How To Broadcast On Vkontakte And Telegram In 2022?

Communicating with the audience in a live format is an important part of promoting any brand or blog. For many social networks, the function of live broadcasts has already become basic. However, often when broadcasting, you may encounter unobvious technical difficulties or peculiarities of the behavior of subscribers on a particular site. So that you can foresee all the subtleties in advance, we talk about two non-obvious, at first glance, but convenient platforms for online broadcasts – VKontakte and Telegram. How to Open Blocked or Banned Telegram Channels on iPhone

Why do brands and bloggers need broadcasts?

Online broadcasts and live broadcasts are convenient tools for developing the expert part of your brand or blog, answering questions, or other educational formats. To talk about a new product, hold a webinar, or make a joint broadcast with an invited blogger – online broadcasts will come in handy for all this. Entertainment formats are also good for live audiences: here it is important to study in advance what your subscribers are used to and what live content they may be interested in. Communication in the broadcast helps to build trust in the brand and to communicate live.

Why is it convenient to use VKontakte and Telegram?

YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram are often used for broadcasting – however, these platforms are not the only ones that allow you to set up a live broadcast, and then save the recording for subscribers. VKontakte and Telegram are convenient in this regard – aimed at uniting users, they have a built-in set of tools for broadcasts, notify users about the start of the broadcast, and VKontakte also promotes broadcasts in the Stories tab. 10 Ways To Gain Subscribers On Telegram

Features of VKontakte broadcasts

Live broadcasts on VKontakte are divided into two types: mobile broadcasts and broadcasts from a computer. For mobile broadcasts on VKontakte, you only need the VK application itself, for broadcasting from a computer, and a special program for broadcasting, for example, OBS Studio. Consider both options for conducting online broadcasts on VKontakte.

Mobile broadcast VKontakte

You can host live broadcasts both on your own behalf and on behalf of the community you manage. There are two ways to create a broadcast:

  • Through the news feed,
    open the story camera in the VK news feed and select the live broadcast format below, you can set up the broadcast through the gear button in the upper right corner. If you need to change the author of the broadcast, click on the avatar and select the desired page or group.
  • Through the profile wall,
    find the form for creating new publications, then click on the camera icon and select the live broadcast format. The author of the broadcast is the page from which you entered it.

All the details of the Vkontakte live broadcast can be configured via the gear button: choose who can join the broadcast and comment, save the broadcast only in Stories for 24 hours, or on the wall too. After the start of the broadcast, you cannot change the settings. When the broadcast ends, you can see the statistics. This method of conducting live broadcasts on VKontakte is convenient because you do not need additional programs or equipment, only a smartphone. Top 7 Ways to Make Money on Social Media

Broadcast VKontakte from a computer

Live broadcasts of VKontakte from the web version can be useful for webinars, online lessons, and presentations. To set up such a broadcast, select the “Video” tab, then “Air”. In the window that opens, select “One-time key” if you want to configure the broadcast as detailed as possible and “Permanent key” if you need to conduct many identical broadcasts regularly. Next, in the “One-time key” window, enter the name of the broadcast and select a category, click “Save”. After that, in the window of the live broadcast itself, we need to copy the URL and KEY from the “Create Broadcast”. And after that – go to OBS (you can use different programs for broadcasting, OBS is the most common, so we give it as an example).

In OBS, select “Broadcasts”, then “Custom” and paste the URL and KEY that you copied in VKontakte. Click “Apply” and “OK”. All is ready!

The advantage of broadcasting on VKontakte from a computer is the ability to customize it in detail, for example, upload a cover in 16:9 format, the recommended size is 1920 × 1080 pixels. Thus, your video will look more attractive when saved after broadcasting to the video section. 7 Rich Ways to Make Money From Instagram!

Features of broadcasts in Telegram

Telegram is a messenger with a developed base of channels and chats. Since 2021, broadcasts (video chats) for groups and channels are available in it. Below we will analyze how to set up a broadcast in Telegram and make it convenient for the speaker and participants. By the way, their number in Telegram is unlimited – therefore, it is also convenient to use it as an intra-team replacement for ZOOM.

To broadcast, you only need Telegram itself and the device from which you will broadcast. To get started, select the appropriate button in the channel or group menu. Keep in mind that you need to be an administrator to start a video chat in a channel or group. Before the broadcast begins, you need to choose whether you will participate in the broadcast from your personal account or on behalf of any channel where you are also an administrator. You can also schedule a broadcast for a specific time and announce it to subscribers. Everything! As soon as you click “Start Video Chat”, you are life and each subscriber can join your broadcast.

Inside the broadcast, you have the standard options: turn the microphone on and off, video, screen sharing, view the list of participants, turn their microphones on or off, or view the profiles of participants. Advanced broadcast settings are also available, where you can give a name to the broadcast, enable and configure broadcast recording in vertical or horizontal mode, enable noise reduction for better sound quality, and check input and output devices.

What the broadcast settings window looks like in Telegram

Pay attention to the peculiarities of broadcast recordings in Telegram: it must be turned on separately, and after the video chat is completed, the video file and audio track will be saved in your Favorites. After that, they can be shared in your channel or group.

The broadcasting functionality works the same way as computers and smartphones, which is convenient for situations where speakers have different conditions and equipment capabilities. Also, all participants with microphones and cameras can connect to the video chat of the group, but in order to participate in the stream on the channel, all speakers need to be administrators – subscribers in this case can only be spectators. By the way, you can additionally invite them to the broadcast – create an invitation link in the advanced broadcast settings.

Also, before the broadcast, you need to check the possibility of comments for viewers. If comments are not enabled on the channel, then the speaker will be left without feedback from the participants. Go to the channel settings and create a group using the “Discussion” button. After that, it will be possible to make a separate post with the announcement of the broadcast, under which viewers can leave questions and comments.

Both VKontakte and Telegram are convenient platforms for live broadcasts: they allow you to set up high-quality video sequences and communicate with the audience, recording and saving broadcasts. Choose what is closer to you and your audience, and cool broadcasts for you! 8 Best Ways To Earn Real Money Playing PUBG

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