The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size

Remember the old adage “Don’t be fooled by appearances”?

Well, it doesn’t apply to social media.

While you’re always helping customers better understand your brand through content and stories, their first impression of your business is always visual. Between logos, web layouts, or your Facebook cover photo, it’s the images that lay the foundation for your online reputation.

That’s why having the right size Facebook cover photo lets you show off your personality, your brand story, and even your purpose as a business.

The good news? By following the guidelines below, it’s easy to optimize your Facebook header with the right sized cover.

Choosing the Right Facebook Cover Photo Size

The Facebook cover photo is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels high on desktop computers. However, on the app, users will see it as 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall. An adequate Facebook cover photo is the first opportunity to convey a good image of the company on social networks.

If it is too large, important parts of your content will be cropped. If it’s too small, your image will look stretched and pixelated. You need an impeccable image, something that fits perfectly. Here are some other tips for choosing the best Facebook cover photo:

  • It must have a minimum size of 400 x 150 pixels.
  • It is not displayed on basic mobile phones.
  • For best results, upload an sRGB JPG file under 100 KB.
  • Images containing a logo or text will likely look better in PNG format.
  • Dimensions on Facebook business pages are exactly the same as on personal pages.

Remember that a large portion of Facebook’s current audience is mobile, so make sure that important content doesn’t get cropped when viewed on a different device.

Remember, your cover photo doesn’t have to be static anymore. You can now use a simple video instead of a static cover photo, which is a great way to share more information about how your business works. Your video should be the same size as the standard desktop cover photo.

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Ideally, you’ll want something around a minute at the most. After all, if your customers focus on your cover photo for too long, they might not have time to visit the rest of your page.

Luckily, Social media management makes it easy to update that perfect photo for your Facebook cover. Just use our free Landscape tool to get the perfect Facebook cover photo size.

Choosing a Fantastic Facebook Cover Photo

Due to strict rules on the dimensions of the Facebook cover photo and profile photos, you are limited in the amount of information you can transmit on your page. While videos help you go the extra mile to tell your company’s story, you’ll still need to choose wisely what you’re going to present.

The following tips will help you choose an image that not only meets Facebook cover photo size guidelines but also your own brand guidelines.

Follow the rules established by Facebook

Although it seems like an obvious step, you’ll be surprised how many people ignore the rules of social media and just do whatever they want. When reviewing Facebook cover photo features, be sure to also review the other brand profile guidelines. Do not forget :

  • Cover photos must be authentic: in other words, they must not be misleading, deceptive, or malicious in any way.
  • Covers are public: you need to choose something that will attract a large audience of potential followers and existing fans.
  • Covers Are Your Own: Brands can’t ask their followers to upload their cover photos to their walls as an advertising technique.

To make the rest of your Facebook presence look as professional as your new cover photo, check out the Facebook Ad Size Guide and the Social Media Image Size Guide for more information!

Keep it clear and simple

Once you’ve learned the rules and are ready to start looking for the perfect image, be sure to choose an ideal design. While it may be tempting to fill teaser content with keywords and information, your visitors are looking for a clear presentation of your business.

Some of the best images use the Facebook cover page to reinforce their brand’s look and identity without distracting from calls to action like buttons below the image or main posts on the page thread.

Here, Evernote uses an illustration featuring simple brand elements that set the tone without totally distracting you from the rest of the page thread. Familiar colors and icons help reinforce brand identity without requiring a simple text element that could distract from actions and content on the page.

Present your brand personality

Images are more powerful than companies generally think. In fact, we process images up to 60,000 times faster than text. With the right Facebook cover photo, you can engage your audience and capture their attention long before people read your social media posts.

With that in mind, it’s important to make sure your cover photo showcases your brand’s business. This not only helps your customers know they’re on the right page but also ensures that you present a more consistent image of your business online.

Slack’s Facebook cover photo indicates the function of its products in an implied way that subtly entices the audience to continue browsing the page. The idea of ​​Slack as a collaboration tool that keeps things running on the right channels is conveyed through a clean photo with pops of branded colors. The image isn’t overly polished or promotional, which perfectly matches the informal tone of the brand.

Present brand highlights and news

A Facebook cover photo acts as a showcase. It shows interested customers what you’re selling and encourages them to drill down to learn more. Your Facebook header is the perfect place to showcase what’s new with your brand and promote the latest events and products. As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, just make sure to pick an image that’s visually appealing first instead of bombarding your audience with information right from the cover space.

Here are some ways to do it:

  • Highlight the latest products and events: Like the example above, where HBO highlights its latest launches with eye-catching artwork.
  • Showcase your team or office: Give your fans insight into the human beings that make the organization work and show off the professional side of your business.
  • Show your products in action: Demonstrate what your customers can get from your offer with a photo that shows a customer or employee using a product.

Attract attention in the right places

There are several schools of thought in the world of social networks, especially when it comes to the size of the Facebook cover photo. Some people think it makes more sense to combine their profile photo and cover photo into one cohesive photo. Other experts prefer to separate their images so that they draw attention to the correct spaces on the page.

Of course, nothing prevents you from doing both simultaneously, as long as the result is beautiful. This Oreo Facebook cover photo uses a nice graphic image placed to the right of the cover photo to draw attention to the “send message” button.

At the same time, the profile photo fits almost seamlessly with the cover photo because it uses the same design elements and colors. The overall experience is an extremely cohesive page that draws attention to the right elements.

When looking for ways to direct the audience’s attention, be sure to avoid using directional cues like arrows. Not only do they generally look too aggressive, but your buttons and calls to action will display differently on mobile devices than on desktops. This means you might end up having an arrow pointing to nowhere on mobile devices.

Key Features of a Successful Facebook Cover Photo

Now you know the golden rules that should help you choose Facebook cover photo size. All you need to do is choose an image that resonates with the target audience and entices them to click the “Follow” or “Send a message” button.

While there’s no ready-made solution to finding the perfect cover photo, some of the most shareable photos will include:

  • Text: Be careful here, short text like a tagline can help describe your brand, but too much text could overwhelm your photo.
  • Emotion: Happy customers and smiling employees can capture the interest of the public and make them want to take an interest in your organization, product, or service.
  • Relevance: The image you choose should match both the nature of your business and the interests of your audience.

Create the perfect cover photo

Choosing the right photo, style, and size for your Facebook cover photo isn’t always easy. After all, this is your first chance to make a good impression on billions of potential customers. Luckily, if you follow the guidelines above, and stick to the rules provided by this gigantic social platform, you should have everything you need to engage and delight your customers.

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