What is an Advertising Agency, What Does It Do?

From past to present, businesses have always resorted to various ways to promote themselves or their brands. If we take a look at earlier times, we will see that these were done only by posters, newspapers, or word of mouth. Today, these promotional activities are spread over a much broader scope.

The main purpose is always to introduce the product or the service to be marketed on various platforms, to guide the customers to the brand, and to accustom them to this idea. Today, with the effect of developing technology, there are various advertising agencies that will do this job for businesses. You can find detailed information about advertising agencies and their contents in this article. What is a Social Media Agency, What Does It Do?

What is an Advertising Agency?

If the advertising agency is defined in its most basic sense, we can say that it is the whole of companies that make efforts for the advertisements of various businesses and the reactions in these advertisements for a certain fee. In this sense, businesses prefer to work with advertising agencies to regulate and control various promotional and advertising works.

What Does An Advertising Agency Do?

An advertising agency is an important partner of a business that undertakes the A to Z promotional work related to its advertisements. It undertakes the task of dealing with every detail, from sales research to the positive or negative results of the advertisements reaching the customers. Advertising agencies, which are an important bridge between the business and its customers, support the business by working in many different areas.

What are the Basic Topics That Advertising Agencies Are Related to?

Every advertising agency may be insufficient to meet the expectations of every business. In this sense, there are many different advertising agencies. The subject of advertising on various platforms is quite wide. Therefore, businesses must first determine the target audience they want to appeal to. Advertising agencies mainly operate in the fields of creative, design, copywriting, occasionally graphic design, and web editing. They start the advertising preparation process related to these basic topics and follow this process from beginning to end.

Relationship Between Advertising Agency and Advertiser

It is of great importance for both the advertising agency and the advertiser to act jointly in the ad creation process, which carries expectations and innovations for both parties. Whatever the advertiser wants to be promoted, he should convey it to the agency with all the details.

Agencies, in turn, should convey the ad creation process to the other party with honest communication. It should not be forgotten that the relationship between the advertising agency and the advertiser should be built on trust. Otherwise, many problems and troubles may be encountered and the process may be interrupted. What is a Content Marketing Agency?

What Points Should the Advertiser Pay Attention to in the Advertisement?

The person who will advertise should determine the customer audience and the subject that will be the focus point. Although many responsibilities and competencies related to planning and strategy belong to advertising agencies, it is very important in this sense that the advertiser tells exactly what he wants.

The business should review the number and budget of advertising campaigns it will run during the year. Determining the changes to be made depending on the special days of the year, discount times, campaign periods and the sales status of the products of the brand gives a clue to the business owners about when the advertisements will be made. In addition to these, the question of where the advertisements will be given, in other words, in which communication channels the advertisements will be published, has an important place.

Today, there are many advertisements broadcast on radio, television, computer, and even cinemas. In this sense, from a technological point of view, we can say that internet ads and social media ads are more popular. However, if you expect your advertisement to make a big impact, you should not forget that you need to use more than one communication channel for this and that you need to allocate a certain budget to use these communication channels. Why create your own digital marketing agency?

Advertising Agency Services

Agencies carry out many works at the same time, starting from the preliminary work at the advertising stage, to the final reports. Advertising agencies have four basic services;

  • Advising customers about the marketing phase,
  • Informing customers about communication channels and communication itself,
  • To ensure that advertisements are disseminated through the media through various channels,
  • Negotiating with media agencies that will publish advertising-related work for clients

The advertising agency aims to present the most effective advertisement both during the preliminary preparation of the advertisement and with the work it does with other media organizations.

How Much Do Advertising Agencies Earn?

The salary of advertising agencies varies according to the volume of work they receive. This situation varies according to the number of people in the agency, the experience of the people there, and the size of the work done.

How to Become a Good Advertising Agency?

Before making a choice about the digital advertising agency you will deal with, the first thing you should determine is what your goal is. Not every advertising agency can work in line with your goals. For example, if the focus of an agency is a social media advertising agency and your goal is to appeal to television and other media, the agency may be inadequate in this sense.

Or, while television is a communication channel that is frequently preferred by advertising agencies, it may not address the message you want to give. The second thing you should pay attention to after determining your goal is marketing dominance. Not every advertising agency can provide every expectation with superiority in its work. For this reason, it is necessary to work with an advertising agency with high market dominance, so that it is possible to spread the advertisement to a wide audience. What is an Agency Representative?

Things to Know for Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies act as an intermediary between the target audience and the customer that businesses want to reach. The fact that advertising agencies produce works independently of media organizations ensures that more original and successful works are produced. The task of the team competition of the staff in advertising agencies is far superior in this sense.

