What is Aquamarine Stone? Properties, Benefits, Colours

Aquamarine, which gives peace with its blue clear color, literally means seawater. Aquamarine, the blue-colored member of the beryl group, is mined as large and clean crystals. It is used in jewelry and ornaments in its processed form. In addition, it has started to be used for decorative purposes in homes and workplaces in its natural crystal form. In addition to being decorative, it is a stone with plenty of energy and healing.

It is one of the precious stones and is a transparent and silicate type of Beryl. It is light blue or bluish-green in color and very similar to Emerald, which is also a member of the Beryl group. It is often compared to Amazonite, but Amazonite is a more opaque and greener blue.

Mostly formed under the conditions of pure Beryl, the most beautiful Aquamarine is mostly mined in Russia. Although it is listed among semi-precious stones, it is a little rarer and a little more expensive than other stones. Also, Read – What is Agate Stone? History, Properties, Benefits

Aquamarine is one of the most preferred and most precious stones. For this reason, it is among the most frequently faked stones. Therefore, one should be very careful when choosing Aquamarine. It is the cleanliness, transparency, and darkness of the color that increase the value of aquamarine.

Aquamarine Stone Properties

Aquamarine has a variety of colors, from marine to light sky blue. It is a transparent or translucent stone. What gives the stone its color is the iron ore found in trace amounts. It is usually mined in Russia, India, Nigeria, Brazil, and Pakistan, and its hardness is around 7.5 according to the Mohs hardness scale.

Aquamarine Stone Cleaning and Care

Cleaning methods under running water or by burying in the ground can be used easily on stones with a hardness level of 7 and above. Since the hardness of the aquamarine stone is around 7.5, you can clean it with water or soil. Afterward, you can wipe it with a soft cloth that will not damage it.

Avoid using any chemicals while cleaning the stone, this will damage your stone. Storing your stone in a bag when you are not using it will prevent it from being scratched. (Except for decorative ones in places).

Benefits of aquamarine stone

  • It is good for respiratory diseases, asthma, sore throat, bronchitis, and thyroid gland disorders.
  • It helps the digestive system to work healthily.
  • It helps in the healing of glands, tumors, and other swellings.
  • It keeps the jaw bones and teeth healthy.
  • It builds self-confidence, courage, and balance. It gives them the courage to express feelings.
  • Thanks to the properties it carries, it is one of the most suitable stones to be used against tension and stress. The edema of the blue color is great in this.
  • It strengthens intuition by strengthening the body and mind relationship.
  • It helps to overcome shyness, shyness, and negative emotions. It gives positive energy. Increases the sense of optimism, and gives joy.
  • It helps you find spiritual satisfaction in everything you do.
  • It develops the power of reason and logic.
  • It is a stone of prosperity and good luck.
  • If you have a perfectionist structure that believes that you are inadequate even in the works you do well; Aquamarine widens your vision, allowing you to be satisfied spiritually, allowing you to realize your own worth.
  • Strengthens memory, and creates clear memory. It allows you to think logically and in a balanced way.
  • Keeps away from substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, weakens addiction to them
  • Increases your self-confidence, passes the tendency to laziness
  • Provides mental and physical relaxation. If you have an extremely nervous, tense, and excited nature, aquamarine will make you more peaceful.

Hardness, Colours, Places of Extraction, Chakras

Hardness 7.5
Specific weight 2.68 – 2.73
Chemical Formula and Group
Be Al² (SiO) + Fe, K, Li, Na, and Oxides, Beryl Group
Colors Shades of blue from light cerulean to teal – transparent, translucent
Places of Extraction Russia, India, Nigeria, Brazil, and Pakistan
chakras Throat and Heart

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