What is a Content Marketing Agency?

Content marketing basically refers to the editing of various content materials such as text, photos /graphics, or videos within the scope of a certain strategy and uniquely in order to improve or improve the online presence of a company, brand, or individual. A content marketing agency, on the other hand, is an institution or agency that professionally carries out and manages the content marketing strategy from A to Z, by handling this entire creation and project process from the very beginning. A content marketing agency also undertakes the marketing part of the business by producing all these materials and more on behalf of brands/companies, targeting the right channel and audience. In other words, the content marketing agency not only produces original content on the basis of brand identity but also creates a game plan for this content to reach potential customers with a spot-on strategy. Why create your own digital marketing agency?

What Types of Content Does a Digital Content Marketing Agency Produce? 

A digital content marketing agency for online channels, various website contents such as blogs, infographics, category and product pages, galleries, templates, videos, lists, forum and comment contents, e-bulletins, social media focused content, podcasts, news, and news according to the requirements of the industry. produces creative and original content such as interviews. 

There are undoubtedly certain criteria that should be considered in content production, whether it is content produced in digital or traditional media. In order for the resulting content to be original, high quality, and marketable, care should be taken that it is linked to at least one of the four basic categories. What is an Agency Representative?

An original and quality content, for the other party consuming that content:

  1. It should be informative and, if necessary, instructive on the subject; (Authority) 
  2. The language should be fluent and interesting/attractive on the subject; (Attraction)
  3. It should be open to empathy by touching the lives of the individual; (Affinity)
  4. And it should motivate the person consuming the content. (Action)

Of course, an ingredient category should not be expected to contain all the ingredients at the same time. Not every content necessarily needs to be instructive or motivating; On the other hand, it is natural for certain content produced for digital content marketing to be in a transitive structure between these four categories. Content editors and professionals working in a content marketing agency perform content production and control by considering these main items. It will also be more efficient to correctly position the original content, which is produced within the framework of certain rules and does not compromise on quality, within the framework of the marketing strategy. What is Local SEO? Why local SEO is important?

How Does a Content Production Agency Work?

A content production agency or digital content marketing agency should be an institution that knows digital media very well and closely follows every current step in this highly dynamic industry. In the 21st century, the digital world is spinning faster than our planet Earth, and many technological and social developments go beyond the usual speeds. It is very difficult for every brand or company to keep up with this incredible speed of the digital world, as well as their own business, with their own internal dynamics; It is also a process that takes time and effort. Most of the time, even hiring personnel to work on the subject may not be enough. Because digital content production must be handled with the marketing and advertising side and should be built as a part of the digital marketing strategy. This entire flow requires multiple areas of expertise and staff; In short, content production and digital content marketing is a team effort. This team also needs to be a set of wheels that are compatible with each other with all their gears. Digital marketing agencies build their work teams with this awareness and take actions to increase the professionalism of the individuals in the team in different areas through internal training and rotations when necessary. How to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign?

A content marketing agency established in this structure should first seriously project each of its customers and deal with them in a multi-layered manner. The sector of the customer or the brand should be well examined in terms of both the dynamics of the sector and the competitors, and the pros and cons should be determined from the very beginning. This step should be considered even before creating seemingly simple content such as an informative blog post or a fun Youtube video. Because, as we have stated and repeated from the very beginning of our article, digital content production should also be considered as part of a strategy. The marketing of the content produced without the strategy, that is, the way to go, remains incomplete, and the benefit it will provide to the customer or the brand is also questioned. As the first step of all processes, first of all, the customer should be analyzed well, The expectation from the content marketing strategy should be clarified. If more action is required than content marketing steps to fulfill the customer’s expectation, these situations can also be identified and addressed at this stage. In line with their requirements, companies can be directed by content marketing agencies. The fact that the customer is also open to this guidance supports the good functioning of the processes. 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

After getting to know the customer and sectoral analysis in the first step, a roadmap is drawn for the identified deficiencies. When this roadmap, which forms the heart of the content plan, is combined with a timeline, the backbone of content production and marketing strategy emerges. It is also strategically important to share certain stages with the relevant units of the customer from time to time. Knowing what to set up in the action plan and for what time supports the client to keep their feet on the ground in terms of expectations and make reasonable decisions. Focus points such as SEO, SEM, Google Ads, and social media are included in the production process by using the necessary digital tools for content production with a well-structured strategy.  

