Hire a website developer: Where, how much and how to choose a good professional

Having a website on the internet is essential for your business to be taken seriously these days. However, that alone is not enough.  After all, it is also essential to have a quality website that is able to contribute positively to your results.

It is in this context that the need to hire a website developer who understands your demand and can make the best possible delivery comes in. However, this process can be intimidating for those who don’t prepare. After all, there are several ways to do this hiring.

Also, there is more than one type of developer on the market and you need to choose the right alternative for what you need. We are here to help you on this mission. Next, see all the information you need to hire a website developer for your company.

Hire website developer on freelancer’s remote professional platforms

Technology has evolved enough that we can find good professionals online and hire them remotely.

It is thanks to freelance platforms that you will be able to hire a perfect website developer for what you need.

As there are different alternatives in this segment, it is important to consider their particularities before deciding where to look for your professional. After all, this will have a significant impact on your processes.

Find out below which are the main platforms where you can hire an expert to develop your website.


The crowd is a remote marketing and technology talent platform where you can hire website developers and various other types of freelance professionals.

With more than 20 thousand subscribers, it makes it possible to connect companies with the best service providers for their projects.

There are three ways to hire freelancers at Crowd:

  • On-demand: The crowd understands your demand and quickly indicates the best professional to carry it out.
  • Remote Squads: Crowd assembles remote teams the size of your need to accelerate your marketing or technology project.
  • You Hire: You register on Crowd’s exclusive platform, publish briefings and negotiate directly with marketing or technology professionals.

Whatever your website needs, you can count on good website developers capable of meeting your demands. After all, there is a rigorous curation process behind the professionals who integrate the platform.


Marfin is a platform alternative where you can hire a website developer. In addition to this professional, she also has text, design, media, and video, production people.

Marfin’s focus is on offering on-demand content to companies. Then, just register and purchase the deliveries you need to start enjoying the platform’s facilities.

It is also possible to close a contract directly with the freelancer for recurring projects. This can be a solution to develop your company’s website and keep it running.


Workana is a freelance platform where you can hire a website developer.

In it, you can publish your project and wait for offers from qualified professionals. Then just choose the one that best suits your needs.

Workana’s main benefit is its vast registered user base, which exceeds 2.5 million people.

However, it also means greater competition for visibility into your projects.

99 Freelas

99Freelas allows you to post your demands and receive offers from freelancers in a similar way to Workana.

So, it’s a way to expand the reach of your project to reach people from more than one network.

According to data from the platform itself, 99Freelas has around 1.2 million registered professionals.


Creators.LLC acts as a bridge between companies and collaborators that are of interest to them.

This goes for a variety of areas, ranging from website development to hiring influencers for marketing campaigns.

The main benefit of working this way is that the platform takes care of all the bureaucratic parts of the process, such as payment and contract processes. Then, you are free to dedicate yourself to creating your website.

Hire website developer directly on own websites or social networks

In addition to relying on the platforms we mentioned above, you can also use other tools to hire a website developer.

In many cases, they can be decisive in reaching the ideal professional.

For example, LinkedIn is a social network aimed at the corporate segment where you can search for the most qualified people to integrate your website project. You can publish your vacancy and analyze the profile of candidates on the platform.

Plus, you can use good old Google to discover website development professionals that meet your needs.

In this case, you can find their websites and check out portfolios that showcase their capabilities.

Finally, be sure to consider alternatives like YouTube, Instagram, and specialized Facebook groups.

There are developers who do not register on freelance platforms but serve clients directly through their own websites.

How much does a website developer charge for their services

Website development is a professional who usually charges by the hour of work.

So, this attribute must be taken into account when hiring you, given the estimated duration of your project.

Talk to the developers you’ve met on the platforms to understand how they prefer to be paid for their services: by the hour or by the project.

To help, here are some reference values:

  • One-page website creation: from R$400 to R$2,000, depending on the content needed for the site.
  • Landing page creation: BRL 497 to BRL 7,100, depending on the content, design, and length of the landing page.
  • WordPress website creation: BRL 2,000 to BRL 20,000 or more, depending on the degree of complexity of the website.

You won’t have to worry about these calculations if you outsource the selection work. This is possible through companies that are responsible for making offers with already closed values.

Types of Website Developers on the Market

Before you go ahead and hire a website developer, you need to define very well what kind of professional you are looking for.

After all, there are some important differences in the work done in this area that will affect your selection.

