5 Essential Skills To Become A Web Developer

Discover the hard and soft skills to master for a career in IT development. What are the hard and soft skills required to become a web developer?

Do you want to train or retrain as a web or mobile developer? You can focus on different specializations: the front-end (the visible part of a site and the elements with which users interact), the back-end (the technical part necessary for the proper functioning of the site or the mobile application ) or full stack development (management of all stages, front-end and back-end included). You also have the option of moving towards the DevOps approach, which blends software development with infrastructure operations.

Whatever your choice, specific hard and soft skills will be required of you to practice the profession of a web developer, which is a profile particularly sought after by recruiters at the moment. Overview of the main key skills to master to succeed in this field.

1. Mastery of programming languages

According to the latest ranking of the TIOBE index, which publishes the list of the most searched languages ​​on the Internet each month, we find Python at the top, crowned in 2021 and accessible even for beginners, ahead of C and Java, which remains closely followed by C++. A little further on, there are other essential programming languages ​​in computer development, such as JavaScript (7th), PHP (10th) or Swift (16th) for the creation of iOS applications.

The ranking of the most searched programming languages ​​on the web
The ranking of the most searched programming languages ​​on the web.

If HTML and CSS are not considered programming languages, ​​strictly speaking, they are essential to know, just like frameworks such as React or Angular, computer environments (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), but also the basics of SQL or NoSQL data. These different skills will serve you not only if you want to become a web developer, but also if you want to evolve later towards other branches of IT, such as data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

2. A good understanding of related trades

If the web developer can carry out a certain number of tasks independently, he generally does not work alone. His central role in IT development projects gives him a privileged link between the different professions with which he collaborates: project manager/product manager, web designers, web integrators, web editors, SEO experts, etc.

To better understand the problems of each and facilitate exchanges between teams, it is therefore recommended to acquire notions in fields related to web development, in particular in UX design, to be able to create a site or a mobile app that will meet the needs of users, but also SEO. This knowledge will bring credibility to the web developer and save him time by better understanding the requests of his interlocutors.

3. Continuous learning throughout your career

Digital is a sector that is progressing rapidly, thanks to the many innovations implemented by startups and various players. Faced with these technological developments, web developers must stay up to date by carrying out a constant technical watch to adapt and take them into account in their daily tasks. They also have the opportunity to train throughout their professional career to building skills in other areas (IA, cloud, data, etc.).

Do you want to update your knowledge of IT development, acquire new hard and soft skills or retrain in this sector? Many organizations allow you to acquire the essential skills to practice this exciting and essential digital profession:

4. Analytical skills to find solutions to problems

Among the missions of the web developer, the latter is also required to solve the problems raised by the users of the interfaces that he designs. His analytical mind will allow him to understand the need, and to carry out the necessary research with the objective of finding, and then implementing a solution to meet it. Depending on its nature, the problem to be corrected may, if necessary, be divided into several tasks to be carried out before putting an update or a patch into production.

5. Good communication, rigor and responsiveness

In addition to these hard skills, the web developer must also demonstrate human qualities, which will allow him to make a career and stand out in his position. As we have seen previously, a good sense of communication and a taste for teamwork are essential in this profession, because the latter will regularly exchange with other employees of his company, even be in direct contact with clients.

Among the other soft skills required, we can also note rigor, curiosity and responsiveness, but also adaptability to change. All represent many essential qualities to master and which will be highly appreciated in the context of recruitment.

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