Since advertising agencies will conquer customers with their activities and work, a working environment should be provided with teammates who choose their decisions meticulously and carefully at every stage of the work. Agencies working for the client and doing business on behalf of the client should not forget that they are responsible for every stage from the formation of advertisements to control reports.

Processes of Advertising Agencies

The size and work of advertising agencies are very important for the work they will receive. Not every ad agency firm can run every ad campaign. For example, a large-scale business prefers a large scale advertising agency to run its advertising business. This is mainly because large-scale businesses require extensive market research.

Therefore, it is thought that agencies with small budgets may be insufficient in this situation. Large brand agency firms use many sources, including various surveys and market research reports, to make their place in the market permanent and to determine the right target audience.

This data comes from the creative agency, which is one of the most important parts, of the creative design team. This team is in charge of preparing the texts or slogans of the advertisement. In addition, the coordinated graphic design department also deals with the visual part of the advertisement. It enriches the advertisement visually and makes the advertisement remarkable. After all this process, various tangible materials such as digital printing, printing house, and signage are created.

After the agency has finished the advertising work, it prepares the report of the feedback to be received and delivers the results to the business.

It is certain that not every advertising agency does such extensive work. In this sense, the concept of a small brand advertising agency comes into play. This type of advertising agency is sometimes only interested in simple advertising materials and maintains its continuity in the sector in this way. For example, it is a communication channel that is frequently used in TV advertising agency works. These types of businesses work well for businesses that don’t need extensive advertising. Every business needs many promotional materials and visuals during the advertising phase. Business cards, catalog works, and even websites are ideal choices for small-scale advertisements in this sense.

To summarize, advertising agencies can take part in different-sized businesses from small to large. Besides the business card, catalog, or website preparation, they are responsible for market research, design, slogan, technical visual preparation, manufacturing process, dissemination, and control process, and finally reporting the results. What is Facebook CPAS (Common) Advertising Model?

Advertising Agency Types

Advertising agencies appeal to many audiences. In this sense, there are some types of advertising agencies for different audiences. These;

  • Traditional advertising agencies
  • Digital media agencies or digital advertising agency
  • Brand consultancy agencies,
  • Media buying and planning agency.

Every business is in expectation of a different advertisement. Since not every advertising work appeals to every business, advertising agencies are divided into different types of this type.

What is the Difference Between Creative Advertising Agency and Digital Advertising Agency?

Digital advertising agencies are subject to a system that works differently from normal advertising. Digital advertising agencies are agencies that create online advertisements on websites. Today, with the development of technology, it has become a frequently preferred advertising structure.

Duties of Advertising Agency

Setting up an advertising agency is a very difficult undertaking. Advertising agencies undertake many tasks from collecting information about target audiences for businesses and then collecting all the materials and preparing the report after creating the advertising stage. In this sense, their organizations include many categories such as copywriting, design, customer relations, media planning, and graphic design.

Why is Working with an Advertising Agency Important?

As there is an expert for every job, support from professional advertising agencies is required in order to carry out the advertising and promotion work professionally. In addition to the intensity of their work, businesses need to work with an advertising agency that has competence in the advertising and promotion phase.

Advertising agencies transmit customer orientations for businesses, advertisements to be arranged for customers, and ultimately reports on results to businesses. In this sense, a regular advertising process for businesses is completed. Advertising agencies are a great help and support to businesses in this sense.

How Advertising Agencies Work

Advertising agencies first prepare the communication techniques to be addressed. He creates impressive designs for the advertisement he will work with. Then, it starts the campaign works in an infrastructure suitable for the profile of the company. These campaign efforts mostly involve computer and technology support. Graphic designs created with all these details are also included in the advertisement and made ready on the promotional tool to be used. Thus, the advertisement to be broadcast becomes ready.

The regular order of all this;

  • The client specifies the type of advertisement he wants to the agency.
  • The agency focuses on the planning phase.
  • Weekly meetings are held in accordance with the job requested by the customer.
  • Daily checks are made to monitor the status of the work.
  • The created potential ad is presented to the customer and its approval is awaited.
  • After the approval, project management is carried out, and work is started in accordance with the deadline.
  • The new creative phase is organized and worked on.
  • A suitable text or slogan is designed for the advertisement.
  • The current process is reviewed.
  • The work done is shown to the customer. Customer approval of the work done is awaited.
  • Various arrangements are started for the realization of the creative advertising work.
  • The media department determines the appropriate media channel for advertising.
  • After the appropriate media channel is determined, the production phase begins.
  • Final revisions are made.
  • As a result of the publication of this whole process, the advertisement is published.
  • After the advertisement is published, reporting and analysis are done. The positive and negative aspects are evaluated.