The next step of properly designed content marketing is to monitor and report the digital presence of the content produced and marketed by the experts of the content agency. While these feedbacks are ultimately essential for tracking project progress, they are also important for determining the next step of the content marketing strategy. Because these reports are based on pure data from proven metrics in the digital industry (eg Google Analytics and Search Console), they also offer transparent insights. In summary, when a content marketing agency uses the right digital tools, its results are and should reflect reality. 

  • As a result, the content marketing agency,
  • Customer and industry analysis -> roadmap -> content production -> reporting outputs
  • Draws dynamic action plans by following the steps.

Why is it Important to Work with a Digital Content Marketing Agency?

The fact that the best quality work or content produced today cannot be marketed with the right strategy creates a negative effect in many respects. First of all, if the content given the effort and time does not find the target audience and stays out of sight, it is quickly wasted. The man/overtime expense allocated to this content is written in the loss section. As the loss rate increases, companies move away from processes because they cannot benefit from digital content marketing, and they do not show the necessary importance to their digital assets on the internet. All these negative chain effects also negatively affect brand awareness in terms of the sector. 

On the other hand, working with a content marketing agency that employs experts in its staff keeps companies away from all these possible risks. Content marketing agencies, which are an inseparable part of the digital service industry, improve the online presence of companies with the right strategies and bring them to the level they should be in terms of their industry. They support and develop brand awareness. Moreover, they construct a content marketing strategy from a different perspective by looking at the company or brand with an opposite eye. In this way, the deficiencies that the companies cannot see or focus on under their own structure become clearer. Proactive actions are taken faster in improving the online presence. 

In conclusion, working with a digital content marketing agency is one of the most vital decisions in terms of online marketing at the end of the day. With all the dynamics it handles, a content marketing agency is an indispensable component of online marketing. 

In summary, the 5 Main Benefits of Working with a Digital Content Marketing Agency can be listed as follows: 

  • Get fast expert support
  • Lower costs
  • Increasing brand awareness in the medium and long term 
  • Offering fresh and new perspectives. 
  • Save time

How to Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency?

In 1996, when the internet was not even in our daily lives, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates’ “Content is King!” His expression, “Content is King” in Turkish, was undoubtedly an indication of his visionary outlook. Today, with “original content” taking over the kingdom, Mari Smith, a Facebook marketing expert, is proving herself more and more every day: “Content is KING, but engagement is QUEEN and the lady rules the house!” To put it in Turkish, “Content is king, but interaction is the queen and the lady runs the house!” In summary, reaching the target audiences with the right content, that is, the right interaction with the marketing channel has become an inseparable part of strategic content management. Taking your company from where it is.

As a content marketing agency serving under the content agency digital marketing unit, we first listen to and understand our customers. We identify your deficiencies in content marketing together and guide you within the framework of the most efficient strategies in line with your expectations. By analyzing industry variables and competitors in content production and planning, we combine our extensive experience from management consultancy with the dynamics of the digital world. We inform our customers about the workflow with routine meetings and keep the project processes alive with active feedback. Because for content agency content marketing agencies, the digital world is a universe that is reborn every day and its development never ends. We are ready to move your company up with all our know-how in this universe! Let’s carry your company and brand to the future together!

How Much Do Content Marketing Agency Fees?

Although content marketing agency fees vary from place to place according to the projects handled, it can be expressed as a digital service item that is given in return for certain pricing within the framework of the monthly consultancy strategy. Content marketing agency fees may vary depending on the number of personnel/overtime working on the project, the scope of the project, and the number of websites to be addressed. The scope can be changed by selecting all or a certain part of the services designed by a content agency or digital content marketing agency. At the same time, whether a content marketing service will be provided only in Turkish or in Turkish-English language pairs can directly affect the prices of the content marketing agency. content agency, as a content marketing agency, also provides foreign or domestic focused services in English. 

As a content agency, it is our top priority to add value to our customers and improve their perspectives on all our services. Contact us now to reach original content that will add value to you and marketing solutions with the right action plans. Develop your company’s vision with the content agency, the best content marketing agency, and get ahead of your competitors with your presence in the digital world!

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