Make Money With Top 10 Recycling Business Ideas

Recycling is supported and funded by governments in almost every part of the world in the category of green business ideas. You can increase your money-making potential by recycling business ideas.

Our world is rapidly falling under the influence of global warming. One of the biggest factors triggering this process is rapid consumption and excessive and unnecessary consumption of resources. Recycling, on the other hand, is one of the most important trump cards for humanity in turning this situation upside down. Starting a recycling business is easy. Generally, there is no high capital requirement. However, in any case, you have to decide for which product range you will start the recycling business.

If you are researching business ideas that will make you money in the recycling industry, we have researched the top 10 recycling business ideas for you in this guide.


Aluminum cans, which are often used for the sale of soda, energy drinks, and colas, are among the best recycling business ideas. It is quite easy to melt and recycle. In addition, the aluminum can collection process in this direction can be managed in a simpler way due to its excessive use. The industry is quite large. According to the data from the World Aluminum Association, approximately 800 million aluminum cans are recycled annually.


It is one of the areas that the recycling industry closely monitors. You can unlock significant potential by making progress in cartridge refilling. It should be noted that around 300 million cartridges are thrown away in the world every year.

It is possible to achieve significant success in this field by collaborating with the printer industry. It is recommended that you be open to any kind of cooperation. This business idea does not demand high capital compared to many similar recycling ideas.


One of the most money-making business ideas for recycling is computer recycling. Unfortunately, our technological devices are deteriorating very quickly and with the development of technology, we lose our interest in old technologies. This causes computer garbage mountains to form all over the world. Basically, almost everything inside computers is recyclable. You can start a recycling business just by taking apart computers and selling the right part to the right company.

4. CAM

It is among the easiest and largest recycling industries. As a standard, glass products that are broken in various ways or that do not work anymore are taken; It is a business idea that involves bringing it back to the desired dimensions. Glass is among the products that are easy to melt and evolve into a different size. In addition, glasses are needed in almost every sector, from glasses to trinkets. This allows the industry to include opportunities in all aspects.

Glass provides a high recycling rate compared to many other recycling products. On average, 95 percent of all glass sent to glass recycling facilities can be recycled. This means minimizing losses. Thus, it provides an opportunity to earn high money.

5. BED

It is among the products that are generally burned and cause serious damage to the environment. Under basic conditions, approximately 92 percent of the beds can be recycled at the facility. For this reason, it is one of the products with a high potential to make money in the recycling industry.

In the mattress recycling sector, it is especially important to agree with furniture manufacturers. In addition, we strongly recommend that you make an agreement with the spotters in your province and region. Worn-out mattress products come to such businesses intensively.


The most polluting material in the world is undoubtedly plastic. It is now possible to come across recycling facilities for plastic in many countries of the world. However, due to the very, very intense usage area, the sector still has the potential to create a business volume for new businesses. Remember, only PET, PVC and HDPE plastics can be recycled in the plastics industry.


It is one of the recycling business ideas where it is possible to start with the lowest capital. Most papers are relatively easy to recycle. A few that fall into the category of non-recyclable paper are carbon paper, paper towels, and pizza boxes. Recyclable papers are easy to clean, de-ink, and re-paper after pulping. It is a business area where the opportunity to earn money is high due to the ease of the process.


A normal vehicle tire is usually made of a mixture of rubber, carbon, and nylon. Once they are unusable, they produce a large amount of air pollution when incinerated and take a long time to decompose when dumped in landfills. The best option is to recycle them. In tire recycling workshops, such products are melted and molded and sold to different facilities. So you will need cooperation for products of different nature.


It is one of the products that have serious harm to both the environment and nature. Therefore, awareness of recycling is high. Usually, people throw them in a different bin instead of throwing them away, and such companies collect them from the bins and then recycle them. A very large part of the batteries can be used for reuse. It should be noted that to establish a battery recycling facility, you will need higher capital compared to many similar recycling business ideas.


All kinds of textiles, including clothing, often make up the bulk of landfills. In fact, recycling them is not as difficult as you might think. Some products can even be used well after a little maintenance.

The textile industry is one of the largest industries in Turkey. It is important that entrepreneurs and investors who want to establish a recycling facility in this sector first try to arrange an agreement with textile workshops. It is clear that if one wants to make money in the sector, the cooperation of textile enterprises will definitely be needed. For this reason, try to arrange an agreement with the textile workshops that have spread to every part of the country recently. Such workshops usually strive for low-cost production. Therefore, as long as you can supply affordable products, they will want to work with you.


As of 2020, additional incentives have been introduced for recycling facilities. In addition, the 5 million lira investment requirement, which is the biggest obstacle to benefiting from the incentives, has been removed. Entrepreneurs and investors who want to open a recycling facility will be able to benefit from at least 5 regional incentives wherever they set up their business.

Support provided for those who will open a recycling facility:

Support Element Priority
5th Region Support Elements
Regional Incentive
6th Region Support Elements
Interest Support 5 points 7 points
Total Fixed Investment Amount tax exemption 40 +15% 50% +15%
Total Fixed Investment Amount SSI exemption 35% one hundred %
The benefiting period from SSI employer Premium Exemption 7 years 10 years
The benefiting period from SSI worker Premium Exemption 10 years
Time for Employees to Benefit from Tax Withholding Exemption 10 years
VAT exemption There is There is
Customs Exemption There is There is
Municipal Building Fees exemption There is There is
Stamp Duty Exemption There is There is
Five-Year Property Tax Exemption There is There is
Half Place Allocation from the State’s Treasury Lands There is There is


Recycling is the best way to turn waste into wealth by turning unnecessary products into useful products. With the increasing awareness of a greener planet, people now prefer to recycle their garbage or the product they do not want to use, instead of directly rendering it dysfunctional. For this reason, recycling has recently become one of the most profitable business ideas with high returns. New entrepreneurs can gain significant potential by following this sector. Recycling is among the businesses that are easy to establish, especially with grants, incentives, and support.

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