What is Digital Content Production? How is Digital Content Produced?

We live in the digital age, which is predicted by the books written years ago and the movies shot. Even though we are not aware of it because we are actually living in this transformation, we are now doing even the simplest activities through digital channels. When we want to learn about any subject, the first thing we do is to open search engines; While thinking about shopping, we now visit websites instead of shop windows. The fact that digital channels have such a wide area of ​​use has introduced many new concepts into our lives. One of them is digital content. So what is this digital content that we come across all the time, that we hear somehow? What does it do? Why is it so important where we are today?

What is Digital Content?

The concept of digital content may seem a bit complicated at first glance. To understand exactly what this term means, it is enough to look at the words in which it occurs. Contents; All of the intellectual, literary, visual, and auditory elements that make up any whole can be explained in this way. When we carry this definition to the channels we access over the internet, we encounter what digital content expresses. It is possible to define all texts, images, videos, or sounds that we see, come across, or even be exposed to on the internet as digital content. Every element that creates the digital world and confronts internet users is this type of content. To make a slightly more technological explanation, digital data. You can easily say that every content in the format will fall into this scope. While this is the case, considering that we carry out many activities over the internet today, we can easily say that we now live in a digital content world.

A similar situation emerges when we approach the subject from a historical perspective. Digital content has actually been around since the 1950s when computers began to be used in different fields. An existing concept. However, it can be said that the scope of this concept has expanded significantly with the widespread use of the internet and paving the way for everyone to enter the digital world. Digital content, which was initially only accessible from computers connected to the Internet, spread over time to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and e-book readers. We live in an age where the concept of digital content is decisive in many issues. Therefore, it has become a necessity to produce digital content in order to be successful in business life regardless of the sector and to express ourselves personally. So why is producing digital content so important?

Why Should You Produce Digital Content?

According to the data on statista.com in line with the measurements made at the beginning of 2021, almost 60 percent of the world’s population uses the internet. This rate corresponds to approximately 4.7 billion people. When we approach the issue from the perspective of social media users, the picture we encounter is almost the same. According to the data provided by oberlo.com, 3.78 billion people use social media today. When we look at Turkey, a similar situation can be observed. The Internet usage rate among individuals aged 16-74 is 82.6% as of 2021. These rates prove how large the number of people encountering digital content is. Based on the aforementioned data, it can be easily seen how functional digital contents are in order to reach large audiences.

We can easily say that digital content is a very important way to reach target audiences for businesses engaged in e-commerce. Even e-commerce and digital content; can also be considered as two concepts that are intertwined and inseparable from each other. By using many different types of digital content together and efficiently, it is possible to significantly increase the sales figures you make over the internet.

The benefits of digital content are not limited to helping you find your target audience. These contents, with their fun and sincere messages, help create a positive perception for your brand. It increases the awareness of your brand as it will be shared more on channels such as social media. We can also say that well-created digital content will be educational and inform the users, especially on the issues that your brand is related to. This will also contribute to your image in a similar way. A person who is undecided about purchasing the product or service you offer can be convinced with his help and clear the question marks in his head. In the light of all this, we can easily say that a properly planned and implemented digital content strategy is very, very important to be successful in e-commerce.

What is Digital Content Types?

Types of digital content serve different purposes. It aims to meet the different needs of people. The paid content, such as a digital broadcasting or music platform, which usually works through a membership system, is used for purposes such as entertainment or information. Apart from these, there is a lot of content that is completely free and accessible to anyone with internet access. These contents constitute the digital world in general. Even free content can turn into a tool used by such platforms to sell memberships from time to time. There are texts, videos, images, graphics, maps, photos, songs, podcasts, and much more. Almost all of these contents can be considered as a part of marketing efforts.

Marketing Content Types

Blog Contents

It is possible to come across blog sections on the websites of many important online shopping platforms and brands today. Even this is enough to prove the importance of blogs, which emerged as a kind of digital diary, in terms of marketing. Blogs are basically for two different marketing purposes serves. The first is that the brand provides information about its products and related issues.

Blogs prepared in this direction are the content that potential customers find the answers to the questions they are curious about, and thus trigger the motivation to buy. Another purpose of blogs is to contribute to SEO strategies. This method, which is generally used by platforms with a wide range of products, aims to attract visitors to the site through the frequently searched words on the internet and to expand the brand’s domain. With the links included in these blogs, the number of sales is tried to be increased.

