The best time to post on social media

 If you have also asked yourself this question, you are not alone. A lot of companies do not know where to start when we talk about social media. And this is also true when it comes to posting their content.

Because how do you know what suits your target audience? Is there a general time that just works?

In this article, we dive into when it is best to post on social media Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. At the same time, you become wiser about why you should post at certain times. Also, Read – Things to consider when applying for an internship

Does time really matter?

Do you use social media for your business and are you serious about it? Then the time when you post content on social media is crucial. If you choose to post an important and good post on your Facebook page at a time when none of your followers are online, then no one will see it.

The main reasons why you should focus at the right time are:

You get an increased commitment and reach

When you choose to post your posts with good content at the times when your target audience is actually online, it will increase the likelihood of you getting more engagement. Your followers will more likely like, share, and comment on your content if they actually see it. The algorithms on the various media focus on engagement, which ultimately means that the more people who indicate that they like your post, the greater the reach and exposure you can get with the post. This gives you the chance to reach a larger audience. Also, Read – How can I make my Linkedin profile attractive to stand out?

You get ahead of the others

Both Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all other social media have an algorithm that is crucial to what content we are exposed to. This means that we as users of social media are more exposed to content that we already like / follow, or content that is new. If you have control over when the best time of day is for you and your target audience, your postings will surpass other postings that are hours, days, or weeks old. This is because the algorithm focuses on giving users the latest content first, and therefore you can get to the front of the queue if you post at the right time. Also, Read – How To Use LinkedIn To Market Your Business: Why Is It Important?

You get more visitors to the website

It can be difficult to attract new customers and more visitors to your website or Facebook page if you do not show your content to them. Therefore, posting at the right times can be crucial for your customers to see your content. When your customers and visitors see the content, it will pique their interest in your brand and business. In other words, they choose to visit your website if they otherwise find the rest interesting. More visitors to the website can ultimately lead to more paying customers. So also remember to just update your website so that it is presentable and user-friendly. Also, Read – This is how you make a perfect resume for LinkedIn according to Harvard

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Facebook is one of the largest social media where millions are online every single day forever. Therefore, it makes good sense to find out when to post exactly on this medium. While it can be difficult to give an overall time, as it depends on the industry and your target audience, there are several who have come up with a bid on when the best time is.

Sprout Social has made a report and survey of when thousands of users are active and engaged on Facebook. The survey shows that the best time to post on Facebook is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9-11 in the morning. These times show the highest commitment from the users. Also, Friday indicates that there are good chances of engagement in the said time period, whereas the weekend is the worst time to post content. Some companies will probably find that there is engagement over the weekend from their users. Therefore, there is no definitive answer as to when the best time is.

The best time on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social media for companies. If your company sells B2B, then it is on this medium that you must be online. Surveys have shown that the best time to post on LinkedIn is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 p.m. 10-12. These times are therefore very similar to the times of the other media. You need to be aware that this is another target audience on LinkedIn, so if you sell both B2B and B2C, the timing will vary from Facebook. Also, Read – TOP 15 Instagram Marketing Tips

The best time on Instagram

Selling your business to customers on Instagram, there are other days you should pay special attention to. Here, there is the most commitment from the consequences on Tuesday from 11 o’clock in the morning to afternoon at 14 o’clock. If you would like to post at times other than Tuesday, you should look at Monday and Friday which also have good chances of high engagement. However, for a smaller period of time, 11-13 in the afternoon.

In the survey, weekend engagement is relatively low, although it is often at this point that most people have time and profits for social media. Therefore, you should consider whether this is the case for your target audience. Also, Read – List of new emojis that arrived before World Emoji Day 2022

How to find the right time

All of these above times are a great way to start a clear strategy on when to post. Especially if you are completely new to your marketing and do not know how and when to get started. You have no data to use here, and this can therefore be used as a guideline to find out when the ideal time is for you and your customers.

As you slowly begin to see if your postings are having an effect, you can begin to look at when these were posted and whether the content was adequate. The amount of data you get about who your customers are, what they interact with, and when they are online, you can then start using to your advantage. That way, you get a sensible commitment and more visitors. Both Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have several options for gaining insight into various data from your followers, so just get started using them.

You can e.g. look at when the target audience is online, what type of postings they interact with, and which postings reach the greatest reach. You can then subsequently use this information to determine the final time for your postings.

You can simultaneously test several postings against each other, which are roughly similar in content. Choose two different times to post them and see what works best. This method is effective if you want even more insight into the activity of your followers.

Time and content go hand in hand

When you want to post a post on social media, no matter what media it is, you need to be aware of the timing. The time you choose can be crucial to whether your followers and visitors actually interact with your content. And we all know very well that the higher the engagement, the greater the likelihood that you can get more traffic to your website and possibly more paying customers. Therefore, it is also important that you make your own considerations about when to post, by looking at your available data.

But time can only take you a certain distance. If your content is not interesting to your followers, then no one bothers to spend time watching it. Even if it is shown in “prime time” on social channels.

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