How to use Google Discover to attract new users to your website?

Reaching more people on the internet has become easier and easier with the advancement of Google tools. The search engine has developed its search feature a lot in order to help and make life even easier for users.

A proof of the countless searches for new experiences is the emergence of Google Discover, a new solution to attract people’s interest with specific and segmented content. As this tool gained prominence, the question arose about how to use it to optimize your pages in order to be recommended.

It is essential to understand how the resource works and how it searches for content in order to apply the right optimization measures. In this way, you will be able to generate more results with your Digital and Content Marketing strategy, in a specific and direct way for your audience.

Learn more about Discover in this article! Let’s check:

What is Google Discover?

Discover is a new feature from Google that separates an area of ​​the homepage to indicate some interesting posts to the user. To arrive at possible personalized recommendations, the search engine uses data it saves from people, web activity, apps, and the search history of each user.

This is a result of studies of artificial intelligence algorithms on people’s data. It’s a mobile solution, so it’s only available on mobile. The goal is to complement a service that Google already does: that of recommending content whenever someone types a specific keyword in the search bar.

Now, the search engine also presents a series of results, even before the user types something, in an anticipated and predictive way. Thus, the publications appear arranged in cards for viewing, with links for the user to access a particular site.


It is up to each one to further customize the channel. For this, you need to block uninteresting topics and click on “follow” to follow some topics, especially.

Subjects saved from the collection will be highlighted the next time the user checks the section. Another issue is that, in some cases, Discover also appears on the main pages of search results.

Launched in 2018, this feature has functioned as a news feed, primarily focused on boosting recent posts and news. In this way, it is a great tool to inform the user, generate value and make them feel entertained, almost like a social network. All this is on the first page, without opening any website.

Currently, Google has prioritized a variety of post formats and types. In this way, it recommends new videos, sports scores, movie releases, and music albums among others.

As with specific and timed posts, Discover also focuses on evergreen content. Thus, it is not possible to say that there is a predominance of only one type. It is critical to pay attention to this when the goal is to optimize for this new channel.

What are the advantages of optimizing for this tool?

Let’s get to know, now, the main advantages of optimizing your content and website to appear in this new Google feature.

More traffic

In parallel with the emergence of Discover, many websites and blogs have noticed a boost in the number of hits to recent posts. When they decided to search (using Google Search Console), they understood that this tool was starting to drive people to these new publications. See the example below:

Then, a new potential was realized: that of increasing organic traffic to the site. Even with the usual reasoning of optimizing content to generate value for certain keywords, companies are able to achieve more hits with Discover, because the user hasn’t even started to search yet and there your company is offering quality content.

Because there is no action and because it represents a prediction by Google, the tool is also synonymous with agility in discovering new articles and quality content. It’s like a shortcut that the user uses to get to new sites and new brands that have something interesting for them.

Less competition

In SEO, when we talk about featured snippets — that section that appears above all the results on the Google results page — we refer to it as “position zero”, precisely because there is not much competition. If a post is featured, the chances that the customer will actually enter the site and advance in the journey are very high.

Well, the Discover section is kind of “position zero” too. After all, there is no competition for a particular topic, as there is on the regular results page.

With this functionality, Google takes the opportunity to recommend a series of different content, with different purposes and contexts. Thus, each publication has a unique and special value — which increases the chances that it will be checked out.

That way, if you work your content to generate value for particular search intent, with the requirements that we will discuss, you can be inserted into this recommendation channel.

If the customer is looking to understand more about this topic but has preferred to open the Discover section to be entertained, he can contact a solution from your company immediately.

Acquisition of new users

Likewise, it is important to emphasize the power of this content referral tool to increase visibility and acquire new users. People who have never had contact with what you offer, don’t know your company, and don’t even search for terms that lead them directly to your pages will be attracted.

Thus, you will not only increase traffic but also optimize to receive access from new customers. This, of course, represents an increase in sales, as the consumer base tends to expand.

Ideally, the company should have a strong link-building strategy, for example, to ensure that the user remains on the site and benefits from informative and valuable content. Thus, it will be possible to ensure that the user who did not know the brand becomes a visitor and, eventually, a buyer.

Less SEO and advertising effort

Another point that deserves attention is that this new news interface eliminates the need for more efforts with SEO and paid media. If you already have a site optimized for results pages, you can naturally continue to maintain these strategies. After all, other aspects will be analyzed by Google to indicate your page on Discover.

It’s like getting access and traffic that doesn’t necessarily come from more SEO costs. Likewise, it should be noted that this traffic is completely organic, so the company is naturally recommended and people access the content naturally as well.

There is nothing forced or incisive. It is a friendly strategy that respects the user’s wishes. This means that your company will begin to see a greater return, coming from what you have already done, without overspending.

How to optimize for Google Discover?

In this topic, we’ll explore some unbeatable tips for optimizing for Google Discover.

Optimize for mobile

Of course, we have to start with mobile optimization. As already mentioned, Discover is a channel for mobile devices, so it is ideal that the websites that appear there are properly adapted for all screens. Otherwise, the user can see this as a disregard for the experience and stop following your brand.

In this sense, it is important to use technologies such as AMP, which boosts loading on mobile devices, in order to generate more agility. Loading should be a concern, but not the only one: visibility of elements, clarity in compositions, and the ability to click buttons and links as well.

Use visual content

Another very effective tip is the adoption of visual content, which is very well evaluated by Google when choosing what makes up Discover. Therefore, use images to illustrate what is being discussed, in order to make the text more attractive and less tiring, and take the opportunity to create more video posts.

The search engine’s recommendation is that the images are of the highest quality possible, as this favors the creation of understandable and adaptable thumbnails for the screens of the devices.

Use evergreen and temporal content

As already highlighted, Google’s new content section switches between what is evergreen and what is not. Therefore, it is interesting that the management of the site works with these two types of publications, always thinking about what is useful and valuable to its target audience.

Observe Google’s News Policies

The technology giant guides websites and blogs to follow the rules described in the content policies, aimed at optimizing news. Thus, the management will understand how to adapt your publication in order to meet the ideals of “met needs”, “page quality”, and “search quality”, among other important variables for Google.

Select the right keywords

While optimization for Discover does not involve additional SEO strategies, it is essential to emphasize the importance of keyword selection. It is estimated that the most sought-after expressions are more likely to appear in the section and to be accessed. However, it is interesting to research what is relevant to your audience and terms related to those you already use.

Google Discover is a current and powerful tool for recommending quality content in a personalized way. With this functionality, companies will have a new chance to appear to the public, in addition to the moments when they are displayed as a search result.

In this sense, it is essential to continue working very well on SEO and to try specific strategies for this channel.

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