What are Yandex Advertising Models?

To increase the income you get from your e-commerce site, you should catch popularity. To achieve this popularity, it is not enough to sell quality or affordable products; because commerce and advertising are concepts that cannot be considered separately. Moreover, digital advertising types are much more than traditional methods. Measurable ads from more powerful channels will get you significantly closer to the popularity you want to achieve. In this process, you can use Yandex ad creation services. Although Google is a very powerful figure, Yandex has too many potential customers to be underestimated.

What are Yandex Ads? How is the Working Logic?

Yandex ads is a service that allows advertising through Yandex’s services. Yandex, one of the most popular search engines after Google, aims to provide a quality service as much as its rival with its advertising service. This search engine, which has a wide advertising network, is especially important for e-commerce sites. Yandex has a system that brings with it many advantages.

Yandex brings together ad publishers and advertisers. Thus, while advertising companies attract traffic and customers to their sites, their business partners who are advertising publishers also earn income. With Yandex ads, you can rank your website higher on the search engine results page (SERP). The ad network, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to advertise on services and partner websites. Yandex ads, which are displayed on platforms such as websites, mobile applications, and smart television applications, are also displayed on sites within the scope of external business partners such as Smaato.

What are Yandex Advertising Models?

Yandex has brought a different perspective to digital advertising with its advertising models. In particular, the advertisement models integrated into the navigation application make significant contributions to the companies. Along the way, ads are shown to users on the map on the screen. Thus, you can invite users who are not on the move to your e-commerce site, and those who are on the go to your physical store. Therefore, Yandex navigation is a very productive area for advertising. There are different advertisement models that you can publish in the popular navigation application, which the company calls “Navi” for short.

Branded Pop-Up Pins Ads

Branded Pop-Up Pins ads provide the user with recommendations for places on the route and nearby. Your ad appears on the screen of users passing by your store. If the user’s route passes within 1-2 km of your store on average, a branded pin will automatically appear on your location.

The branded pen is a piece with an advertisement. If the user clicks on this pin, they will see an ad text and a “Go” option. Clicking the Go button will recreate the route. Branded Pop-Up Pins ads; consist of text, logo, or banner.

Cursor Model Ads

One of the Yandex map ads is the Cursor Model. This is an extremely interesting advertising model. It is an advertisement given over the gamification feature of Navi. In this advertising model, the standard Navi reading that guides the user is replaced with the advertiser’s logo. The three-dimensional logo of the advertiser with the Cursor model becomes Navi’s direction arrow. Thus, the user follows the logo of the relevant brand along the way.

Custom Category Ads

In almost every navigation application; There are categories such as restaurants, markets, gas stations, hospitals, and hotels. Since users frequently go to these locations, such shortcuts are included in the application. Custom Category ads are related to this category section. When you advertise with this model, users who log into the application will see your brand’s logo along with the standard options in the category section.

Users who click on your logo among the categories see all the locations of your brand. Locations appear on the map as pins with logos. Users who click on pins with the logo will also see your ad, which consists of text and logo. They can easily come to your store by creating a route.

Digital Billboard Ads

Billboards are popular with traditional advertising models. Thanks to Yandex ads, you can also advertise billboards digitally. By using the Digital Billboard advertising model, you can show advertisements in any location you want. You can choose the point where the ad will be displayed independently of your original location. So you can place a digital billboard wherever you think it can be effective.

Users will see your Digital Billboard if they are within 50-500 meters of the point you marked. Users who click on the ad are presented with “Search” and “Save” options. Thanks to these options, the user can instantly call you or save your promotions.

Zero Speed ​​Banner Ads

Zero Speed ​​Banner ads are shown to standing users, not moving. In particular, users traveling by car sometimes have to stop for their private business, sometimes because of traffic jams. As soon as the vehicle’s speed is “Zero Speed”, that is, zero kilometers, this advertisement automatically appears at the bottom of the Navi.

Users can access the details by swiping up the ad that appears. Campaign message, “Search” and “Show on Map” buttons create the content of the ad banner scrolled up. Users who see the ad can instantly call the advertiser or re-route to the relevant location.

Ads On Route Ads

One of the useful Yandex ads is the Ads On Route model. In this model, ads are shown according to the route that the user sets. If one of the businesses that are 5 minutes away from the created route has advertised, the user will see the logo of the relevant business on the map. Along with the logo, the “Stop” option appears. This advertising model; can be said that it is useful for markets, gas stations, and restaurants.

Who Can Use Yandex Advertising Models?

Yandex advertising models are useful for almost any business, whether traditional or eCommerce. Businesses with a digital advertising strategy can also use Yandex as a marketing tool. E-commerce companies; You can choose the Yandex advertising package for digital search engine results, partner websites, mobile applications, and similar platforms. E-commerce businesses with physical stores and traditional trade businesses targeting the local market can benefit from map ads on Navi.

How to Advertise Yandex.

It is possible to complete the Yandex advertising process in a few steps. But first, of course, you need to create an account. You must create a Yandex Direct account, not a standard one. After you complete the necessary steps, your campaigns will be displayed on networks and platforms, including business partners who want to receive Yandex advertisements, in line with the model you have chosen. Here are the steps you need to follow in summary:

  • Create a Yandex Direct account.
  • Start the process with the “Start ad” button.
  • Complete the stages such as keyword selection, ad copy creation, and image determination.
  • Set a cost per click.
  • Make a budget plan.
  • Invoice your order.
  • Check the ad and if everything is ok send it for approval.

It is very important to do ad analysis before creating a campaign. You can plan both your strategy and your budget in line with these analyzes. You should consider Yandex advertising prices in budget planning. For example, Yandex has determined the lowest weekly budget for 2022 as 17 TL. You should check for updates often, as this pricing may change over time.

What is Yandex Direct Advertising Tool?

Yandex Direct advertising tool is a platform that allows to publishing of media and content ads from a commonplace. Although it has different features, it can be said that it is a Google Ads-like tool. With Direct, digital marketing processes can be managed and a sales funnel can be created. There are different options for each of the small, medium, and large enterprises. Automatic advertisements can be created with the Campaign Wizard. In addition, the performance of the campaigns can be monitored through this tool. In order to get feedback from advertisements, you should make performance measurements without neglecting them and get reports regularly.

What are the Advantages of Yandex Advertising Models?

The right ads are always advantageous. Yandex advertising models also have certain advantages within themselves. In digital marketing, one should not stay within small limits and one of the most effective alternatives to Google is Yandex. In this direction, you can use Yandex ads to expand your advertising channels. Some of the benefits you can enjoy are:

  • Reaching millions of users
  • Ability to customize ads in line with statistics
  • Cost savings thanks to the budget estimator
  • Ability to create professional ads with different tools
  • Easy to use simple interface
  • Autotargeting and remarketing options
  • Ability to collect data with Metrica
  • Ability to monitor statistics and generate reports

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