What is Brand Attorney?

Trademark attorneys; are the persons who represent the right holders before the Authority in matters related to the brand, design, geographical indication, and traditional product names. The trademark attorney is not the person or institution that will issue you the registration certificate. In other words, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is the institution that will issue you a registration document in the country you apply for, for example, Turkey. The trademark attorney is the person who has received a power of attorney from his client, that is, from the applicant, who has the authority to carry out the transactions on behalf of the inventor before this institution. This can be a natural or legal person. What is Trademark Registration? Why It is Important For E-Commerce Sites?

What Does a Brand Attorney Do?

There is no obligation to hire an attorney for trademark, patent, utility model, and design registrations in Turkey. However, working with a trademark and patent attorney saves you money, time, and correct positioning of your related industrial right. If you do not work with a proxy, you will lose some and maybe all of them… Because industrial rights are a field that requires technical and special knowledge. Transactions must be made with trademark and patent attorneys who are experts in the business. For foreigners, there is an obligation to appoint a proxy when applying to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in accordance with the Paris Convention. What is a European Union Brand? | EU and CTM

Can Attorneys Do Trademark Attorneys?

Yes, natural and legal persons who meet the following conditions can act as attorneys.

  1. a) Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  2. b) To have the capacity to act.
  3. c) To graduate from one of the higher education institutions that provide at least four years of undergraduate education or from one of the higher education institutions abroad whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities.

ç) Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code dated 26/9/2004 and numbered 5237 have passed, a prison sentence of five years or more for an intentionally committed crime or even if pardoned, crimes against the security of the State, the constitutional order and this not to be convicted of crimes against the functioning of the order, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, rigging of the tender, rigging the performance of the performance, laundering the assets arising from the crime of smuggling. How to Unblock YouTube Videos Where You Live

d) Having a residence in Turkey.

e) To be successful in the exam.

f) To be registered in the Registry.

Why should an intellectual property consultant work with both a trademark and a patent attorney, first of all, companies may need help with due diligence. In other words, it is important to get support from an expert while determining the status, value, and strategy of intangible assets. In this way, it can help protect intangible assets to the highest level. An intellectual property consultant and trademark attorney will help protect you from any infringement. It helps you by registering your design, idea, technology, or work of art through the relevant copyright, trademark, or patent, and follows your rights on your behalf. For this and many more, it is important to contact an intellectual property consultant to help protect and update your intellectual property rights. Business Name Generator: How To Name a Business In 7 Simple Steps

Are Trademark and Patent Attorney the Same Thing?

No, the trademark attorney can be explained as I answered in previous questions. Patent attorney: Persons who represent the right holders before the Office in matters related to patent, utility model, and design rights. If the subject is an invention, you should be even more sensitive and deal with a patent attorney in the sector (such as chemistry, electricity, and machinery), in that field (chemistry, electricity, and machinery origin).

At this point, we would like to mention it again because it is a confusing subject.

Trademark and patent attorneys;

  • They do not have authority before judicial organs (except for attorneys who are lawyers).
  • They do not have the authority to register and issue documents.
  • They do not act on behalf of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.
  • They are not employees of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

 How Does the Trademark Attorney Application Process Proceed?

They must pass the two-stage (“General Competence” and “Vocational Qualification”) exams held every two years by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and be registered with the agency’s attorney registry. Although the exam is held in Ankara, the exam date, place, number of questions, and application conditions are announced at least 30 days before the exam. It is open to everyone who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and has a 4-year undergraduate degree

Brand questions: from brand legislation and brand issues,

Patent questions: from patent legislation, invention, patent and utility model issues,

Common questions: It consists of design, intellectual property, and general law issues.

This first exam is usually held in November. Of course, it can change. Those who are successful in the first exam also attend the written exam on trademark attorney professional competence exam and patent attorney professional competence. These exams include questions about legislation, application principles, and technical issues. This usually happens in the following January. What I have said is valid according to the place and dates of the exams held in the past. Content, duration, etc. Situations can of course change.

How to Make a Brand Attorney Inquiry?

The most important point to be considered when choosing an attorney to work with while companies or individuals register their industrial rights such as design, trademark or patent is to investigate whether the person they choose as a proxy is an active attorney registered in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office’s attorney registry. You can see this from the proxy search section of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office’s website. It is a clear provision of the legislation that they must be registered in the attorney registry of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and persons who are not registered in this registry cannot act as attorneys, and it is extremely wrong for unregistered persons to provide consultancy services in this regard. The Best Home And Real Estate Insurance 2022

At this point, we would like to mention the proxy discipline regulation. If you want to acquire a profession of attorneyship, it is necessary not only to register and perform the procedures but also to perform this duty in accordance with the professional discipline rules. The professional rules of Patent and Trademark Attorneys and the disciplinary penalties to be given to those who violate these rules are included in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys Professional Rules and Disciplinary Regulation.

What are Trademark and Patent Attorney Fees?

This varies. There are official expenses determined by the Turkish Patent and Trademark institution and other countries every year. It may change from time to time during the year but is generally valid all year. In addition to these official fees, there are service fees for the trademark patent attorneys you work with. However, there is no standard. It can change.

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