Understand below what are the main types of website developers and the types of projects they usually work on.

WordPress developer

WordPress is the most popular content management tool in the world, being responsible for maintaining different types of websites.

It is not just for blogs, as it can also serve as a basis for institutional sites, news sites, digital portfolios, and even virtual stores.

When hiring a website developer specializing in WordPress, you will have someone who knows this platform deeply to serve your project in the best way.

This means adapting its entire structure to your company, including the use of plugins and adaptations in the source code.

Online store developer

If your idea is to build a website that is a store, then it is important to look for a professional who specializes in this type of delivery.

After all, e-commerce has several particularities that require experience and mastery of various tools.

When looking to hire a website developer specializing in virtual stores, it is important to combine technology with profitability.

That is, the professional needs to be able to use the best resources to make their e-commerce fast. A slow online store impacts your sales.

Front end developer

A front-end developer is responsible for the visible structure of a website, which ranges from the design to the behavior of its functions.

This is the professional who builds on design specifications to turn them into reality. He often works with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and related languages.

Backend developer

On the other hand, the back-end developer works with servers, databases, and applications.

A simple way to differentiate is to think that the backend developer is dedicated to everything behind a website.

That is, it is all the code involved in what the user does not see, but which is fundamental for the functioning of everything.

This professional tends to work with programming languages ​​such as PHP, and Java, among others.

Full stack developer

In short, the full-stack developer is capable of performing in the full range of specialties from a front-end and a back-end. This makes this type of professional value in the market.

The great advantage of working with a full-stack developer is that he can see the whole of a project to deliver integrated solutions.

Types of websites that can be produced by a developer

Given your demand to hire website developers, it is also important to understand the different types of website developer deliverables.

That way, you will be able to know exactly what you need and negotiate accordingly with candidates.

Next, learn about the main types of websites produced by a website developer.

Professional website

A professional website can serve companies, freelancers, industries, associations, and several other possibilities.

Here, the objective is to inform about services, facilitate contact with customers and strengthen the brand itself.

When hiring website developers, it is important to have a preference for those who have an effective business vision.

That is, they must be able to build a website that allows you to achieve your professional goals.

Website one page

The one-page site is a simpler alternative to a conventional site, but no less effective.

You may have already visited some of them, where all the content is on a single page and is accessed by scrolling.

This is the opportunity to hire website developers who can create a dynamic one-page website.

This means stimulating visitor engagement by scrolling the page with animated elements and an interesting array of information.

Website in WordPress or Wix

WordPress and Wix are two examples of highly versatile content management systems that adapt to different types of delivery.

When hiring a website developer, you can look for one who has experience with these tools.

However, it is important to inform yourself about their limitations in relation to your goals. Maybe there are better platforms for what you need.

Landing page

A landing page is a single page that aims to direct your visitor to a certain offer.

It needs to be optimized to be able to generate value for your results, so it is essential to have a good developer create it.

In addition, it is worth looking for a professional who understands SEO and other optimization elements.

Thus, your landing page can be properly integrated with the rest of your website and appear in a good position among Google search results.

Virtual store

If you want to create an online store, you can count on a website developer to deliver exactly what you need.

There are several platforms that allow you to host virtual stores and offer all the tools you need to operate.

Some examples include Shopify, Cloudshop, Magento, and Integrated Store, among others.

Tips for hiring a website developer

Finally, you can base yourself on some best practices to ensure a great hire of a website developer.

After all, you probably want to start your project as soon as possible and minimize possible barriers along the way, right?

So, just follow the tips highlighted below to hire a website developer in the best way. Enjoy!

Define your project well before hiring

This point seems basic, but forgetting about it can be very harmful to your project.

So take the time before hiring to establish exactly what you need and how the deliverable will be produced.

Analyze behavioral skills in addition to techniques

Considering the technical skills of a professional before hiring him is something basic that everyone does.

However, you also need to analyze the developer’s fit with your company culture.

Establish a realistic schedule

For your website project to come out on time, it is essential that you create a schedule that considers all your variables.

Working with unrealistic deadlines will harm your development process, in addition to making it difficult to hire a professional.

What did you think of these tips? Deciding to hire a website developer is something that can take a lot of time and dedication, but having the right information at hand is the way to optimize this process.

From this article, you can ensure you are hiring the right person for what you need. As you have seen, it can be very positive for your project to use a platform that understands your demand and delivers the best website developer for your delivery. So, take the opportunity to make a budget with Gemsleek!

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