5 reasons to become an entrepreneur while still in high school

You don’t have to wait until graduation! The experience of running your own business can help in your studies and give impetus to development. Together with the national project ” Science and Universities “, we tell you what else is useful for business as a student and where to find support for a successful launch. What is Startup? How to Start a Startup Company?

1. Understand the profession from the inside

This doesn’t just apply to managerial jobs. Your own business, directly or indirectly related to the received profession, will allow you to better understand the theory that is told in pairs. For example, a student journalist can launch their own small online publication, a chef can bake cakes to order, and a developer can create an application. Plus, any business contributes to the development of time management skills, setting goals, and delegating tasks – they will be useful both in school and in life.

Entrepreneurial experience will also help in writing a thesis – just make your business the subject of research. Some universities in Russia have even introduced a program. It allows you to prepare and defend your own business project, already launched or under development, instead of a classic final work.”Startup as a Diploma” Startup as a Diploma / Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. How to find a Startup Investor? Advice from the Expert

2. Lay the foundation of a career

Many universities have business incubators or support centers for young entrepreneurs. Experts help turn a promising idea into a very real project: create a business plan, find investors, and a platform for work. They also organize training and courses for the preparation of entrepreneurs. Therefore, if you have the idea of ​​​​opening a business, carefully study the possibilities of your university and use them – this will not only simplify the launch process but also reduce costs.

Another way to get useful information is to talk to real entrepreneurs. A student can do this, for example, during an internship or summer practice. Try to find out what difficulties business owners had to face, what resources they used, and what books and courses were useful to them.

Another option to support student entrepreneurs is startup studios operating at universities. By 2030, thanks to the strategic initiative “Platform of University Technological Entrepreneurship”, implemented with the support of the national project ” Science and Universities “, they should be opened in 50 universities. Startup studios will offer advice, training, and help from experts in business processes. And if you want to open a technology company, you should contact the NTI project office. The federal project “Platform of University Technological Entrepreneurship” provides for the organization of business training, intensives, and business games. Such events help to better understand the processes and challenges that entrepreneurs face every day. The result of the implementation of the federal project will be the creation by 2030 of at least 30,000 new university start-ups.

3. Earn

Any business at the start requires investments. But it is not necessary to work in the red for a long time – choose more budget options. For example, take a franchise or a ready-made business with an established customer base: this way you won’t have to spend large sums on advertising and interior design. Another idea is to monetize your hobby and sell handmade goods on social networks. Here, money will be needed only for consumables and promotion. You can control investments based on demand: if there are orders, there are expenses; temporary lull – you do not need to buy anything. How do you attract the best fresh graduates in the modern era?

There are options without a starting budget. For example, start by designing websites or creating content — logos, texts, videos, or anything else. To do this, it is enough to register as a self-employed or individual entrepreneur and create a profile in the freelancer database, make a working account in social networks or create a simple website in the constructor.

Gradually, a small business can grow into a big one – a store with homemade shoppers or beads will move from social networks to a marketplace, and freelance earnings will turn into a content agency. The main thing is to start!

4. Make the world a better place

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic, smart personalized entertainment app, pet health gadget. If you have an idea for a useful and innovative startup, college is a great time to start. Support for the implementation of the plan will be easier to find. Mentors from business incubators will help with the transformation of an idea into a realistic project, and numerous youth competitions and grants will help with financing. These are launched by venture funds, student associations, universities, entrepreneurs, and government agencies – there are many opportunities for obtaining investments. Startup competitions are also useful because they can meet successful businessmen or meet like-minded people. How to enhance your CV for a student job?

And the prizes are usually impressive. For example, at the “ Student Startup ” competition of the strategic initiative “University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform”, the winners of the best ideas are each awarded one million rubles. And there is more than one winner – the jury selects as many as 1,000 promising business ideas. In addition to grants, participants can receive a year of academic leave for the development of the project. Applications at the Student Startup are accepted in seven areas: medicine, digital technologies, chemical technologies, new devices and intelligent technologies, biotechnology, resource-saving energy, and creative industries. Students of any educational program can participate – from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

5. Gain experience

Vital and professional. It will come in handy even if after graduation you do not want to continue to develop in business – in any case, feel free to add the acquired skills to your resume. It will be easier to look for a job than with just a diploma. In addition, in entrepreneurship, it is easy to develop networking – to acquire useful business connections. Among business acquaintances, there may be a potential employer or a future partner to launch a new project. Everything you need to know about unicorn startups

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