How to Create and Promote Reels on Instagram: The Complete Guide

“Yes, I’m all TikTok in this!”, “Look, I threw you rails there”, “They launched shorts so cool, the channel is growing” – fast videos now surround us everywhere. The formats of entertaining short videos in various social networks are now actively developing and gaining new fans. In this article, we will talk about what Reels on Instagram are, how to develop Reels, and how to make videos that will collect views and new followers for your Instagram account. How Are Reels Different From Tiktok?

What are Reels on Instagram 

Reels is a 15-60 second vertical entertainment video format that was launched by the platform in 2020. Reels became available in Russia in June 2021. Instagram decided to focus on Reels and is actively promoting the new format: it has placed the Reels section on the central button in the app where a new post was published before, showing them as a separate block in the publication feed, placing them between regular posts.

How recommendations work in Reels 

Reels’ recommendation system is built on the same foundation as other social networks with a similar quick video format: the feed “remembers” what videos you like, what topics you watch most often, save and send to friends. Over time, Instagram recommends more and more related videos on topics that interest you. The platform also tracks the overall popularity of each video in Reels and its entertainment side.

Now Reels is a great way to develop and promote your Instagram account. Marketing with Reels has many benefits. Since if your subscribers respond well to videos, the feed starts showing them to other people who are interested in similar topics. Thus, high-quality bright videos collect a new audience and bring it to your account. The Reels audience continues to grow, so if you want to try Reels on Instagram, now is the time. Now Facebook will give so much extra money for making reels

How to make Reels on Instagram

To create your first Reels, you can use a ready-made video or shoot it directly on Instagram. Let’s explore both options.

  • If we shoot a new Reels video on Instagram
    Choose the option that is convenient for you: either press the center button, and then in the upper right corner – the button for creating a new video, or when creating a new story or post, scroll to the left and select the Reels format.
    Then we hold down the central button and shoot a video of the desired length – all at once or in segments. For convenience, turn on the timer. The next step is to add music and effects. 
  • If the video is already ready and you need to upload it to Reels
    In the same way, as in the method above, go to the creation of Reels and click on the bottom left button to add videos from those already shot. Loading. Now add music and effects.

in the center at the bottom – a button for shooting a video, and on the left – tools for editing, overlaying music, and effects. There are even hints from Instagram!

How to Promote Reels on Instagram

Reel promotion has its own rules and features. In order for your video to collect views, you need to remember a few important points. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Idea The

The key idea of ​​your video is the secret to its success. Decide on the topic, and try to express the idea as clearly and easily as possible. Life hack: ask one of your friends to watch the video, ask what he feels, and what he understands from the video – and compare it with what was originally intended.

The length of the video

Remember the site requirements: 15-30 seconds. Short videos are easier to watch, which helps the algorithms understand that your Reels are interesting and recommend them to other subscribers.

Video quality

Instagram values ​​high-quality video content. It can be achieved through well-exposed light, interesting frame changes, bright colors, and trendy video processing.


The sound range is what creates a certain atmosphere and helps convey your idea. Find new items in the Instagram library, follow trending music and be sure to try it out.


Reels also include videos built on a certainly understandable trend, as Instagram separately evaluates the entertainment of the video. To shoot such an original, combine the scheme of trending videos with your unique look, joke, or presentation – then you will interest subscribers.

What not to do in Reels?

Each platform has its own restrictions and content guidelines. Instagram encourages users to create original videos using the Reels format, so let’s look at which videos in Reels, in accordance with Instagram’s recommendations, it is better not to upload:

  1. Poor quality: blurry, pixelated, smudged.
  2. With a lot of text over the image.
  3. With logos of other applications and platforms (for example, TikTok).
  4. Wrong format: framed, cropped. 

How are Reels different from Stories and TikTok?

