9 Free Apps That Pay You to Walk

Making money by walking looks like one of those ads that come across as an internet phenomenon. But making money by walking is definitely much more than that. You can actually earn money by walking and walking.

You don’t need to do anything extra, except you have one or more of the many applications that allow you to earn money by taking steps.

If you walk frequently or have to walk frequently due to your job; You have a small chance to turn it into income. These apps promise you a purely passive income. So you turn something you already do into money. Therefore, you do not have to lose any of these applications or spend additional time.

Let’s point out that as the Super Business Ideas platform, we always recommend high-profit methods. However, there is absolutely no opportunity for high earnings in applications that provide the opportunity to earn money by walking. After a hundred thousand steps, the amount you will earn will be a few dollars maximum.

You can increase your income a little bit by using all applications at the same time. However, if you are someone who takes 5-6 thousand steps a day; these applications will not provide you with a satisfactory income. Your only advantage is that your income is dollars. 10 Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps of 2022

Top 9 apps that earn money by walking:

1. SweatCoin

Popularity: 10/10

It is the first representative of the walking money making industry. This is the main application that has allowed the industry to emerge in general. After downloading the platform’s applications on the Android and IOS markets, you just fill out a simple registration form. Then, after giving the application permissions, every step you take is counted by the application. By logging into the application at the end of the day, you can convert your steps into a cryptocurrency called SweatCoin.

On average, the system gives you 1 SweatCoin for every thousand steps. If you are wondering how much Swetcoin is, it is currently trading at an average of $0.000009421 in the market. So the earning potential is really low. However, you do not need to do anything other than enter the application once a day. In addition to the application, there is an option to earn money by watching ads. This method can also be used for additional income.

The most common complaint about the application in the markets is that it counts the steps missing. In this regard, it is possible to observe that there are similar problems in the tests made on Youtube. Therefore, it is very difficult to state that the application provides a super opportunity to earn money. Top 20 Raw Meatball Brands and Companies

2. Evidation

Popularity: 7/10

This application, which is available in Google Play and Apple Store, is a complex health application in general. Not just by walking on the platform; You can even earn money by sleeping, exercising, or eating. While doing all this, you may think why this application makes me money? In general, the revenues obtained from surveys and advertisements are shared with you. It is seen that the popularity of the application has increased recently. However, in general, it is not specified how much money he earns from each transaction. There are different income models according to the level of the transaction and the user.

Every 10 thousand points in Evidation gives you 10 dollars in income. Users who actively use the application state that they can access the said score within 7 days. Therefore, it is seen as more successful than Sweatcoin in this respect. However, it is worth noting that the application constantly asks you for interaction at many stages. For this reason, it is not exactly among the applications that provide passive income. Using Evidation and making money is completely free. No additional payment is required from you. Top Money Making Games

3. Runtopia

Popularity: 8/10

One of the most active applications of the last period when it comes to making money by walking is Runtopia. It is a platform that has many active users from the USA. He earns money as he walks and participates in fitness programs.

Until a few years ago, Runtopia only paid via Paypal. However, Paypal could not be used because it was closed in our country. However, as of last year, they released a coin called Sports Coin and they now make payments with Coins. By opening a free account on cryptocurrency exchanges, you can create your wallet and receive the money you earn as coins.

Instead of getting paid with coins, you can also buy products in the market. These products are delivered to you by cargo. In short, the relevant application is a good alternative, especially for those who want to make money by taking steps. 21 Best Money Making Hobbies

4. MapMyFitness

Popularity: 6/10

It is an application that monitors the walks you have already made by setting specific goals for you. By meeting the walking goals in question, you accumulate points within the application. You can use these points for various product purchases from the market in the application. There are currently no cash withdrawals on MapMyFitness. However, the application has been used intensively by those who do fitness recently, especially in terms of motivation. There may be improvements in the system in the coming days. It is useful to use as an alternative.

5. Winwalk

Popularity: 7/10

As the name suggests, it is an application that earns by walking. It is a much more advantageous application than other applications that make money by walking. Because the platform only uses the step sensor on your mobile phone instead of controlling you via GPS. In this way, you can use the application with less internet and charging consumption.

Not just by walking on the platform; You can also earn money by writing comments, following, completing surveys, and watching videos. You also have the chance to increase your income through many reference sites.

Winwalk is 100 percent free. After you convert your steps on the platform into money, you can convert it into gift certificates or withdraw it to your account with Bitcoin.

The platform has a daily limit of 10 thousand steps. It does not grant a reward for additional steps after completing it. On average, you can earn around 13 dollars for 100 thousand steps. Of course, you also have to actively perform other tasks.

6. Pk Rewards

Popularity: 4/10

It is an application that rewards your fitness achievements. There are also options such as walking and jogging. Currently, it can only be used for mobile phones with IOS operating system. You can download the application from the Apple Market. As you reach the goals, you earn points and you can turn them into gift certificates.

7. Sweat

Popularity: 6/10

It is an application that only serves in the USA at the moment. It is the most money-saving service walking in the entire world. One of the goals of the platform in the upcoming periods is to open up to the world. The platform in general; As you log in to the fitness index application available in pharmacies in the country, it saves you money. In this way, your steps and fitness goals are clearly determined and you earn money. It is definitely recommended to be used in case it comes to our country. 7 Rich Ways to Make Money From Instagram!

8. Optimity

Popularity: 7/10

It is one of the apps that make money by stepping up, recommending to your friends, site browsing, and various tasks. It is worth noting that the prize pool has grown steadily in recent years. It is expected to improve day by day. Users generally state that it is possible to earn around 10 dollars in a 1-week period.

The application is available on both Google and Apple markets. Therefore, you can use it on almost all smartphones. Its language is English, but you don’t need to know English very well to use it.

9. HealthyWage

Although it is not an application that makes money by walking directly; It is among the preferred applications in the world to reward the weight you lose by walking.

The platform generally determines a competitor; It has a functioning based on the best practice of daily goals. You can fight with someone like yourself and win prizes. The application does not have USA language support yet. However, due to its rapid growth, an improvement in this direction is expected soon.

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