September 2022 Core Update: Google Announces A Major Update To Its Algorithms

September 2022 Core Update: Google Announces A Major Update To Its Algorithms. Google is rolling out its second major update of 2022.

2nd major Google Search algorithm update in 2022

This Monday, September 12, Google has just announced on Twitter a major update to its Google Search algorithms for ranking search results. This is the second update of the year 2022, the first of the “Core Update” type took place at the end of May.

In its tweet, Google says it will make changes to its Search Ranking Updates page once its September 2022 Core Update is finalized. Rolling out the update is expected to take about two weeks.

Note: this update comes just after the end of the deployment of Helpful Content Update, the update launched during the month of August which prioritizes “useful content created by and for users”.  Do not panic on the French side, because the latter only applies to English-speaking countries.

How to Prepare for the September 2022 Google Update

Google performs this type of major update only a few times a year but unfortunately provides little detail on its content. Overall, the objective is to improve the relevance of search results for Internet users.

Major updates like September Core Update 2022 can have a strong impact on your website, you can either see an increase in your natural traffic or a noticeable drop…

To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not hesitate to monitor the positioning of your web pages very closely in the coming weeks and carry out analyzes if necessary using appropriate tools.

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