What is influencer marketing? What are the benefits of influencer marketing for small businesses?

Today, influencer marketing is one of the trendiest strategies in the marketing world. Partnering with influencers can be a useful way to increase brand awareness, get your products and/or services known to new audiences, and get real results for your small business.

But if you’re new to the world of influencer marketing, knowing where to start can be tricky. How do you create an effective influencer strategy? How do you find and connect with small business influencers? And what’s the best way to get real results from your influencer campaigns?

Let’s dive into all things influencer marketing: what it is, how it works, and most importantly, how to use it right for your business. What are Instagram link stickers? Tips for Using Instagram Link Stickers

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a social media marketing strategy that connects influential social media users with brands. Influencer marketing helps brands gain exposure and reach through influencer recommendations and mentions and content placements.

When influencer marketing first took off, it was mostly limited to celebrities with millions of followers on social media…making it cost a lot of money for brands to take advantage of it. But today, companies are just as successful with so-called ‘micro-influencers’. Micro-influencers are social media users with a smaller but highly engaged audience. Usually, it is between 1000-10,000 followers, although this can vary. This strategy is a lot more accessible and cheaper and ensures that small companies can also use influencer marketing. 5 Reasons to Use the Applicant Tracking System

How does influencer marketing work?

In a relationship between brand and influencer, the company offers the influencers compensation, for example, free products or payment per posted post, in exchange for attention on their social channels. Influencer marketing uses social proof to get results. Because influencers enjoy trust with their target audience, their followers are also more likely to purchase a product or service if the influencer recommends it.

So what does influencer marketing look like in practice? Let’s say you just opened a new gym and want to make it known in your area. The first thing you should look for is which local influencers in the field of health and sports are available. Maybe there’s a personal trainer in your area with an avid Instagram audience of avid fitness fans, or a budding sportswear designer who just opened a clothing store. Get in touch and see if they’re willing to partner up for content and offer them motivation to create that content. This could be a free gym membership, free products, or a cash payment every time they post about your business. Razer Viper 8KHz Review: Gaming mouse Good in quality, but high in price

What are the benefits of influencer marketing for small businesses?

Using influencer marketing to promote your business has a number of benefits.

  • Influencer marketing is very effective.  And what is probably the biggest benefit of influencer marketing for small businesses? It functions. According to the Mediakix Influencer Marketing Survey, influencer marketing is 11 times more effective than other digital media strategies. While companies earn an average of $2 for every dollar they spend on Google Adwords, the value earned for influencer marketing is a staggering $1.69 per dollar spent.
  • Influencer marketing gives you the opportunity to use the trust that the influencer has in their audience.  In order for customers to do business with your company, they have to trust you. The beauty of influencer marketing is that the trust between the influencer and their audience is already there, making it more likely that their audience trusts you.
  • Approaching local influencers is affordable.  If you want to get the most out of your marketing budget, you can hardly find a better strategy than influencer marketing. Not only does influencer marketing yield a good return, but it is also accessible. Many local or micro-influencers are willing to create content in exchange for free products. And for the influencers who get money as compensation, their costs are usually more beneficial than other marketing strategies (such as paid digital advertising campaigns).

How do you create an influencer strategy?

Influencer marketing can be a big win for your business, but it does require a good strategy. That’s how you get started.

1. Do your research.

You can’t develop an effective influencer marketing strategy if you don’t know how it works. The first thing to do for an effective influencer marketing strategy is to do your research. Here are some areas to research and think about before making a strategy.

  • Platform.  You can do influencer marketing on all kinds of platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok… If it is a social platform, there is a good chance that influencers are active on it. So it is important to determine which platforms you want to use before developing a strategy.
  • Local influencers.  Before you put a lot of time and energy into influencer marketing, study the idea thoroughly and make sure there are existing influencers that would suit your business. Do some research and make a list of some people you want to contact. You should also check what audiences these influencers have to make sure you don’t book someone with a lot of (possibly) non-existent followers. Find authentic responses to their posts to get a sense of how engaged their followers are.
  • Competitors.  If you have competitors, it can be useful to research what they do with influencer marketing. While it’s never a good idea to steal their ideas, it can help your strategy to get a sense of what your competitors are doing with them. This way you can also ensure that you come up with something new, different, and interesting.

