Google Workspace: What is it and how does it work?

The previous G Suite disappears and arrives repowered with a new name Google Workspace. This innovative tool mixes all the applications that offer productivity within Google. Among them, we have Calendar, Drive, Gmail, and Meet.

The purpose of this tool is to bring together platforms for mail, chat, video, tasks, and files. The only detail that was announced by the same company, is that it is only available under the payment modality. HR Names Ideas: 10 Best Human Resources Company Names

Google Workspace is expected to help users organize events, manage budgets, and much more.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a group of applications with storage in the cloud that serve to increase and optimize the operability of your company, regardless of whether its workers work in person or remotely.

Why should your company use Google WorkSpace?

In principle, Google Workspace will help the company become more productive, and this tool brings together a series of solutions that it makes available to its customers and that is accessible from any computer. In addition, the company’s workers will have the possibility of working concurrently on the same document.

On the other hand, Google Workspace offers very intuitive and easy-to-use tools. In fact, they were developed with the intention that users do not waste time and seek to make learning as less complex as possible.

As for compatibility, you can work using any device, whether or not you have an Internet connection. Are you wondering how this is possible? Fortunately, you can download the documents you need if you want.

The architecture design is completely Cloud and for different teams.

Regarding data security, Google seeks to protect it in the best way. For this, it undergoes audits and is exposed to high security standards in the area.

We also save by purchasing local equipment. Absolutely everything will be stored in the cloud, which will have a lower value than on-premise maintenance. 10 musical name ideas for your country-themed bar

What is expected of Google Workspace?

Coming soon, Google Workspace users will have the power to structure and help on a document while you work by sending chats, and you will also be able to share content.

With Google Workspace when you use the “@” to refer to a person, the system will present you with their contact information, give you the context and show you some actions that the system thinks you should take, such as, add to the list of contacts or send an email.

Google has also reported that in a few months it will include the “picture in picture” function that Meet uses, so that people have the possibility of viewing and listening to others with whom they work, even from a distance.

As for users who belong to the educational field, they will have the opportunity to use the tools through G Suite for Education, which has other applications, such as Assignments, Calendar, Classroom, Drive, Gmail,

Clarified that education customers will still be able to access tools through G Suite for Education, including Classroom, Assignments, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Sheets, Meet, and Slides.

On the other hand, G Suite for NGOs will maintain its services for those organizations that Google considers to meet certain requirements.

Another detail that we will see later is the change of logos of Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Spreadsheets, Meet, and Presentations.

Today Google Workspace has more than 2 billion users worldwide, and it will probably continue to grow, considering that a large part of the workforce wants to work remotely most of the time. In addition to the fact that the time savings per year by using Google Workspace are considerable. 10 creative name ideas for your chalk-making business

Google Workspace Tools

Google Workspace aims at four things, in particular, Communication, Access, and Storage, Creation and Collaboration, and Administrative Console Management.

Google Workspace Communication Tools

Among the applications aimed at keeping users in touch are Gmail,

Google Meet, Calendar, Google Chat, and Google Voice.


This is a mail service with access at any time. It offers storage starting at 30 GB, powerful spam filtering and allows interaction with Outlook and BlackBerry. It also has both voice and video chat. It can be synchronized with different platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

Google Meet

With this application, it is possible to make videoconferences from your computer, tablet, or mobile. Google Meet allows you to video communicate with up to 25 contacts located in different parts of the globe at the same time. You can also send or receive documents so you can work with your colleagues in real-time.


With this application, the workers of a company or institution can help each other efficiently, reducing the costs involved in information technology. With Calendar, you can set up meetings and verify that the summoned users can attend. In addition, this application integrates very well with Gmail and can be accessed through different devices. You can also publish events that take place outside the company using the Google Calendar gallery or by entering them on websites. 10 radiant name ideas for your beauty bar

Google Chat

With Google Chat, work teams can interact easily and efficiently. You will be able to send direct messages or have conversations between several people and even use virtual rooms in order to store projects.


With this tool, you can manage company phone numbers no matter what devices are used. Its properties include caller identification, call recording, voice mail transcription, and other services. For this, relying on Google Cloud.

Google Workspace Access and Storage Tools

In this section, we’ll describe Google Workspace apps that make searching and storage easy, like Drive and Cloud Search.