Advertising agencies carry out many processes jointly with businesses. They are closely involved in every process from the preliminary preparation of the advertisement to the reporting stage. In addition, they actively work in many areas such as visual design, use of auditory jingles, business cards, catalog design, and billboards. Every advertising agency that provides careful activity follows the advertising process from A to Z and communicates with the business constantly. A strong and competent advertising agency in terms of the team plays a very effective role in increasing sales or services and promoting businesses.

What is the Organizational Structure of the Advertising Agency?

The advertising agency needs to work in coordination with people in many different categories. Because design, customer relations, text, and slogan studies each require different skills. In this sense, it includes departments in many categories such as the Customer Relations Department, the Creative Department, the Media Department, the Strategy and Planning Department, the Technology and Analysis Department, the Operations Department, and the Business Development Department.

How Advertising Agencies Benefit Businesses

Today, studies in terms of marketing and promotion are quite advanced. The most well-known marketing strategy is advertising. In this sense, the advertising activities carried out jointly with the media planning agency are very advantageous. The decision made in which communication channel the advertisements should be published can affect the advertisement positively or negatively. In this sense, visuality and the communication way of advertising take businesses to the next level.

Advertising agencies have many services at the same time. Preliminary work to be done with the target audience regarding the advertisement, advertisement visual design, design or arrangement of the slogan or text in the advertisement, selection of the medium where the advertisement will be published, presentation of the designed advertisement, and then the reporting and analysis process are among the services provided by the advertising agencies.

Advantages of Working with an Advertising Agency

The fact that a business works with an advertising agency means that it accelerates their work and puts it on track. In this sense, companies that work with advertising agencies are one step ahead of others. Advantages of the advertising agency to the business;

  • It saves time by reducing the density of businesses.
  • Thanks to the experts in the agency, your ads are carefully prepared.
  • The cost you give may seem high to you at first, but the results you will receive despite the service provided will double this money.
  • You become a professional in developing your brand or business.
  • A catchy and eye-catching advertisement is designed for the business.

In order to have these advantages provided to the business, you need to work with an accurate and reliable digital agency. In this sense, it is useful to be selective and meticulous when deciding on advertising agencies.

What Should Be Considered While Choosing an Advertising Agency?

As in every occupational group, there are areas of specialization in the advertising industry. Receiving a good, quality, and value-for-money service is something that all businesses want. In this sense, you need to be careful about which advertising agency you will work with. If your answer is yes to questions such as does it meet your expectations, is the price-service quality appropriate, is the report being passed on to you step by step, is the design quality and texts appealing to your brand, is there a control and analysis report after the work, you are working with the right advertising agency. we can say.

What is the Cost of Working with an Advertising Agency?

Working with an advertising agency may seem costly from the outside. However, contrary to what it seems, it saves you money and time. Since you do not have the expertise, you may lose more money and time than you will give to the agency when you engage in novice advertising work. In order to avoid this negativity, a graphic design agency or getting support from an advertising agency is a much better choice for you. In this sense, when working with advertising agencies, the fee you will pay may differ depending on the advertisement you choose and the features that this advertisement will carry. The communication channel, text, and slogans or, if available, the jingle at the back can increase or decrease these fees. In this sense, after you send your requests to the advertising agencies in detail, you can learn the net price of the advertisement to be designed with the proposal to come from them.

Who Works in Advertising Agencies?

There are many activities that take place in advertising agencies. Many different professional groups such as web designers, social media specialists, graphic designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and project managers come together in advertising agencies. These people can find employment opportunities in advertising agencies.

Digital Advertising Agencies

Unlike other agencies, digital marketing agencies focus more on advertisements in the virtual world. Digital advertising agencies, which publish many advertisements on the Internet, appeal to a wide audience in this sense.

Difference between Digital Advertising Agencies from Traditional Agencies

Digital advertising agencies carry out almost all their activities over the internet. Traditional agencies, on the other hand, create advertisements by working on more concrete elements. Posters, business cards, and catalog designs can be given as examples.

Most Famous Advertising Agencies

Getting a reputation in your job is something to be envied in any profession. Advertising agencies make great efforts to gain this reputation and are in a fierce race with their competitors. There are many examples that can be given to famous advertising agencies. We can say that the most striking of these is the Google Ads Agency. The Google ad system has a very simple operation. Google advertising specialist brings the businesses close to your business on the maps to the users. In this way, the trend toward your business and phone numbers increases, and your business is advertised digitally. Moreover, you can have the luxury of determining your own budget limit through a google advertising agency.

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