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Making money by watching ads  is a method created for product owner companies to announce their names and products better and faster. Today, people can perform many transactions through internet providers. Of course, there are also ways to make money . With this simple and effective method, you can earn money from where you are sitting.

The fact that companies use these methods to reach more customers actually provides many advantages to customers. Because it is easier to see an advertisement on the internet than to see a product in a regular sales center.

You can browse hundreds of products of the same type on their website. Of course, this business not only has a shopping dimension but also a money making dimension. The people who own the product introduce the products they want to sell by choosing some individuals to themselves, and recommend them first to their own circle and then to the people around them. The first person to start this application, on the other hand, takes the first step towards making money by watching advertisements. What is an Advertising Agency, What Does It Do?

Make money by watching ads 2022

In the second part, if the people around know about this advertisement and promotion, they promote it to other circles and even to other countries via SMS and e-mail. A growing community can reach hundreds or even thousands of people. The owner of the advertisement puts ads on his website to promote certain products and tries to promote the product he owns. These advertisements can be in the form of visual, written or video.

When all the people who can be included in the customer view these ads or click on these ads, the producers earn money thanks to these links. Not only with the click method, but also because it is easier to sell the product promoted in the advertisement, their revenues increase even more.
It is quite simple to reach sites with this content through search engines on the internet. Because this advertising and promotion method has reached an international dimension.

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Even the leading companies in the world have entered the race to market some of their products with this method. The slogan of making money by watching ads  actually serves two purposes: First, to reach the customer in the easiest way and to invest as little as possible in promotional costs. The second is to reach more customers with an incentive factor by giving a small part of the money to be invested in advertising to the person it employs.

Today, people are looking for ways and methods to make money online, and this system makes a lot of sense to them. Because human beings live in the era of technology, and they want to find easy ways to earn money like every job done in this era. Earning money by watching ads  satisfies this desire. 30 Passive Income Ideas to Help You Make Money in 2023

Watch Ads Earn Money

In order for this system to work quickly, they employ some individuals to encourage them. These individuals not only watch the advertisements themselves, but also send the links of these websites to the people around them via “SMS”. When people who receive this message start sending it to their friends, a chain of potential customers emerges. This trend, which starts from a single person, can quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of people. Making money by watching ads appeals to everyone, not just one of these people. In other words, all people who see the advertisement can actually reach this way of making money.

All they need is the people around them and the people they know. This method, which is a chain sales organization, is very cost-effective but requires a great deal of effort. It may seem like an easy way to reach people via message, but having different products that will attract people’s attention will also make this situation a little easier. 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Small and practical products are the kind of products that are very convenient for this method and can be profited quickly. One of the biggest known goals of companies is to make a lot of profit with less effort. The method of making money by watching advertisements is to sell the products they want to their customers and to keep the “intermediary” person or persons among these customers in this business as long as possible, that is, to provide them with income by encouraging them.

The person who reaches the people around him through a message, on the other hand, gets a small share of the advertisement that he watches, sees or clicks. With this method during the month, it is possible to earn nearly 1000 TL from the sites of earning money by watching local advertisements in Turkey. Since this system can reach wider audiences abroad, monthly incomes reach higher figures for these individuals. However, making money with this method is also difficult. Because the return of each ad is around 0.60 TL on average. In other words, if you want to earn high numbers, this audience needs to be quite large.

The more customers the product owner company reaches, the more advertising it does. The more ads, the more money a person earns per ad. The more customers there are, the more income that individual will get. If there are large groups of friends or people who are interested in shopping around, they can earn quite a lot of money with a few mouse movements without much effort. Youtube Guide for E-Commerce Companies

Sites That Make Money By Watching Ads

In order to earn money by watching advertisements  , as stated in the title, it is necessary to reach the websites owned by the people who are engaged in this business and who make their promotions with this method. When these sites are accessed, you can buy products that interest you as you wish, or you can earn money by watching advertisements. In today’s technology age, the number of these sites is increasing rapidly.