With this application, you will be able to save, synchronize, send and receive your files in a simple and centralized way so that they will always be within reach of a click. Drive provides different storage modes: 30 GB in the default version and unlimited when using Google Workspace Business. It is also possible to view more than 40 different file formats without requiring specific software. 10 Plus Size Clothing Store Name Ideas


With Cloud Search, you can obtain information about your company through an efficient search. This tool allows you to search within applications such as Calendar, Documents, Drive, Gmail, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and many others to finally offer you suggestions on actions in which you should include them.

Google Workspace Creation and Collaboration Tools

If what you need is to create and share information, Google Workspace has Documents, Forms, Google AppSheet, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Sites.


With this application, users can edit documents all at the same time and always have the newest version. In addition, it is possible to access the document from different devices, whenever and wherever you want. In fact, you can make changes without having an Internet connection.

You can run it from any operating system, and it is compatible with conventional formats such as .doc.


With these Forms, you will be able to prepare surveys to obtain important information about the clients and workers of your company. You can also add videos and images so that the Forms have a nice style. Responses are received automatically and at the time they are answered. By having the data, it is possible to carry out an analysis to convert it into information that can be useful and that can be processed from other applications, such as Spreadsheets. 10 cool name ideas for your frozen yogurt stand


Like Documents, you can create and edit spreadsheets very easily just by using a browser. With this application, you can create activity lists, generate graphs, build pivot tables, solve equations, filter data, and apply many other functions. With Spreadsheets you will be able to organize and study the data in a simple way, you will also be able to import or export data. You can access this application from any mobile or computer.


This application allows you to create and modify presentations within the browser. Different users can access and edit simultaneously, as well as have the opportunity to chat and leave notifications. Everyone who accesses will have the opportunity to always view the latest version. Although they will have the option to recover previous versions.

In order for those with whom the presentation is shared to be able to edit, they will have to have the required permission to do so, granted by the owner of the presentation. 10 funny name ideas for your medical cannabis store


With this tool, you can easily design and create reliable websites to be used on intranets. The advantage is that you do not need to have a notion of HTML or any other programming language.

Google AppSheet

This is a fabulous tool that allows you to develop both web and mobile applications without having to code. This application is based on the use of templates, modeling through declarations, and the design of a User Interface (UI) with which you will only need to drag and drop.

Workspace Tools for Managing the Administrative Console.

The Administration Console and Vaut are the two applications offered by Google Workspace for managing your business tools.

Administration Console

This application allows us to easily manage Google Workspace within your company. With it, you can add users, manage teams and make settings to protect data.

It is possible to use both iOS and Android mobile devices to distribute the applications among the different users that you want, always keeping an eye on the security of everything.

With Administration Console, you can check where applications are used, manage security settings, lock computers and wipe data remotely.


With Vault, you can keep messages either in Gmail or in your workers’ chats indefinitely. In this way, it could adhere to the laws as well as the conservation obligations.

On the other hand, you can audit user behavior or access your company’s files stored in Drive.

Payment plans

Google Workspace offers 4 paid plans, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

Business Starter

This plan has a cost per user of €5.2 per month. Among its services are the use of email for companies through Gmail, protection against spam, as well as antiphishing. Videoconferences and voice calls are available, grouping up to 100 people who will compete. 10 secrets for the skin care that dermatologists offer us

You can also use calendars to share. It also provides interoperability with Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Keep, and others. provides 30 GB of cloud storage. Users will have standard support.

Business Standard

For Business Standard each user must pay €10.4 per month. Includes all Business Starter services, as well as the following utilities:

Voice calls.

Videoconferences with more than 150 contacts.

Recording of meetings.

Cloud storage, specifically 2TB Drive.

Certain features of Meet.

Enabling and disabling the conversation history.

Smart search using Google Search for own data.

Standard assistance (with the possibility of contracting enhanced assistance).


The price of Business Plus is €15.6 per month for each user. This plan has everything the Business Standard plan provides plus: mail with electronic discovery as well as data retention; 5TB storage capacity; Meet meetings with a maximum of 250 participants (includes attendance registration); Google Search for both our data and third party searches; Controls for data protection and management, including advanced endpoint and Vault management.


The price has not been published, you must contact the company to hire the service. This plan contains everything that Business Plus offers, as well as an encrypted email with S/MIME, noise reduction and streaming of Meet meetings, Unlimited Drive storage capacity, Security controls, and management such as DLP, Vault, DLP, enterprise management of endpoints, and data regions, building apps without having to code using AppSheet. It has Premium Assistance. 10 clothes and accessories that always make you look stylish

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