Tiktok Marketing: Complete Guide For Tiktok Marketing Campaigns

Ready to advertise for the holiday season? Don’t forget to include TikTok tools in your marketing strategy in 2021 – the site offers unusual options, and our translation of the TikTok guide will help you create an effective strategy for November and December.

Complete Guide For Tiktok Marketing Campaigns

The social network will definitely be in demand – TikTok continues to lead the rankings of the most popular mobile applications. The number of TikTok users is only growing, and the social network is increasing, so in terms of user attention and relevance, TikTok is a real competitor to Instagram.

And if you want to increase your brand awareness among a young audience and increase demand, TikTok may well be the main platform for promotion. TikTok ads won’t work for every brand, and it takes time to understand the algorithms and figure out how to create the most winning campaign (the most successful TikTok ads look like regular user-generated content). But if you’ve already started planning marketing campaigns for the winter holidays, we recommend experimenting with TikTok to keep up with user trends. TOP 15 Marketing Tips on TikTok

The Best Season for Your TikTok Business

It doesn’t matter if you discover this social network for yourself or if you are already a TikTok star and set trends yourself, thanks to a smart feed about your brand and your product, the right audience will find out about your product.

No need to worry about the number of followers or the number of posts on your page, TikTok’s algorithms will show ads to users with the highest engagement rates and the most likely to convert, that is, your target audience. How to Open a TikTok Ad Account? Benefits of TikTok Ads

Some statistics: 

39% of surveyed users first discovered a new brand through TikTok

77% of surveyed users purchased a product or service they saw on TikTok

47% of surveyed users are going to look for gift ideas on TikTok this year

Holiday for your business

During the holiday season, the audience engagement rate is generally higher, in addition, people actively choose gifts and are ready to make purchases.

And this year, buyers will behave differently!

Now you can shop anywhere, anytime

84% of TikTok users surveyed plan to shop online

Two-thirds of TikTok users surveyed plan to spend more than $200 (≈₽14,300) on gifts, up 9% from last year. 

Users are already thinking about gifts…

And they start planning in June.

57% of users surveyed start looking for gifts between June and October

Gifts are bought months before the holidays

62% of users who are going to spend money on gifts for the winter holidays plan to start buying gifts two months before Christmas. How Are Reels Different From Tiktok?

A major shopping spree to start before Cyber ​​Monday

35% of users plan to buy all the gifts they need before Cyber ​​Monday

It’s time to plan your “holiday” campaigns, and here’s the calendar for this year: 

November 19: The beginning of the pre-holiday shopping season

November 26: Black Friday

November 27th: Small Business Saturday (Traditional discount day in the US is the first Saturday after Thanksgiving)

November 29th: Cyber ​​Monday

December 21: Last day to checkout for shipping before the holidays (USA).

December 26-31: discount week after Christmas

January 1: New Year!

January 1-30: Post-New Year discounts. Every year we promise ourselves to become better, and in the first month after the New Year, we invest a lot in self-development. 

And don’t forget the local holidays!

Of course, the Spirit of Christmas rules the roost, but small local holidays should not be ignored either. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to your brand. 

70% of TikTok users surveyed pay attention to whether brands play with local holidays in content.

Here are just a few of them: 

October 31: Halloween

November 1-2: Day of the Dead (El Día de Muertos)

November 4: Diwali (“Festival of Lights”, the main Indian holiday)

November 30: Generous Tuesday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the US)

December 23: Festivus (secular alternative to Christmas)

December 26 – January 1: Kwanza (African American New Year’s Eve Festival)

Holiday Calendar

We’ll be sharing tips and tools for getting your ad campaigns ready for the holiday season soon, but in the meantime, we’ve put together a rough calendar for you. So you can start planning now:

Discount season. October and November calendar

October 15-28: Content planning, account registration

October 29-November 4: Preparing and publishing content

November 5 – November 11: Launch of advertising campaigns

Getting ready for the winter holidays. Calendar for November and December: 

November 20 – December 3: Content planning, account registration

December 4 – December 10: Preparing and publishing content

December 11 – December 17:

Let’s celebrate the New Year! Calendar for November and December:

November 26 – December 9: Content planning, account registration

December 10 – December 16: Content planning, account design

 December 17 – December 23: Launch of advertising campaigns

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