Best Free CRM Tools 2022: The Best Free CRM Software

Finding a free CRM that is both easy to use and qualitative is sometimes an obstacle course. That’s why we’ve gathered in this guide a selection of the best free CRM tools available for French entrepreneurs in 2022. We highlight the advantages, and features, but also disadvantages of each of the platforms to help you make your choice. 20 Cool Agile Team Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

A software CRM for SMEs, from English Customer Relationship Management or customer relationship management, is an essential tool for optimally managing its customer data, but also its employees. CRM offers many benefits, such as the ability to better track and manage customer service interactions. It also helps set up processes to track employee productivity and ensure a better customer experience through personalized emails or reminders. Thanks to its automation functions, the CRM also saves valuable time.

The best free CRM must be both easy to use and intuitive but also adapted according to the size of your company and your needs. If you manage an SME, your CRM needs will indeed be different from those of a large company. Luckily, there are plenty of players in the CRM market, including some free CRM software that offers great ways to get started, and grow with your business. Here is our selection of the 10 best free CRMs in 2022. What is CRM Program? What Does the CRM Program Do?

The 10 Best Free CRMs in 2022

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is both powerful and easy to use. It offers a CRM solution for sales management, also allows the configuration of quotes, and offers several tools for monitoring indicators, for example, sales analysis reports and dashboards. The good news is that Hubspot CRM is really free, except for some specific features. It is not a trial version before upgrading to its paid alternative.

The (+) of Hubspot

(+) Custom form fields

(+) Monitoring and integration with a mailbox

(+) Transaction tracking tool

The (-) of Hubspot

(-) Some specific features are chargeable is a free online CRM manager highly appreciated by start-ups that have the particularity of being collaborative. Apart from its beautiful, modern, and very fashionable interface, the advanced project management tool allows different collaborators to track sales and customers together. also makes it possible to automate workflows and easily manage different contacts.

The (+) of

(+) Fun and ergonomic interface

(+) Easier collaborative management

(+) Easy contact and lead management

The (-) of

(-) Advanced functions are not free


Streak is a business management tool that integrates directly into your Gmail mailbox. Very easy to use, this simple CRM software allows you to organize your e-mails and create several pipelines according to projects, customers, or leads. Streak’s pipelines help integrate cool features and keep all personal customer contact information for easy and highly visual access.

The (+) of Streak

(+) Integrates directly with Gmail

(+) Enables real-time reporting

(+) Ability to adjust permissions to create private and public pipelines

(+) Allows you to create email templates and reminders

(+) Also has a tool to see who has read messages

The (-) of Streak

(-) In free mode, some advanced features are not available

(-) You must have a Gmail email address to use it

Sendinblue CRM

Sendinblue is a highly reputed free CRM software today. The brand is best known for its tool for sending newsletters, but also offers one of the best simple and free CRM software in the sector. In addition to the newsletter option, Sendinblue CRM also provides a contact management tool, several API functions, real-time conversion rate reports, and much more. It is a tool of choice for contractors, which also has the advantage of being very ergonomic. What is CRM? How to Use CRM Programs?

The (+) of Sendinblue CRM

(+) Easy to use

(+) Real-time monitoring and analysis

(+) Automated processes

(+) Advanced contact management

The (-) of Sendinblue CRM

(-) Some features are chargeable


Freshworks is a great free CRM for small businesses. Its pleasant and easy-to-use interface is among the best on the market. It’s the perfect free tool for SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs, and it’s easy to use.

Freshworks automates part of the sales process, and e-mails and also offers additional paid solutions for more advanced features. The CRM also offers an intuitive alert system that makes it possible to never miss an appointment or an e-mail reminder for a client.

The (+) of Freshworks

(+) Pleasant interface.

(+) CRM is very suitable for VSMEs.

(+) Optimized in mobile version.

The (-) of Freshworks

(+) Limited features in the free version.

(+) Limited reporting.

Facilitate the financial management of your business

In addition to a good free CRM, entrepreneurs should equip themselves with other tools to facilitate their accounting management, such as well small business accounting software, but also financial and administrative management. This is what FINOM offers.FINOMis an all-in-one financial solution for freelancers and small businesses in the process of registration. You just need to create a business account FINOM to be able to open a bank account with French IBAN online in 48 hours, with virtual and physical cards, up to 3% of cash back, and 0% commission. The Positive Impact of CRM on Real Estate Companies

On the financial management side, FINOM also offers an advanced team expense management and control solution, as well as a complete invoicing tool that allows you to create an invoice in a few clicks. FINOM also integrates with major accounting software. With FINOM, everyone can start an online business and be ready free of charge in 48 hours for the KBIS.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the most promising CRM tools around. Entirely cloud-based, this software enables advanced customer and operational management. The advantage of Zoho CRM also lies in the fact that it is largely customizable, which allows you to create and manage your own pipelines, but also to create a whole range of personalized reports and reminders.

The (+) of Zoho CRM

(+) Advanced customization

(+) Ability to create reports

(+) Email personalization

(+) Possibility of dashboard

The (-) of Zoho CRM

(-) In the free version, a limited number of users

(-) Sometimes complex customization


Keap is a sales software that also offers marketing tools perfectly suited to start-ups, especially in the service sector. Keap users thus have the possibility of storing all the information relating to their customers in one place, including documents. Using Keap is simple, easy, and very ergonomic.

Keap’s (+)

(+) Simple and easy-to-use software

(+) Advanced automation functions

(+) Easy document storage

The (-) of Keap

(-) Freeware is available for a limited time only

(-) Interface available in English only


With Insightly, discover an intuitive and ergonomic free online CRM tool that makes it easy to manage customer relations. Among other things, Insightly makes it easy to assign customer leads, and manage each customer in a personalized way but also the different pipelines in collaborative mode. Insightly’s filter tools are also very useful.

Insightly’s (+)

(+) Easy lead attribution

(+) Modern interface

(+) Allows you to easily generate reports

The (-) of Insightly

(-) In English only

(-) Limited features in free mode

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the best CRM tools currently available on the market. It offers a wide variety of features for automating and managing its customer base. In addition to its many intrinsic features, Agile CRM also offers an intuitive follow-up tool to never forget a customer. The CRM also allows you to generate reports and sales forecasts. It also allows for easy lead assignments.

The (+) of Agile CRM

(+) Many possible reports and sales probability calculations

(+) Complete all-in-one tool

(+) Advanced database for customer contacts

The (-) of Agile CRM

(-) Free mode is not suitable for medium-sized businesses


A popular free CRM that already has over 240,000 users, Pipedrive is especially suited for small businesses. It allows an intuitive visualization of the sales funnel and the different prospects and customers. Customers can be categorized and all information related to a customer can be viewed easily.

The (+) of Pipedrive

(+) Popular with SMEs

(+) Visual Sales Funnel Design

(+) Personalization possible

The (-) of Pipedrive

(-) Lack of advanced reports

In summary

Our selection of the 10 best free CRM solutions available for French companies in 2022 brings together reliable platforms that have proven themselves to a wide audience. Most of them offer a free basic version, which you can later upgrade to a paid version as your business grows and you need additional features. Analytical CRM Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

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