Website Contents

Website contents generally include all elements on that page. These sites aim to activate the user in that area with all their parts, from texts to images, on whatever subject they are prepared for. This purpose may be to provide information or sell products. But ultimately, all these ingredients are designed and prepared to create the desired effect. The person visiting the website; is trying to be affected positively by that product, service, institution, or even person. It should not be forgotten that the only purpose of marketing is not to sell products directly. Longer-term plans, such as strengthening the brand image, are also a part of marketing. At this point, website content appears as a highly functional marketing tool.

Video Contents

We can say that videos are one of the most preferred content types. Many video platforms, especially YouTube, host millions of users every day. Besides this wide domain, video content. There are many factors that make the concept an effective tool for marketing. One of the factors is that users approach marketing messages placed in videos watched for entertainment and information purposes. The structural features of the videos also make them functional in terms of marketing. Because technically a video; It is possible to add text, images, and sounds. Therefore, videos make it possible for all the information and messages to be conveyed differently. Not only YouTube but also the fact that almost every social media channel allows video technology today can be considered a very important and useful situation in terms of marketing.

Audio Contents

In daily life, it may not always be possible to look at the screen. For such situations, audio content is of great importance. In terms of marketing, it can be said that podcasts are the most preferred audio content type today. Many companies can easily reach the audience listening to that broadcast by sponsoring podcasts prepared on different topics or by-product placement methods. If we consider that the podcast is generally a conversational and sincere broadcast format, we can see its functionality in terms of marketing more clearly.

Advertising Content

Advertising, of course, is an indispensable part of marketing work. Although the above-mentioned content types are part of marketing strategies from different perspectives, advertising content is very important in order to be successful in e-commerce and to stand out in the competitive environment. The advantages of the digital world pave the way for the production of very different advertising content. By using methods such as videos, banners, advertising or sponsored content, and social media ads, you can attract the attention of internet users and beyond that, you can make them buy your products. At this point, what you need to pay attention to is to advertise in the right format in the channels where your target audience is more interested. Otherwise, the budget you spend for these studies may not return to you as income.

E-Commerce Contents

The main purpose of the content that can be used in the field of marketing is to achieve success in the field of e-commerce, that is, to increase the sales figures. For this process, you can use your own website or open a store on platforms known as virtual marketplaces. Whichever way you choose, you need to give due importance to e-commerce content. So what are e-commerce contents?

Product and Category Description Contents

Product and category descriptions can be defined as the most basic e-commerce content. These contents, in which the features of the products and the advantages they offer to users, should be prepared as clearly and informatively as possible. It is not difficult to guess that the user who cannot find the information he is looking for on your site or in your virtual store will head to another address. Therefore, it can be said that paying due attention to these contents will pay off for the effort and budget. In addition to the text content, the product images must be of the same quality and clarity. In this way, you can eliminate the question marks of potential customers about the appearance and quality of the product, who are considering shopping from your website instead of the physical store.


Product and category descriptions, however objective and informative, are seller-written texts for customers. Therefore, they have the potential to be misleading. At this point, user comments come one step ahead. Positive or negative comments made by people who have purchased and used the product before can have a serious impact on sales figures. Objectivity is one of the issues to be considered regarding comments. Some users may make malicious negative comments about a product. Interacting as constructively as possible with people who make such comments may render that review invalid in the eyes of other users.

Social Media Contents

Social media channels allow different types of content to be produced in line with their features. These contents are; It can be in text, image, video, audio, or other formats. One of the most important features of social media channels is that it helps each individual user gain a digital content producer identity. In other words, shares made from any individual account are also digital content. In addition to giving individuals the right to speak, social media content; also provides wide opportunities for brands for promotion, marketing, and advertising activities. Because it is very easy to classify social media users demographically. Thus, brands can communicate and interact with the audience they want to reach.

What is Digital Content Production

How Can You Produce Digital Content?

There are serious differences between businesses producing content to support their e-commerce efforts and individuals doing this entirely according to their own wishes. Digital content production for businesses is a process that must be carried out carefully and professionally. Content production studies, whose objectives are well-defined, selected as a result of certain studies, and the outputs of which are evaluated accordingly, are the key to achieving the targeted success. This situation inevitably leads to the question “What is digital content production?” or “How is digital content produced?” It raises questions such as: In order for content production to be carried out on a regular basis, certain stages must be followed.

