How to find a Startup Investor? Advice from the Expert

How to find a Startup Investor? With the developing entrepreneurship ecosystem, new business ideas are constantly emerging. Some business ideas are implemented quickly, while others remain in the planning stage. It is very important to find startup investor support for startup ideas that are not successful in the planning process and cannot receive sufficient support afterward. So what should you do to find startup investors?

Entrepreneurs; needs financial and social support. So, who is an angel investor, also known as a startup investor, and how is it found? As GemSleek, in this article, we will discuss issues such as who is a startup investor and how to find them. We wish you pleasant reading. Also, Read – Real French Fries: Cook Real French Potatoes

Who is a startup investor?

Startup investors, also known as angel investors, are people who provide capital to startups in exchange for stock or debt that is converted into stock. These investors generally aim to make profits in the long run. In addition, another aim of angel investors is to keep their knowledge up to date in a certain business field and to mentor new generation entrepreneurs. Also, Read – Headphones and earphones can cause hearing loss

Angel investors greatly support startups by mentoring startups, enabling entrepreneurs to benefit from their knowledge and experience, and providing important connections.

Startups Investor in 2022
Startups Investor in 2022

How to find a startup investor?

There are certain criteria to reach angel investors (startup investors) who provide a budget in order to realize the infrastructure and applications that the startup needs. These can be listed as follows:

  1. By determining your needs, shape your network and mentoring needs in addition to financial and economic support in accordance with future conditions.
  2. Search for investors suitable for your industry. Consider investors who have previously supported startups close to your target audience or your venture.
  3. Accurately describe your initiative and develop a prototype where you can indicate the level of ROI in your presentations.
  4. Keep track of events and applications where you can network.
  5. Benefit from mentoring services and the ideas of business development experts by getting professional support.

Things to consider in an investor presentation

The criteria that should be in an effective investor presentation in Startup Investor are as follows:

  • Introduction: Explaining Yourself and Purpose
  • Problem part: What Problems Does Startup Solve?
  • solution section
  • Advantages of Your Solution: The Difference between the Solution from Your Competitors
  • Audience: Persona and Customer Potentials
  • Finance: Capital Required
  • Project Roadmap: Realization Process
  • Communication

There are many criteria to consider when preparing an investment presentation for Startup Investor. These criteria to consider will help your investment presentation attract more attention. This allows you to obtain financing more easily. Here are the things you should pay attention to during the presentation:

  • You should stay away from sequential items in an investment presentation. Most investors want integrity in an investment presentation. You should explain in paragraphs rather than separate items.
  • Your Startup Investor investment presentation should not be too long. Long presentations can cause the other person to get bored after a while. It would be ideal to prepare a presentation of 15-35 pages.
  • You should enrich your presentation with visual, video, and infographic content. A text-only presentation makes it difficult for investors to focus on that presentation.
  • You should deliver the presentation in an exciting and encouraging tone. In this way, you can get the other person excited and interested in your project.

Startups Investor in 2022

GemSleek, which supports various business ideas in 2022, as it does every year, has provided investor support for many startups. You can visit our website to learn about startups that have received investment over the years. Also, Read – Asthma: 10 Misconceptions About Asthma

As GemSleek, in this article, we have discussed in detail the subject of “Who is a startup investor and how to find it”. For more information, you can visit our website or contact us. Also, Read – What are the Benefits of Black Cumin? How Should Black Cumin Be Consumed?

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