What is a Social Media Manager and What Does It Do?

Social networks represent many opportunities for brands. However, it is very difficult for a business to manage social media, develop a social media strategy and even produce content because it takes time, effort, and experience.

If your company has several social networking applications, its management requires even more attention. Whether you’re in an agency or with an advertiser, this article will teach you how a social media manager can save you valuable time and make your life easier. In this article, we talk about what a social media manager does. 9 steps to make and design your own personalized jewelry

What is Social Media Manager?

By definition, a social media manager is the employee responsible for invigorating and improving a company’s social networks on a daily basis. The social media manager’s actions are determined by a social media strategy defined after a social media audit.

The best person to analyze and measure the results of various social networks, the social media manager also plays an important role in monitoring and adjusting your social media strategy.

When managing our clients’ social media, your social media manager will help you answer the following questions:

  • How can I revive my own business and social networks?
  • Which social network should I choose for my business?
  • How to feed several networks at once?
  • When should my business post what content on social media?
  • How should my company’s presence on social networks be?
  • What kind of personality should I have on social media?

Social media management involves an ongoing investment of time over the long term. In general, growing SMEs may prefer to invest their time primarily in managing their operations. Taking the time to manage multiple social networks at once can be difficult because it takes a lot of time and effort, and you may not be able to keep up with social media because you already have tasks.

Your social media manager eliminates this problem by offering you full support for your social media presence. It becomes your single point of contact in the implementation of your strategy to simplify your relationship with social networks. The social media manager is your daily partner. It supports your company in the management and monitoring of your social networks.

A social media manager constantly monitors developments in social media and the actions of your competitors. Its proactivity is an important asset that ensures your company always produces strategically relevant content that aligns with the current needs of your target audience. In the long run, a committed and loyal community is a competitive advantage that adds significant value to your business. Social media management, supported by advertisements on your social media, enables you to develop new, sustainable and profitable customer acquisition channels for your business. Why is Social Media Important for a Small Business?

A Social Media Manager (SMM) is the specialist who plans and coordinates the execution of a company’s social media strategies such as sites, blogs, social media, ad management platforms, and much more.

For this reason, the main duties that a social media manager must fulfill include:

  • Conducting market and audience research to understand the needs, challenges, and interests of the business’s customers and how the company can help them.
  • Managing everything related to digital marketing actions such as content production, SEO techniques, and development of advertising campaigns;
  • Managing marketing investments, especially advertising expenses;
  • Planning the presence of the brand in social networks, which should be selected according to the goals of the customer and the channels in which the target audience is located,
  • To monitor the results of the main indicators and KPIs that should be selected according to the expectations and goals of the project,
  • Preparing the planning of the tasks to be carried out by the community manager (CM), implementing the strategies, and controlling the return from them…

Unfortunately, many people confuse the roles of a social media manager and community manager. It is very important to emphasize that these two professions are different even though they work together.

What is Social Media Management?

A social media manager may work under the communications department, the marketing department, or the line manager.

He is an expert on the internet and especially social media, and social networks. For this reason, it should know the target audience and their expectations exactly. For this, it carries out professional market research and surveys. As a result of these studies, evaluates the e-reputation of the brand and develop and implement a communication plan for social networks. Why create your own digital marketing agency?

The social media manager is also responsible for monitoring the competition and web trends. It defines the overall editorial strategy of the brand on the internet, stimulates social networks, and ensures brand awareness. The social media manager should track the results of actions taken using analytics tools. In addition, this specialist is responsible for recommending new tools to achieve set goals or monitoring other new indicators that are better suited to a goal. Finally, he is responsible for managing and monitoring the budget. What is Network Development Manager?

The skills of a social media manager should be as follows;

  • The social media manager must have an excellent command of the internet.
  • It should be creative and surprise internet users and grab their attention.
  • He should know how to use different tools and how to adapt to new developments.
  • Should have socio-cultural skills.
  • Must have excellent communication skills.
  • It should have the capacity for analysis and creativity to improve your company’s image.
  • Must be in contact with management and community manager.
  • There should be a leader who should be sensitive to all situations, positive or negative.
  • If working internationally, he must have a high level of English.

The social media manager manages the company’s e-reputation through social networks, not to be confused with the community manager. While the two are complementary, the social media manager is the decision maker in digital communication strategy. 

As a communicator, the social media manager can also create content while searching for communication agencies. For example, the most famous phone line in France, Orange, says, “The agency we work with can support us in writing content when we are not well-versed in the subject. Otherwise, we write the content”. What is Facebook Ads Manager? How to Use Meta Business

In order to measure the company’s digital audience and evaluate its reputation, the social media manager also monitors and prepares reports on internet users’ engagement. Amandine Dalmasso (Orange’s social media manager); “We look at tweets, the number of likes, who shared, who clicked on our links. These are the KPIs [Key Performance Indicators]. Then we use tools like Google Analytics to evaluate our results.” he said. 

