How to Start a Profitable Software Company & Make Money Step by Step

How to Start a Profitable Software Company & Make Money Step by Step: The software industry is becoming increasingly popular daily, as the software world is gaining momentum and is one of the areas most needed by the industry.

How to Start a Profitable Software Company

Starting a software company, getting a job, and making money continue to be the dreams of almost every computer savvy entrepreneur. Generally, creating a software company and working on starting a business takes a week if you have enough Investment.

Software companies provide services to meet the software needs of businesses or individual users. On the other hand, some software companies may give more weight to managing their projects. Since software is a vast subject, it is beneficial to make some decisions before starting the business.

It is straightforward to set up a software company anywhere in the world. If you are going to work alone, you do not even need an office, and you can even show your home address by starting a private company. However, since your goal is probably to create a more professional company, You will need all the information in this step-by-step guide.

Deciding the quality of the job

Software companies can work for many different services.

Although it is not possible to limit the topics that a software company can support; in general, the primary services are:

  • Software development
  • Web design
  • Application Design
  • Application Development
  • SEO Services
  • Program Development
  • Digital Transformation

Each category is also divided into many different branches within itself. You can start a software company that can serve all sorts, but remember that you will need staff to provide professional service for each category.

Before printing the business card, plan correctly whether you can provide the service or not.

Set up an office

Of course, the most necessary thing to start a software company is to set up an office in the right location. setting up an office is easy. if you have questions and problems about the process, we recommend that you review our guide called opening an office: requirements, cost, and expenses. it is essential that you have information about payments. the vast majority of entrepreneurs are unaware of fees.

Find staff

a successful software company has a successful team. This is infallible truth. You can never move your business to the point you want without having suitable personnel.

Since the software is fed by imagination to a great extent; it is not possible to start a complete nature of the work. thus, you will need personnel with high imagination and software knowledge. however! this is not an easy process. it is really difficult to find successful software experts in our country.

successful names in the field already provide services to large companies. in this case, the main issue you should focus on should be finding partners instead of finding staff. one of the most effective ways to attract successful people to your business is to offer them partnerships. the main personnel of almost all successful software companies today is also partners in the company.

the platform that will help you the most in the process of searching for staff or partners will be Linkedin. you can easily find the best software experts in our country through Linkedin. whether you offer a job or partnership…

Ready to receive job

Your office has been set up, and your partners and staff are ready at the company… it’s time to get a job and start growing the company. unfortunately, this process is painful . as we mentioned in the first part of the guide, there is serious competition in the sector since many of the entrepreneurs who know a little about computers have started to start software companies directly. it is difficult to start a business without references. in the software industry, reference is everything! therefore, in the first process, you need to work to the extent of your cost and obtain a reference.

If you can’t get a job after starting your company, although you have decided to work for the cost; we recommend that you start doing your own projects. you can produce new software or develop an existing program… you can also have a direct reference by producing automation software with your own brand.

Advertising and marketing

After starting the software company, you will probably also provide a search engine optimization service. first, perform this service on your own business website. in addition, you must spend money on advertising and marketing. starting a software company – if a serious office has not been established – costs 30, 40 thousand liras. you must allocate at least 2-3 times this amount for advertising and marketing.

As a software company, create a great website and Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and youtube accounts. then advertise by providing a conversion tracking system through the advertising services of google Adwords and other social media platforms. decide which platform to prioritize by reviewing successful conversions, and then increase the budget for that channel.

Get inspired

We strongly recommend that you follow turkey’s largest software companies. examining software companies is also important for learning what to compete with. additionally, it can teach you what to focus on during the company’s founding period.

Don’t miss local opportunities

one of the most neglected issues by software companies today is local opportunities. for example, as a software company based in eskişehir, you should not spend all your effort on creating internet ads to focus on getting business at the national level. at the same time, it is recommended to indicate that you can produce solutions for software needs by sending personnel directly to all existing businesses in eskişehir.

since all software services are provided online; it will be a great advantage to have a face-to-face meeting with the company directly. opportunities at the local level, thanks to the provision of both trust and faster communication channels; may return to you as a business faster. be sure to evaluate it.


in order to start a software company professionally and to carry out the advertising and marketing activities with your team, you will need an Investment of approximately 200 thousand liras. it is also recommended that you have quick access to 30 percent of this amount, in order to take into account the failure of your business to obtain a healthy business in the first period.

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