How Are Reels Different From Tiktok?

Beautiful selections, funny videos, experts and dress-ups, mood and atmosphere – we watch all this in short videos on Instagram and TikTok. It seems that the formats are the same, but in fact, there are important differences – both in the perception and in the creation of this content. Therefore, in the article, we will analyze how Reels and TikTok are similar and different, how to prepare a video, and how to choose whether to upload it to Reels on Instagram or still on TikTok. Now Facebook will give so much extra money for making reels

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short, up to 1 minute, Instagram videos that the platform launched in 2020. Now Instagram is putting a lot of emphasis on promoting Reels: the algorithm promotes such posts and shows them to users who do not follow you through a separate Reels tab and an Explore search tab. We also talked about Reels in more detail in this article. With the help of Reels, now on Instagram you can improve the quality of video content and use it not only in stories but also in the format of individual posts without format distortion and cropping. Big bloggers and content creators are actively using Reels to talk with subscribers about a variety of topics: from the aesthetics of everyday life, makeup, and fashion to sex education and professional growth.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a mobile app and platform for short, quick videos that originated in China. Why not a social network? We’ll talk about this a little further. The history of this platform began in 2014-2016 with the applications and Douyin (Bytedance company), which allowed making short videos to music, and continued to enter the world market in 2017-2018 under the name TikTok (the Chinese version is still called Douyin). It was at this time that the final merger with the app took place. In 2020-2021, TikTok continues to be one of the most popular apps in the world and grow its audience. Now TikTok is distinguished by a special perception and style of content. Often, creators on TikTok don’t have a large following on other platforms, but that doesn’t stop them from gaining exposure and exposure on TikTok.

According to a July 2021 study by neuromarketing company Neuro-Insight, content and ads on TikTok generate 44% more emotional responses and 15% more engagement than on other social networks. This confirms the trend towards sincerity and trust in content creators, which especially distinguishes TikTok from other platforms. TOP 15 Marketing Tips on TikTok

How are Reels and TikTok similar?

Many consider Reels to be a copy of TikTok, and with good reason – they really do have a lot in common. After the launch of TikTok, many platforms are trying to integrate the short, quick video format for their users by introducing this section. Short vertical videos, in addition to Instagram, appeared on VKontakte (VK clips), YouTube (Shorts), and even Yandex.Zen, which was originally designed for long reads. Let’s see what are the main similarities between Reels and TikTok

  1. Format: short fast vertical videos
  2. Editing system: you can shoot a video inside the application or upload your own, overlay music, text, and effects on top
  3. Music library: has its own in-app music database that can be used officially
  4. Significance for the site: both Instagram and TikTok are actively promoting the fast video format
  5. Content consumption: the feed advises more and more new videos, and users can get stuck and spend more time watching than planned
  6. New Creators: The recommendation feed of both apps recommends videos from creators that users might not follow
  7. Collaboration videos: TikTok can record a video reaction using the Duet feature, the original will be shown next to your video, Instagram is testing a similar Remix feature and has already launched collaborative posts in a standard format

Reels Appearance and Explore Tabs

What is the difference between Reels and TikTok?

And of course, there are differences between Reels on Instagram and TikTok. Let’s study them in more detail because these are the points that help determine which of the two sites is best for promoting your brand or blog.

Social or content: As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, TikTok is not exactly a social network in our usual sense, and this is the main difference between Instagram and TikTok. Instagram is a social network that is built on people and their acquaintances and personal connections: for Instagram algorithms, who you are friends with and who you follow is much more important than what you look at. At the same time, TikTok is an application based on your interests: it is more important for it what content you view and share about than the circle of your networking.

Video length: Reels currently allow publishing videos up to 1 minute, TikTok after updates in 2021 can upload videos up to 10 minutes.

Trends: trending sounds and challenges appear first on TikTok due to the greater openness of this platform to experiments, and only then, after some time, are they transferred by creators to Reels on Instagram. Because of this, Reels seems to be a little behind the competitor in trending videos.

Content style: Instagram creators and content makers have been focused on creating high-quality visual content for many years, comparable to glossy magazines, at the same time, very different videos are becoming popular on TikTok: both with high-quality video production and filmed in the background of an ordinary wall in the kitchen. Because of this situation, you should be prepared for the fact that Instagram users are used to a more aesthetic picture on the video and evaluate its quality in the Reels format. Of course, this is a general pattern and there are exceptions, but this feature is worth remembering.