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

The main function of the social media manager is to provide the image of the brand he represents on the internet in general and especially on social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.). 

As a matter of fact, with the internet, consumers have found an area of ​​expression where they can express their messages, opinion, and appreciation about a service, a product, a brand, or a company. Businesses facing this change urge professionals to value positive risks and try to reduce negative risks. 

The hierarchical top of the social media manager is the communications director or, depending on the company’s organization, the marketing director.

Social media managers will discover online what is being said about the company and its brand(s). It scans forums, blogs, and of course social networks.

In this context, it determines a marketing communication strategy. Then we can talk about influencer marketing. This strategy can build influencer partnerships with a significant audience. It can also create an editorial line that will determine the content to be written and distributed across various distribution channels.

It establishes evaluation criteria to measure the impact of these interventions. It will be possible to analyze the positive and negative contributions that will require the identification and implementation of corrective actions.

This professional is aware of all the technological developments that allow better control of the brand’s e-reputation.

For a social media manager to be supported in his role, he must lead a team of predominantly web editors and, above all, community managers. 

The social media manager performs the following tasks:

Content Creation

Like creating content as part of an SEO strategy, creating content for social media is at the heart of your business. The interest and engagement your social media pages generate mainly depend on the quality of the content your company promotes. The social media manager has the expertise to create and manage content tailored to each platform.


Contests are promotional operations created by your social media manager to engage and expand your community. Depending on your goals, it is possible to hold various types of competitions. Offering special advantages to your target audience is just one of the most effective loyalty methods. 

Community Management 

Your community manager is responsible for scheduling and publishing all content on your Page. It is also fully accessible to your target audience to respond to various questions and complaints. Making your company accessible and clear in the eyes of your goals is highly beneficial for your image and reputation.

Video Shares

Increasingly popular, videos are the most remarkable and transformative form of media on social media. Video content captures your audience’s attention much more effectively than other types of content and allows you to increase the reach of your posts.

In order to fulfill these different tasks, social media managers have the following qualifications:

  • In-depth knowledge of all social media and its features
  • Proactive management of your social media, market, and competition
  • Creativity and versatility to produce unique content that values ​​your business

5 Basic Skills A Social Media Manager Should Have

The social media manager should have an overview of the strategies developed in digital. Therefore, he must also have different skills to manage the team and produce the best results. Here are the five most important skills!

Knowing Basic Social Media Strategies

We know that the world of digital marketing moves and changes very quickly, and a strategy that may be good one day may not be so important the next. That’s why it’s important for the social media manager to continually improve and work to ensure the best results for the business.

Each type of business will need content to work on in a different way. The same applies to the goals to be achieved and the channels used to promote the brand.

Understanding Project Management

As the community manager has the task of managing their actions and work, the SMM must have a good understanding of project management so that all phases are carried out on time.

For this reason, a good manager ensures that the team is in line with the company’s goals and carries out the activities correctly, and helps to get the best results on every social media work.

It’s also important to use the right tools to keep track of all strategy, execution, and goal progress.

Specializing in Social Media Content Production

It is the copywriting and design concepts that enable SMM (social media management) to make the best plans for each media, even if it is not the person to develop the final content.

At the same time, having writing skills and knowing how to use picture and video editing tools in a professional way ensure that it is guaranteed in moments that require expertise and need to be accompanied by the team a little more.

Knowing About SEO and Advertising Campaigns

Technical knowledge is essential for advancing organic results and those from paid ads, allowing you to plan the best strategies and ensure good positioning in search engines.

This will also increase your chances of attracting more visitors to your site and succeeding at every stage of the funnel, right up to the creation of sales opportunities.

When it comes to advertising campaigns, the social media manager must know how and which channels to invest in, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and calculate the ideal spending for each. Also, of course, it is necessary to make the necessary optimizations to achieve a better performance when necessary.

Master Data Analysis

Finally, one of the most important skills of the social media manager is to analyze the results of the strategies adopted and to come up with insights for future projects.

Monitoring of indicators; should be carried out in each channel separately, but without losing the overall vision. This gives a good understanding of how the media integrates and creates opportunities for business.

It may seem difficult or cumbersome at first glance, but nowadays there are tools that help auto-generate social media reports so you can focus on strategy.

How to Become a Social Media Manager?

To become a social media manager, it is very important to have a few soft skills and competencies that may also relate to your personality and previous professional experience. For this reason, employers will require from you an excellent knowledge of spoken and written Turkish and, if possible, other languages, especially English. Obviously, this internet business requires a certain expertise in web marketing and viral marketing, along with an appetite for digital tools and uses. 

Social media is at the heart of the social media manager, but he must also be aware of the challenges of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Graphic design skills will make it easy to prepare communication materials or supervise in-house digital dedicated graphic designers. Similarly, Legal concepts related to digital communication (copyright, etc.) will give confidence to your future employer. In addition to having this knowledge and experience, if you are a social, curious, and creative person, you can adapt to different business sectors and you like to work in a team, then you are suitable to be a social media manager!

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