Competitor analysis

One of the most important purposes of content production is to gain an advantage in an intensely competitive environment. Therefore, before taking action in this direction, you need to identify your competitors and examine in detail what they are doing in the field of content production. This requirement covers a very wide area, from blog pages to posts on social media accounts. If you start producing content without analyzing your competitors, you will have a unique structure. It’s Harder to set up. Producing content that Internet users are already familiar with and used by your competitors may not help you achieve the results you want in a competitive environment. On the contrary, it may create a perception that you are imitating different businesses. In order to avoid such negativities, you must first analyze the content production strategies of your competitors.

Audience Analysis

Perhaps the most important purpose of content production is to reach the target audience and to communicate as intensely as possible with the people who make up this audience. The way to establish communication with this intensity is to get to know that audience in the best way. Many variables, such as the age group or interests of the product or service you offer, are of great importance in terms of target audience analysis. For example, for a product that will attract the attention of young people, social media platforms that this audience uses more intensely can be preferred. Similarly, if you are selling sports products, you should prepare your content in a way that will appeal to the audience interested in sports.

Content Type Determination

The data you gain by examining your competitors’ work and researching the general trends of your target audience is extremely useful for determining the type of content you will produce. By acting on this data, you can make a difference with blog pages or videos; You can more easily determine which types of content you can reach your target audience with. Choosing the channel where the content will be published is also a decision that must be made. This is especially true for social media content. Because the user groups and the dynamics of the social media platforms are different from each other. Therefore, these differences should be taken into account when determining the content type.

Keyword Analysis

Websites that publish digital content receive most of their traffic from search engines, especially Google. The number of clicks on content that appears higher in the search results will also be higher. It is possible to rank higher in search results with keyword analysis, which is an important pillar of SEO studies. There are different tools you can use to identify high search volume words when making a decision about this. However, in general, it is much more beneficial to work with experts in the subject in order to achieve clear success in SEO studies.

Content Production

After all these stages, it is time to produce the content. Regardless of the type of content you choose to use, it may be a good choice to leave the production phase to the professionals of the subject. For example, it is almost impossible for the video you shoot with your own means to look as professional as content shot by expert teams and prepared for broadcast. Therefore, if you want to create a strong brand perception, you should not leave your success in content production to chance.


The final stage of content management is performance measurement. It is important in two different ways to measure the extent to which the published content is viewed, what kind of impact it creates, and its reflection on sales figures. First, looking at page traffic or listens/views by type of content reveals clear evidence of whether your work is successful or not. Digital channels make this process very easy with the detailed statistics they offer. The second stage of measurement is the evaluation of the results obtained as a guide for further studies. When positive and negative inferences from the obtained data are used as a guide, the success of subsequent content production studies can increase significantly.

Why Is It Important to Produce Creative Content?

It is extremely important for your digital content to be creative in order to establish stronger communication with your target audience. Internet users come across countless content every day. Among them, they are only interested in those who create the impression of being truly creative, so they open their perceptions to the messages they convey. For this reason, if you want digital content to support your e-commerce efforts in the best way and make a difference, you should always keep creativity at the forefront. Otherwise, your content will not produce the desired effect and will be doomed to be forgotten in a corner of the internet over time.

What is Content Marketing?

Digital content production and content marketing can be considered two concepts that are in constant contact. Digital marketing studies are based on the logic of using the produced content as a promotional tool. Almost all the marketing tools used in the past, from television to billboards, were created for traditional channels and aimed to functionalize their features. Today, the concept of media is completely shifting to digital channels, which inevitably leads to the emergence of new marketing forms. Content marketing can also be defined as a modern communication system that aims to mobilize target audiences through content in this new order.

The goal of content marketing is not to sell products directly. In this respect, it differs greatly from classical advertisements. This new marketing system aims to guide the purchasing actions of potential customers in a natural and specific way. It does this with the help of the information it provides and the data it shares.

What is the Importance of Content Marketing?

Digital content marketing is of great importance in many ways. Chief among these is the need to reorganize the relationship between the business and the customer. Unlike classical structures, this method provides direct communication with customers. Gives them the impression that they care with personalized or customized messages.

This, combined with the valuable information provided in the content, helps build a sense of trust between potential customers and brands. Another important aspect of content marketing is that it costs much less than conventional advertising. Content marketing is a very useful way to expand the target audience, especially for small companies that do not yet have the resources to use traditional marketing tools. If you own this type of business, you can achieve very successful results with different types of content marketing.

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