7 ways to increase lead generation on social media

The info producer who wants to make money on the internet knows that the path to success can be through social networks.

No wonder: social media can humanize brands, bring companies and customers closer, as well as provide resources to create a communication strategy that reaches the public.

When talking about selling through social media, lead generation must be mentioned. If you want to know what this strategy is about or how to apply it right now in your venture, stay here. Why is Social Media Important for a Small Business?

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is capturing data from people who are very likely to buy from your brand.

Lead, therefore, is that person who visits your social network or website and knowingly provides you with personal information, such as name and email.

This provision of data means that she is not just a follower or website visitor: she indirectly (or not) indicates to you that she is likely to buy something from you or purchase your services.

When she provides this data and gives the indication that she can buy something, her strategy needs to be even more assertive in order to convert her. In other words, sell.

But this is already a step further. Now, it is necessary to think about how to generate these leads. And, as you’ve already read, one of the ways to do this is exactly through social networks.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube… are some examples and can be great channels even for those entrepreneurs who opt for Simples Nacional, such as MEIs, and who generally have less investment power. What is pre-sale? The importance of pre-sales for your company

What are the best ways to generate leads through social media?

This is the time to know how to use social media for lead generation. Check out!

Know your audience well

Before using social media strategically, it is necessary to know your audience.

More than knowing who follows you on Instagram or who subscribed to your YouTube channel, you need to delve deeper into the behavior of these people.

Knowing your audience will allow you to:

  • Define a target audience for your strategy;
  • Create a persona (and this is very important for any strategy)
  • Personalize its contents;
  • Be more assertive in your ads (and you’ll read more about that below).

These are just some of the advantages of giving your audience a good study and it could not fail to be the first way to generate leads through social networks. B2B Lead Generation: How to get the right leads

And also your product

If it’s to get to know your audience, you can’t forget about your product or service.

“But how do you know my product?”.

This means that you need to be very assertive in choosing what to offer.

From there, you provide complete information about it to your audience, you can explain how it works and you can answer any questions your followers have.

Failing at this point can be very crucial to your strategy and even your brand.

Know exactly which social networks to use

Perhaps a very common mistake is to believe that all social networks are great ways to promote your products.

But think, for example, if your audience is younger and on Twitch. Why will you invest in life on Facebook, for example?

You may think that you’re giving more chances to increase your reach, but the difference may not be so great that it’s worth the effort to strategize for a network your audience is abandoning.

Of course, this information is hypothetical, but when making the choice, the data should indicate this.

This is just an example, but you should also know the social networks you can use to generate leads. See a summary of the main ones.

  •  Facebook: it is necessary since its ad platform is very complete and still embraces ads through Instagram. Not to mention that it has great features such as life, texts with links and groups, for example;
  • Instagram: the network that bets a lot on visuals and has increasingly invested in videos. Stories are great ways to show behind the scenes and link to your product capture pages, use a good Instagram link generator ;
  • WhatsApp: this is a great communication channel with your audience, much closer and more immediate. Broadcast Lists are a good way to get standard messages out to a particular audience;
  • YouTube: is simply the biggest video platform on the internet: tutorials, webinars, and lives can be a great way to promote your product and still generate leads
  • Twitch: The platform has a YouTube alert, as there is a tendency for a younger audience to flock there. Videos like reactions, unboxing, or even partnerships can be ideal.

Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok could be mentioned and each with its peculiarities that lack a good strategy to use. Selling on Instagram: How to Sell On Instagram

Create relevant content

Something you can never give up is the quality and relevance of your content, whatever platform it is.

Therefore, focus on the quality of the videos, and the information, have a good visual identity, and use all this according to the behavior of your audience.

Invest in Ads

Something you’ve already read around here is about Ads. As important as it is, and interesting, to generate leads organically, investment in ads is always cost-effective.

Platforms like Facebook Ads will give you good insights to segment audiences according to what you sell.

These tools are very interesting and complete, with possibilities for different payment methods and what matters most: converting your followers into leads.

Promote your landing pages

When it comes to lead generation, it is almost intrinsically associated with landing pages.

This is a page for capturing this data. The creation of “LPs” is something very strategic and complex, but its intention is very simple: ask for the visitor’s data.

Of course, this “ask” needs to have a copywriter strategy and use of mental triggers for your audience to provide you with the information you need.

That said, these pages are the most strategic for generating leads and you can use the link to send your followers there through social media. TOP 15 Instagram Marketing Tips

Have strategic technology platforms

Social network automation tools, such as Mlabs, for example, tax management systems, such as the eNotas gateway, or even payment platforms such as PagSeguro will be your friends at that time.

They are another investment that can be very well applied if you can facilitate your lead’s experience or even gain in automation and be able to invest in more strategic processes. Digital Prospecting: What is it and how to do it

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