distracted. Once your mind is composed of its blue hues, the white veins of this crystal align your mind to the higher self so that you can start your psychic journey.

Truly a particular spiritual stone, sodalite resonates strongly with your third-eye chakra and your throat chakra. It has its way of clearing away mental debris and hallucinations, keeping the pathway rational and open, coupled with spiritual and intuitive perception.

Not only that, but sodalite also helps strengthen your self-trust and self-esteem, eliminates guilt and fear, and helps you have a healthy emotional balance. The stone is also vital in searching for the truth, moving away from negativities, allowing you to be true to yourself, and standing up for what you believe in.

Furthermore, this stone can help make your logical ad intuitive, finding exemplary cooperation and balance between your feelings and thoughts.

7. Moonstone

The lovely moonstone can help develop latent psychic abilities that have been blocked or shut down due to misunderstandings or fear. Moonstones can hold the moon’s power, making it more potent under the glistening shine of the moon.

Other than enhancing your psychic abilities, travelers can also use this beautiful stone, thanks to its protective attributes when traveling, especially during the night. Not only that, but the stone can also absorb tension and negativities from your surroundings and help regulate your body clock.

With its feminine energy, the moonstone is also recommended for women going through menopause, pregnancy, or puberty. This is because the moonstone’s vibrational energies help lessen mood swings and calm your motions due to hormonal imbalances.

8. Iolite

Another fantastic choice to heal, balance and activate your third-eye chakra, the Iolite offers energy that increases your inner vision and heightens your 6th sense. This powerful yet gentle crystal can help you better recognize patterns in your life, allowing you to release any domineering or controlling tendencies.

When placed directly on your third-eye chakra, Iolite can help open up your psychic capabilities while enhancing self-trust and self-confidence. Not only that, but you can also use the stone to gain greater mental clarity. This can be pretty helpful for students or anyone undergoing the learning process.

9. Herkimer Diamond

Another crystal for the third-eye chakra, the Herkimer diamond, is often used to enhance your inner vision. Not only does it resonate with the third-eye chakra, but the Herkimer diamond also works well with the crown chakra.

This creates a vital bridge between the two higher chakras and allows you to understand better the divine purpose and any intuitive insights you may have. Furthermore, this beautiful stone can also help enhance memory function, meditative states, and visualization, bringing a higher level of awareness.

Best when used during meditation, the Herkimer diamond can bring you to the highest vibration level possible while you remain within your physical body. The Herkimer diamond can connect the astral and physical planes while facilitating astral travel.

10. Unakite

A unique crystal for the third-eye chakra, unakite can help ground higher information that you received from your third-eye chakra into your root chakra. This is particularly helpful for meditating.

This same attribute can work in reverse in terms of emotional therapy, pulling out any repressed or negative feelings from your root chakra to be understood more deeply with the third-eye chakra.

Unakite also helps you better understand the relationship between events in life while encouraging lucid and vivid dreams and enhancing your astral traveling.

Crystal Healing Tips For Third-Eye Chakra

These ten crystals for the third-eye chakra are all useful in activating and balancing your third-eye chakra. There are several ways you can use this crystal, and here are some tips to get the most benefits.

  • Place the crystal for the third-eye chakra in your home or office.
  • Consider wearing these crystals as pieces of jewelry to activate their attributes, and you can benefit more closely from their vibrational energies.
  • Crystals for the third-eye chakra are best sued during meditation. You can place them on your third-eye chakra or hold them in your hands as you concentrate. You can also make a crystal grid surrounding you as you meditate.
  • Another way to use a third-eye chakra crystal is to place them near your bed or under your pillow to activate their abilities to provide lucid dreams and astral traveling as you sleep.


Crystals are highly effective tools in your quest to awaken or balance your third-eye chakra. Although the above crystals come in several colors, they have unique attributes and vibrational energies that help stimulate and resonate deeply with your root chakra.

Once you unblock your third-eye chakra, you will start receiving guidance, visions, and messages from the divine realm. Have the courage to follow what your intuition says, pushing your third-eye chakra even to grow more robust.

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