2. Set your goals and milestones.

Once you’re done with your influencer marketing research, decide what you want to get out of your strategy. Record your goals and define how you measure your progress.

For example, do you want to increase the awareness of your brand? Then it is useful to target influencers with more than 10,000 followers and measure your progress using the number of views and clicks your campaign generates. Do you want to realize more sales? Then you can set a sales target, give each of your influencers a unique discount code and keep track of how many sales are made through your campaign. Moto G82 Launched With Snapdragon 695

3. Set up a budget.

You’ve done your research. You know what goals you have with your influencer marketing and you have determined how you will measure those goals. Now let’s talk about the numbers. Before implementing your marketing strategy, you need to have a clear idea of ​​your budget. So determine in advance how much you can and want to spend before you contact influencers or start campaigns. Knowing how much money you have to spend is very important when deciding how many influencers to approach and how to compensate them.

Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget. As we said before, influencer marketing can be a very affordable strategy. Local influencers are often satisfied with a few free products or a free service, especially if they are just starting out.

Tip from GemSleek

Another way to leverage influencer marketing on a budget is to partner with other small businesses. Let’s say you’re promoting your new juicer. For example, you can reach out to health food stores and ask to be mentioned on Instagram, and you do the same. This is a convenient way to reach each other’s audience without spending any money.

How do you get influencers for a campaign?

Once you know what you want with your influencer marketing strategy and have researched which influencers you want to work with, it’s time to reach out and ask local influencers to work with you.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you approach influencers (and persuade them to partner with your company!).

  • Show them that you are familiar with their platform.  When it comes to influencer marketing, you need to understand the influencers you contact. That means, among other things, what they stand for, what topics they post about, why they are a good fit for your brand, and who their audience is. And that understanding must also come across when you have contact with them. Familiarize yourself with their platform before approaching influencers. And be specific about why you want to partner with them, with specific examples from their posts.
  • Approach them appropriately.  If you approach a local influencer with a smaller following, send a private message asking for collaboration. But if the influencers you’re targeting have a larger audience or are “professional influencers,” there’s probably information somewhere in their profile about how to contact them for business collaboration. If so, always follow those directions.
  • Share your ideas about how you can work together.  When approaching an influencer, you need to have clear ideas about how you envision the collaboration. For example, do you want the influencer to give away your products in a fun way? Want them to take a series of photos or videos in your store? Come well prepared with different ideas.
  • But also be willing to listen to their ideas.  Influencers know their target audience better than you do… so listen to their collaboration ideas too. You may think a giveaway is a way to go, but if they know it won’t resonate with their audience, they may have a different idea that will get better results.
  • Make it easy.  When an influencer agrees to collaborate, you need to make the experience as easy as possible for them. Answer quickly, be helpful and give them everything they need to be successful. Whether that is a product, company information, text input, or a visual element (such as your logo or other brand images).

Tip from GemSleek

Do you want to make it really easy for your influencers? Give them templates for their posts! Usage Free templates creater to create social media templates for your brand and then share those templates with your influencers. MacBook Air M2 series launched in India with many new features

Adjust your influencer marketing strategy where necessary

Once you’re working with influencers and they’re creating content, it’s time to see your strategy in action.

Keep an eye on each influencer’s content and performance and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if you notice that the audience of a certain influencer is not doing anything with your content, you can choose not to work with that influencer in future campaigns. And if someone else ensures a lot of involvement and action, then you can spend more on that collaboration in the future. Remember to track your successes and make changes where necessary to optimize your strategy. How to Attract More Customers on the Internet

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