All sites are in great competition with each other. Some companies, especially those that sell small products, use this method to make both domestic and international sales comfortably. By using this method, wholesaler or retailer companies can increase both their sales and production considerably. One of the reasons big companies don’t use this method is because they have a portfolio of customers. Since there are already buyers of the product they are promoting and advertising , they do not need simple methods like new entrants to the market. This method is actually a method that will aim to grow faster for companies that have just entered the current market.

As it is known, it is very difficult for a new company to enter a market that already exists. Not just production; it has to develop its name, products, advertisements and promotions quite solidly and become a great power. Things get even more difficult with the fact that the big companies that are already in place are also trying to wipe the new entrants from the market with their own power. But technology is currently the most effective and most efficient type of advertising and promotion all over the world. Because with technology, customers can be found from almost every point in the world. The fact that companies producing different and cheaper products than ordinary products turn to this system creates a great competitive environment for themselves and for companies in the ordinary market.

Turkish Sites That Make Money By Clicking Ads

Of course, there are some examples of these sites in our country. Companies with the type of making money by watching advertisements mostly produce small products such as textiles and cosmetics. Since the buyer group of these products does not have certain distinctions, this system is progressing even more fluently and strongly in such products. However, sites that have adopted this style in our country have a common and big problem. Sites in our country cannot have high customer bases because they only target domestic customer groups. One of the main reasons for this is that people living in our country still do not trust the online shopping situation.

This sense of insecurity undermines the business of product providers who advertise and sell online. The essence of this problem arises from the fact that people living in our country do not want to buy something without seeing it. When they buy a product, they want to have a sense of trust at the time of purchase as well as the usage. Of course, the security systems developed by the sites that make money by watching ads seem to prevent these insecurities.

The ability to store vital personal information such as personal information, billing, address and contact information covers both the buyer and the individuals acting as intermediaries. Thanks to advanced technology, buyers can easily do their shopping. Those who are in the position of intermediary, that is, those who earn money from this work, can perform their work in a more comfortable and reliable way.

In addition , website owners who have adopted the system of earning money by watching advertisements also get rid of the high costs of advertising and promotion costs. By using almost 1/3 of the current cost they allocate for advertising and promotion, they can promote in a simple and remarkable way. Finance is one of the essential cornerstones for a company. The fact that these companies reduce their large costs so much with the method they use also relieves them. How to Unblock YouTube Videos Where You Live

Earn with Social Media Ads

This business has not only the internet but also the social media dimension. People can be aware of many news or developments through social media. Today’s technology era has also kept up with this marketing issue. Not only news and events are seen on social media, but also advertisements and promotions of many products.

This situation is actually caused by the company owners creating a target market. Because as mentioned, promoting most products online is less costly and easier than in a retailer or store.

The targeting of social media seems to be that people have been spending a lot of time on this platform lately. The news of an event or the advertisement of a product is heavily published on these social media platforms. The number of people on this platform is in the millions or even billions. However, the fact that large companies also have a large share in this market is also not in the interest of small business owners. But with appropriate advertising and promotional strategies, they can take their place in the regular market and have their own buyer group. It is actually easier to reach customers in this market segment.

The fact that there are many people who want to earn money by watching advertisements also affects this situation. Because on this platform, it is possible to reach more customer groups than initially intended, without the use of intermediaries. It is quite high that millions of people will see the ad you will publish in a group, on a page or on a channel. Because the phenomenon called social media is not static but dynamic.

This virtual world, which is in constant motion, is like another world that attracts great attention from everyone and is a source of livelihood for some. Of course, companies can also promote them through intermediaries instead of dealing with them themselves. Social media phenomena or famous people can perform this type of promotional work in return for a certain commission. On the other hand, doing it this way can further support the feeling of trust. Because people like to see a product on familiar faces or known people even more.

Update : Don’t expect to earn big money by watching ads. Companies abroad only serve large countries such as America and Canada. For this reason, the numbers you can earn by watching advertisements from Turkey will be low.

We have come to the end of our article titled “ Making Money by Watching Ads ” . You can contact us in the comments section about the issues that you have in mind.

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