Audience and stereotypes: TikTok and Instagram users also differ. On YouTube and Instagram, followers and creators are increasingly maturing, while TikTok is popping up writers of all ages, with young content creators the most active. The stereotype that only children use TikTok is fading.

Editing Tools: TikTok has video-creating features unlike Instagram yet, such as Stitch, which lets users add other people’s videos to their own, voice-over, which lets you add your own audio to the finished video, and replying to comments with videos that help interact with subscribers.

Titles and text: Under Reels, you can add text up to 2200 characters, just like under a regular photo post, but in TikTok, the description for a video is a maximum of 100 characters. In Reels, you can expand the description and read the entire text, but TikTok shows the description in its entirety, occupying part of the video. How to Open a TikTok Ad Account? Benefits of TikTok Ads

Content Channels: Reels and TikTok have the same swipe-up system for moving to the next video, but the channels within the app where you find quick videos are different. The main TikTok feed is the “Recommendations” (For you) page, there’s also a separate feed for just the creators you follow, plus a separate tab for trends sorted by hashtags. Reels, unlike TikTok, has only one separate feed and it contains content from authors, to whom the user may not even be subscribed. Videos from the creators that the subscriber follows appear in the regular feed among other Instagram posts.

Different (so far) recommender system: in 2021, TikTok’s algorithms are focused on understanding what you are interested in and showing mostly similar content, while Instagram shows followers who are similar to their friends, favorite bloggers, and celebrities. This happens due to the different orientations of the sites: TikTok is more focused on content, and Instagram is more focused on social connections. That’s why TikTok evaluates what type of content you interact with and for how long, as well as account settings (your native language and set location). Thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, it’s much easier for content to go viral and get more exposure than on Reels if viewers respond well to it: watch, save, and share.

Topics and Communities: Unlike Reels, TikTok has many different niche communities that come together based on their interest in specialized topics: geeks, role-playing games, book lovers, aesthetes, online subcultures such as cottagecore, goblincore, and others.

TikTok Video Analytics Tab, Recommendations Feed, and TikTok Explore

How to make a video for Reels

If you decide to prepare videos for Reels on Instagram, remember the importance of high-quality shooting, lighting, and building composition in the frame. Emphasize specific aesthetics, mood, and video processing so that you can compete with other creators in the Reels section and grab the attention of new subscribers. While Reels is just beginning to use trending sounds and music to recap its own take on trends, it can also help diversify and promote your Reels formats. Top 7 Ways to Make Money on Social Media

Therefore, use music from the Instagram library, but fonts and color correction presets can be selected in third-party applications to make the video more atmospheric and stylish.

How to prepare videos for TikTok

When shooting videos for TikTok, choose for yourself the main topic that you will talk about in your account, and try to cover it from different angles. Be open and honest with your audience: it is much more important whether they want to watch your video to the end than whether you have a budget for a cameraman. In order to interest users, you can use intrigue, build videos from unexpected and interesting questions, and shoot your own versions of trends with a different ending. By the way, about trends – don’t be afraid to use them, and also re-shoot videos with popular sounds indicating the original audio track: this way more new viewers will find you.

Also, when preparing content for TikTok, try to create a clearly recognizable image for yourself – this way it will be easier to recognize you again in the recommendations and subscriptions feed so that users gradually remember your style and immediately recognize new videos.

How to decide whether to upload a video to TikTok or Reels?

How do you choose whether to post a video on TikTok or Reels on Instagram? There are several main points that you can rely on.

  1. Your target audience. Determine who your videos are designed for, and who are you trying to attract. After that, try to find out exactly where these people are used to consuming content and watching short videos, which platform do they use for this most often? Perhaps at this stage, you will clearly understand where it is better to post materials, on TikTok or on Reels, but if not, the next step will help you.
  2. You are like a creator. Think about which platform attracts you more, where you spend time, and where you better navigate, on TikTok or on Instagram. The easier it is for you to create content, the more regularly you will do it, which means that the platform algorithms will work for your promotion.

Despite the differences, both TikTok and Reels are now helping to move much more active and find a way to the audience in the format of fast and engaging videos. Perhaps this is a great chance for you or your brand to make itself known – and the only thing left to do is use it properly! How to Promote Your Instagram Profile: 13 Ways That Really Work

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