The impact of your email signature on your brand image

Take a few minutes to do your self-diagnosis and find out what impact your email signature has on your brand image, thanks to Lestsignit. Find out which points can be improved on your first communication channel, email, thanks to the Letsignit quiz. What is E-Export Invoice? How to Arrange E-Export Invoice?

We often talk to you about Letsignit, the French leader in email signature management. The solution allows you to centralize all the email signatures of employees to ensure your brand consistency, but also to add targeted marketing banners. In a few clicks, you can indeed integrate banners to relay your commercial offers, your recruitments, your white papers… All employees then effortlessly share the right marketing messages with their contacts.

Every day, an employee can receive 141 emails and send 40. It is therefore an excellent means of communication (free) that is available to companies to address customers and prospects. But this channel is still too often neglected.

A self-diagnosis to take stock of your use of the mail channel

To help you take stock of the mastery of your brand identity & your possible areas for improvement, Letsignit has just published a totally free online self-diagnosis.

This self-diagnosis is obviously interested in your use of the email channel and seeks to know which points are perfect in your current actions. Several questions will therefore cover some key points of the use of email:

  • Number of emails sent and received
  • Information in email signatures
  • Centralization management of signatures
  • Graphic harmonization of email signatures
  • Use of the email signature to communicate
  • Use of different email signatures depending on the recipients
  • Statistics on content shared by email signature

Tips to improve the management of your first showcase: your email signatures

Very well designed, the quiz will only take you a few minutes and includes about ten questions. At the end of the latter, you will then have access to an audit of your actions, and the improvements that you can put in place in the management of the company’s email addresses. How to schedule an email on your iPhone

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