What are the benefits of product reviews?

Do you usually ask the customer what he thought of the purchase in your store? One of the ways to improve e-commerce is knowing the consumer’s opinion about your product or service. Therefore, the customer review — the analysis he leaves on the site after the purchase — is important not only for potential customers but also for the merchant himself. 6 Best Lead Generation Hacks and Tools

Understand now why product review is so important, in addition to knowing how to apply it in your store!

What are the benefits of product reviews?

See what benefits you get from this spontaneous analysis.


You will hardly find someone who will make a purchase in an online store without seeking the opinion of other consumers. This is because, in the midst of so many fake websites and virtual scammers, having the support of other people (even if unknown) shows the potential buyer that your e-commerce is reliable. 5 key points to start your business from scratch

Changes in e-commerce

Not all reviews will be positive, of course. It can be negative or neutral. However, this does not necessarily mean something bad for e-commerce, but an opportunity to make changes to your website that are in line with what your customer expects from the store, in addition to improving the customer experience.

Another interesting factor is that, often, the customer praises the store, but does not like the product. With this, you discover your consumer’s needs, identifying what he really wants to buy. Depending on the item for sale, it is worth stopping stocking it and replacing it with others. Best Accident Insurance 2022 – Reviews and comparisons of car insurance companies

Customer’s wish

Even the most satisfied customers can have suggestions for your e-commerce. It is common, for example, to see reviews with: “It was just missing…, but that didn’t spoil the experience”. Therefore, always pay attention to this type of placement: the customer, who is already satisfied, will be even more satisfied.

Product or service improvement

E-commerce encompasses many sectors, such as inventory, logistics, product variety, marketing, and communication. For a shopkeeper, it can be difficult to deal with so much, so one detail or another may go unnoticed. With the reviews, it becomes clearer what needs to be done. E-Marketplace Platforms Industry Review Report

How to enter product reviews

There are three main ways to allow your customers to make purchase reviews on your e-commerce. Look:


You can have a space in your e-commerce with comments from customers who purchased the product. This is something very common on perfumery, cosmetics, furniture, and home appliances websites. In many cases, the store itself sends an email to the buyer asking him to leave a comment. How to use Google My Business to promote your business: 6 important questions answered

Some companies work with platforms that are responsible for certifying that the comments are true. Thus, the page visitor can be sure that those reviews were made by real consumers. At the same time, the merchant will not be a victim of spam either.


This form of evaluation can be done concurrently with the review on the product page. In this case, you send a kind of form by email in which the customer responds, on a scale of 1 to 5 (or 1 to 10), what they thought of the purchase, the product itself, and the delivery.

By shopping experience

Here, the consumer can write about their shopping experience, from choosing the product to the arrival of the item at home. In the same way, this can be done with the other types of review, which provide a more complete return for the company. The best insurance in 2022

Product Review Update

In December 2021, just before Christmas, Google announced an update: the Product Review Update. Aimed at user reviews spontaneously on product websites after making a purchase, it took place for three weeks from December 1st. PRU happened only for English users and sites. What is Brand Value? Why is it Important? How to Increase?

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