What Does a Customer Success Specialist Do, Job Description and Skills Needed

The customer success specialist is the professional responsible for putting into practice all the activities in the sector that takes care of the consumer’s journey after a purchase.

Customer success is a set of best practices that help consumers achieve their goals in relation to the contracted solution.

Such was the importance of this work that an after-sales sector was created to help consumers and improve business results.

But, after all, what is and what does the customer success specialist do?

What are the duties and skills required to fill this position?

We have organized a guide on the subject and we hope to help you understand how this area works within the company.

What is a Customer Success Specialist?

The customer success specialist is the professional who acts after a sale is made and has the objective of helping the buyer to obtain the best results with the solution, product, or service contracted.

Customer success happens when they are able to use your company’s solution to meet the needs they had before making the purchase. Sales funnel vs. Marketing Funnel: What’s the Difference?

Every customer who makes a deal has some goal in mind, be it solving a problem, fulfilling a desire, or solving a need.

When this does not happen, that is, when what was contracted does not meet the customer’s expectations, consumer dissatisfaction occurs.

This dissatisfaction generates reputational problems for the brand and, of course, increases evasion rates, decreasing the company’s ability to retain customers and grow in a scalable way.

The figure of the customer success specialist appears precisely in this scenario, seeking to prevent this type of problem from happening.

The professional must be able to understand the client’s demand and help him to use what was hired so that this need is met.

Therefore, it is essential that he understands all the possibilities that the company’s solution offers, what are its resources, opportunities for use, and more.

In short, a customer success specialist must also be an expert on the solution that the company sells, as well as have the necessary skills to align this with the customer’s reality. Lead Prospecting: What is it and How to Do It

What Does a Customer Success Specialist Do?

The customer success specialist is responsible for accompanying consumers through the expansion stages of the commercial funnel, such as onboarding and ongoing, that occur after the sale.

Onboarding aims to prepare the customer to start using the acquired solution. For this, training can be carried out or the integration of the contracted solution with the resources that the customer already has.

For example, if the customer has purchased marketing software, during the onboarding he should be introduced to all the features and learn how to use the features. In addition, it is recommended to integrate this tool with other systems, such as lead generation software, landing pages, and the sales CRM. 4 Ways to Increase Customer Retention

In the cs-ongoing funnel, it starts right after the onboarding is finished and aims to ensure and contribute to the consumer’s success during the time they interact with the company.

At this stage, it is also necessary to monitor the customer’s maturity and evolution, help them achieve their goals, and even propose a solution upgrade.

By efficiently fulfilling these steps, the customer success specialist is able to directly contribute to the achievement of goals such as:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Retention and loyalty
  • Implementation of up-sell, cross-sell and upgrade strategies
  • Revenue increase
  • Increasing return on investment (ROI)

Atividades do customer success manager: job description

Understanding what it is and what makes a customer success specialist, we proceeded to organize a list that can be used as the job description of the position. Check below what are the duties of the customer success manager:

  • Receive the client in the company after hiring
  • Organize the step-by-step implementation of the solution
  • Provide training on features and how to use them
  • Follow the implementation steps
  • Support onboarding
  • Carry out continuous follow-ups with clients to understand how the work and results are progressing
  • Offers support in creating strategies for better use of solutions
  • Analyze customer performance and propose improvements
  • Act as a bridge between customers and the organization
  • Apply satisfaction surveys and collect feedback
  • Find opportunities for upselling and cross-sell and drive customer adoption

What are the essential customer success skills?

Finding a professional who is capable of carrying out all customer success activities requires you to pay attention to some essential characteristics. They will inform you if the candidate for the vacancy has or does not have the ideal profile to fill it. B2B Sales for Startups: A Simple Guide to Getting Started Selling

Among the skills needed for a customer success specialist are:

  • Proactivity,
  • Initiative,
  • Curiosity,
  • Data-driven strategic vision,
  • Organization,
  • Good communication,
  • Patience.

Remember that this professional also needs to fully master the features that the solution offers. This is critical so that you can align this with the client’s goals and contribute to the creation of a strategy that delivers excellent results.

Remember, however, that training such as role-play, which works as a simulation of the interactions that will occur between specialists and clients, is indispensable. They guarantee that the company’s professionals have everything that is essential to carry out their activities with a high standard of quality.

Optimization of post-sales steps

After-sales is extremely strategic for companies, being the stage that allows business expansion, and scalable and sustainable growth.

To make management easier, download the free Ready After Sales Funnel template that will help you organize the customer retention and loyalty process. The tool also helps to increase revenue by identifying new opportunities within its base.

Also, remember to adopt technology that will help you meet the needs of today’s dynamic project management.

As with all areas of the company, always remember to measure the results of your after-sales management. To help you, we’ve put together a “ Definitive Guide to NPS 2.0 ” so you can apply the NPS 2.0 strategy, increase customer satisfaction and sell more. Download it for free and start optimizing your results based on meeting the demands of your customers.

The PipeRun sales CRM allows you to track each prospect at every step of the sales process and deliver a quality experience before and after the sale.

Within the Piperun CRM, we have developed a complete offer with several solutions for entrepreneurs who want to set up their Vending Machines. What is customer retention? How to build a customer retention strategy?

The platform is ready for you to set up and organize all the funnels needed to set up an efficient process and accelerate your results, such as:

  • Marketing funnel
  • Pre-sales funnel
  • Sales funnel
  • funnel cs-onboarding
  • funnel cs-ongoing
  • Contract funnel

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