What are Instagram link stickers? Tips for Using Instagram Link Stickers

Good news for entrepreneurs: Instagram link stickers are now available to anyone using the platform. This feature, which allows you to add hyperlinks as a sticker to your stories, was previously only available to verified users and users with more than 10,000 followers. Previously, people and companies with fewer followers could not use this feature, but now they can.

What are Instagram link stickers?

With a link sticker, you can add a hyperlink to your Instagram stories. This is especially useful for business owners as you can link to external sites, pages, products, or services. But more importantly, you can now communicate easily and directly with your followers. 8 Creative Ways to Start Increasing Sales Online Today

How do you add a link sticker to your Instagram stories?

To add a link to your story, first, upload your content. In the menu at the top, go to the sticker tool, tap the sticker ‘Link’, and add the URL. The link sticker is just like any other sticker in a story, so you can place it anywhere you want and change the color. At the moment, link stickers can only be used in stories, not in your feed. 10 Best Tips for a Job Interview

Tips for Using Instagram Link Stickers

This new feature means entrepreneurs can do more with their stories, from improving follower engagement to increasing sales. Here are some quick tips for using the new Instagram link stickers for your business.

1. Link to products on your website.  Add a direct link to the product you’re highlighting in your story. This is useful if you highlight product features in a story that makes customers want to buy the product or want more information. Because they now go directly from your story to the product page, you don’t have to worry about them getting distracted or losing interest.

2. Promote your site, blog, or About page. Whether you’re using stories to introduce you to your viewers or give your followers a behind-the-scenes look, link to places where customers can learn more about you and your views. You can also link to media you want to share with your followers. Perhaps you were recently in the local paper or won an award.

3. Link to a contest registration page.  To increase the engagement of your followers, you can organize a contest or have a giveaway that you link to. This way you get more visitors to your site and more participants. Your followers will find it very useful that they can easily register via the link sticker.

4. Add links to the highlights of your stories.  Create permanent story highlights for “featured” or “the most popular” products and add link stickers. Tap the round heart ‘Highlight’ at the bottom of your story once you’ve posted it and save it to a high point of your choice. Customers can then shop directly from your featured stories when it suits them. 7 tips to increase your income tax refund

Tip from GemSleek

If you’re going to link to more and more pages from Instagram, make sure your site is optimized for mobile. People mainly use Instagram on their phones or tablet, so make sure their experience is as seamless as possible. 3 things you can do to improve your CV

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