What is the benefit of writing an article on LinkedIn?

What is the benefit of writing an article on LinkedIn?  For a long time, it has been possible on social media LinkedIn to write and publish longer articles, whether you are an individual or a company. This kind of content contrasts with the regular posts on LinkedIn, which is perhaps what we know best.

If you want to market your business to B2B, LinkedIn is the ideal medium for you. At the same time, you can increase your visibility and engagement, by using more types of content on the medium, and not just regular postings. Also, Read – The best time to post on social media

What is the benefit of writing an article on LinkedIn?

In this article, we get into the content type of articles on LinkedIn and how you can use these to gain greater visibility. At the same time, you also become wiser about whether you should only use articles or combine them with other types of content. Also, Read – What is Local SEO? Why local SEO is important?

The difference between articles and posts

On LinkedIn, you can publish both regular posts and articles. The two formats are very different and therefore you also need to be aware of how to use them. Ordinary notices/posts can max. Be 1300 characters, whereas an article published on LinkedIn can hold up to 125,000 characters. In addition to the size of the length, there is also a difference in how users can share your content. Your article has the potential to be shared on LinkedIn, posted in a message, or shared on other social channels. An ordinary post can only be shared in a message or on a profile.

Both posts are great to use on LinkedIn, and below you can learn more about why articles are a great idea for your business. Also, Read – How can I make my Linkedin profile attractive to stand out?

Gain increased brand awareness and visibility

When you share your knowledge through adequate and good blog posts, you can increase awareness of your brand. Potential customers who do not know you want to learn something more about you and what you can do before deciding that they will use you for their purchase. By sharing your experience and knowledge through great blog posts, you create a solid knowledge bank for your many followers. This can help to get more people to open their eyes to you and see that you actually know a great deal about your industry. Also, Read – How To Use LinkedIn To Market Your Business: Why Is It Important?

At the same time, good blog posts/articles will also help strengthen your credibility and get people to perceive you as the expert in exactly your area.

Increase your commitment

There are vastly different views on what works on LinkedIn, and thus also what it takes to get your customers’ attention. But one thing is for sure. It does not help anything, not to publish some kind of content. If you choose to publish articles directly on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to increase your engagement further. It is because

Benefit from SEO

Choosing to write long and in-depth articles on LinkedIn will not only benefit your visibility on the medium. It will also benefit your visibility on Google. With long articles, Google has the ability to easily display your content in Google’s search results. This means that your visibility will be greatly increased if you write about relevant content within your industry.

It’s also easier to publish articles directly through LinkedIn than if you were to start publishing a blog with a lot of content.

Increase the number of followers

Maybe you already have thousands of followers on LinkedIn, or maybe just a few hundred. Regardless of the number of followers, we can quickly agree that it can always be increased. For this purpose, LinkedIn articles are a great tool. When you write your articles to your target audience & afterward publish them, all your links will be notified. This means that you are more likely to reach users who are not necessarily your target audience, but who are made aware of you and your content. Furthermore, when reading your articles, your readers will easily have the opportunity to click on the “follow” button. This increases the likelihood of gaining more followers/connections. Also, Read – This is how you make a perfect resume for LinkedIn according to Harvard

Easy opportunity to analyze the articles

Once you have written the content and then published it on the medium, you are probably also nosy in knowing how it performs towards your target audience. On LinkedIn, you have quite a few options for analyzing and measuring the results of the article. You can e.g. take benefit of their measurement of data on media, where you can easily find out who has read your articles, how many, and how many have shared your article.

But in addition to this hugely valuable data, you can also choose to ask your target audience directly on LinkedIn. They know if anyone what they prefer to read about, so do not be afraid to start a conversation with your followers to find out what they would like to know more about. All this information can give you value when you have to write articles in the future that perform even better than the previous one.

Are LinkedIn articles better than regular posts?

Now that you’ve explained why it might be a good idea to write articles on LinkedIn. But does that mean you should not make regular postings at all? Or that the articles are better?

No, it does not. Because even though there are a lot of benefits to writing and publishing long articles directly on LinkedIn, you should still occasionally focus on regular posts. In a regular posting, you thus have the opportunity to link to and tell that you have written an article. That way, you increase your visibility even more.

You should also combine the use of articles with other types of content on LinkedIn, such as video content and graphics. That way, you get all the way around and you want to get the most out of the growing media.


If you want to market your business, become more visible, and increase engagement, then you should consider writing articles on LinkedIn. The long articles have many benefits and can therefore be a great addition to your marketing. However, the articles should not stand alone but should be used as a supplement to the many other types of content that you would otherwise publish on the medium. Thus, you can better get the most out of LinkedIn.

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