It seems that short video formats are very similar. However, there are differences on each site and even within the same social network. If you understand what is the difference between Reels and Stories and TikTok, you can easily shoot suitable videos for each of the options. TOP 15 Marketing Tips on TikTok

Stories on Instagram

Within Instagram itself, each format has its own purpose and place in the app. Stories on Instagram are a personal diary format. They disappear after 24 hours, show life “here and now” and help to capture the moment. When a story burns out, only the author can see it in their personal archive, from where any story can be added to pinned stories or highlights. 

Reels on Instagram

Unlike Stories, Reels has its own place – a separate tab in the profile, where all the user’s videos are available. Reels are also published on Instagram as regular posts in the feed and access to them is always open. That is why it is important that Reels is understandable without a backstory – it may be watched by people who do not know anything about you. 

With TikTok, the Reels format is more similar: these are fast, often dynamic vertical videos that the system of algorithms selects according to the preferences of subscribers. However, there are also important differences that need to be understood before launching video content on Reels and TikTok.

  1. Communities
    TikTok has already formed certain communities on narrow topics – those that allow you to get to “the other side of TikTok.” These are booktok, witchtok, role-playing communities, crop, historical, and educational. Reels do not have this yet – the topics used in the video are more massive, and they do not have narrow, niche topics that are interesting to a small circle of people. The good news is that you can use it to your advantage 🙂
  2. Trends and Topics
    This point is closely related to the previous one – for the most part, Reels authors take sharp topics from TikTok, repeating the videos that have become popular there. In Reels, there are often repetitions of jokes and sketches from TikToka, and reshoots of trends. From other areas, videos on the topics of aesthetics, beauty, fashion, makeup, and atmosphere are mainly distributed on Reels, while TikTok has a lot of educational and professional, expert content. 
  3. Video length
    In 2021, Reels on Instagram only allows you to post videos up to 60 seconds long, while on TikTok, after recent updates, you can upload videos up to 5 minutes. 
  4. Possibilities of processing and editing
    At first glance, the video editing tools on both sites are similar. However, TikTok offers more options for audio editing, effects, and video cutting within the application itself. 
  5. Analytics tools
    In TikTok, when switching to a pro account, each user has wide analytics on posted videos: the number of views, the gender and age of subscribers, the average time spent watching each video, the interests of subscribers, and other indicators that help to improve content. In Reels, even when switching to a business account or an author account, these are still the standard indicators of views, likes, comments, and saves. 

What to film the first Reels about?

If you decide to promote your account through Reels on Instagram or just like to try new things and create video content, try one of these trending formats for Reels. 

“Changing Out”

A quick change of outfits to spectacular popular music – videos that collect a huge number of views. The installation scheme and sounds can be peeped by popular fashion bloggers using this technique. The format is good because it is suitable for almost any blog topic and time period: New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and summer holidays will give you ideas for shooting Reels with dressing up.


Spectacular make-ups also attract a large number of fans in Reels. Here, come off to the fullest: the more unusual, and brighter, the more the video captures. And do not forget about good light – here it is especially important. 


The aesthetics of cottagecore wins the hearts of Instagram users. Slow videos accompanied by enchanting music with a set of views of nature, simple daily life, rural landscapes, and vintage style make you want to watch it again to feel as comfortable and calm as their heroes. Be inspired by the mood of your favorite melancholic and calm tracks and shoot the first Reels. 


Reels Instagram users are also very fond of such transformations. This works with repairs, clothes, makeup, cleaning, and hair. There are many thematic tracks that are used specifically for this format, do not forget to look for suitable music to hook subscribers even more. How to Open a TikTok Ad Account? Benefits of TikTok Ads

Tips or life hacks

Even if we never implement them, life hacks and quick recipes and solutions are what we love to watch. Reel videos are no exception, so think about what you can share with your subscribers.

New social media content formats are a cool opportunity not to be missed. Now, while the Reels audience is growing, Instagram “helps” those users who try to create video content with views: it recommends videos, shows them more often to subscribers and other users in the feed, and adds them to the section. Therefore, take a chance – you still have time to find your idea, which will bring millions of subscribers. How to Start a Business Online: Practical Tips and Creative Examples

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